Street Racing Slot

Street Racing Slot

Quick Overview of the Game

Like the idea of leaving your opponents in the dust while flooring the accelerator of multiple race cars? We have a feeling the answer is yes! And on that note – welcome to the Street Racing Slot, as produced by KA Gaming. This one is packed to the rafters with high-value features, and with 720 both-way paylines, the action is never dull.

You’ve even got a unique 3-4-5-4-3 grid design to navigate too, which is something you don’t always see, no matter how many popular online slots you run through. Sound like a good time?

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How to Play the Street Racing Slot

Your first task in the Street Racing Slot is to buckle up and get comfy behind the wheel of some almighty supercars. Then, once the adrenaline is pumping, it’s time to choose a bet level and race your heart out. To do this, you simply tap ‘new bet’ and pick one of the 15 available wager sizes before hitting the main play button.

This covers manual spins. But if you wish to sit back and enjoy the ride, autoplay functionality can be used, too.

Click the “?” icon for further gameplay details.

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Street Racing Slot RTP and Variance

For a game as wild as this one, it’s good to see that the RTP is still reasonably appealing at 94%. That said, the Street Racing Slot Machine doesn’t have a specific variance rating, so the regularity and size of your expected payouts are unknown variables.

Symbols and Gameplay

You know that this is a game that means business before the main grid even loads, and when you see the slot machine symbol collection, you’ll be convinced!. And that’s because a mean-looking street racer gives you ‘the look’ – the kind of look you get before a quarter-mile race for pink slips unfolds! You soon realize this isn’t the kind of racing that does things by the book, such as guns, cash, shot glasses, and a wide range of supercars charge through the reels.

This online casino real money game also has fantastic sound effects to top things off, ranging from horn blasts to tires screeching on the tarmac when the race begins.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

With an impressive 720 both-way paylines for each spin, this one has a suitable betting range of $1.00 to $100.

Symbol 2 on a Payline 3 on a Payline 4 on a Payline 5 on a Payline
Scatter X 2.00 5.00 10.00
Glasses X 0.02 0.05 0.20
Gun X 0.02 0.05 0.20
Cash X 0.04 0.08 0.25
White Car X 0.05 0.10 0.40
Blue Car X 0.05 0.15 0.50
Orange Car X 0.10 0.20 0.60
Red Car With Spoiler X 0.10 0.20 0.80
Silver Car X 0.15 0.30 1.00
Red Car X 0.20 0.40 1.00
Black Car X 0.25 1.00 2.00
Street Racer X 0.50 2.00 5.00


Street Racing Slot Bonus Features

With 720 both-way paylines and wilds spread through all five reels, one could argue that these are great bonus features in themselves. However, concerning the unlockable bonus features, there is just one: the free spins bonus. Simply secure at least 3x scatters in the base game, and 20 free spins are yours – all of which come with a nice 2x boost!

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Street Racing Slot FAQs

Is there a different payout system for 5-of-a-kind combinations?

Yes. Whenever you land a combination of 5x matching symbols, the payout only runs from left to right.

Do winnings earned in the free spins bonus automatically receive a multiplier?

Yes. In addition to the individual returns of each spin, you get a 2x multiple to boost all payouts during free games.

Where can the wild symbol appear in the Street Racing Slot?

Like other KA Gaming slots, the wild symbol floats around all five reels.


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