Talisman Sorcery

Join a unique storyline of a talisman that possesses a lot of magical power

Talisman Sorcery Slot Game

Talisman Sorcery is a magical-themed slot with five reels and nine paylines. Talisman Sorcery is incredible in giving gamers what they need. You will see the magical symbols on the reels and the images surrounding the reels. This slot has other bonus features that come in handy during the game, as seen in this review below.

Talisman Sorcery Slot Game Review

Talisman Sorcery Details

Talisman Sorcery is incredible in giving gamers what they need. You will see the magical symbols on the reels and the images surrounding the reels. Each spin contains different icons, including the talisman, amulets, magic book, magical wand, portion, and card symbols. The sorcerer is the most potent symbol in this game, and she offers the highest payout. 

The game is attractive to any gamer who appreciates art and magic. Talisman Sorcery has a unique storyline that depicts a talisman quest. The talisman possesses a lot of magical power, and whoever finds it will inherit these blessings. The journey begins when you spin the reels, prompting the sorcerer to set on a trip. 

When you land three talisman icons on any reel position, you earn a 50x multiplier bonus per spin. Additionally, you receive three free spins. The sorcerer possesses a magical book that contains spells whose task is to summon the spirit of the talisman and know its location. The advantage of this game is that it offers a welcome bonus once you make your first deposit.

How to Play Talisman Sorcery

The game begins after staking a deposit into your wallet account. You will then receive a welcome bonus transferred into your slot's account. This bonus comes in handy if you bet and lose. It is crucial to know your budget if you want to stake on an online casino slot such as Talisman Sorcery. The reason is that the space has high volatility. Therefore the prospects of landing a win on your first spin are minimal.

After selecting your preferable minimum wager, you can now check the paytable at the bottom of the screen on the right side. The lookout is best in helping you choose which symbol to begin with when you want to take a spin. What you do is spin the reels and wait for your outcome. The bursting of the winning symbols indicates a win into an array of magical colors.

When you land a winning combination, go to the bottom of your screen and locate the dashboard icon. Here, you can view your earnings, transfer them, withdraw them from your account, and store them in another. The game allows two functional currencies, the dollar, and the British Euro. You may conduct online banking, direct bank deposits, Skrill, Payoneer, PayPal, and cash.

RTP and Variance

Talisman Sorcery has a return to the player value of 96.73%. The game's variance is high, which implies winning may not be because the rewards are high. This game rewards handsomely in the progressive jackpot feature, which also has a high variance. 


This game has a high volatility rating, preferable if you take on all paylines. This rating also affects the jackpot since the symbols selected for spinning don't show up readily.

Bonus Features

The first is the talisman bonus, which comes into action when you match five talisman icons on any reel position. Once you activate this feature, you get a chance to win a cash prize and ten free spins. An autoplay feature is embedded in the game that awards you 1000 free spins every time it pops up. A progressive jackpot is present in this slot game, and you will win the jackpot only when you land five sorcerer icons on any reel. The game awards you with credit coins every time you land a winning bet, and this is the advantage of playing the Talisman Sorcery gaming slot. 

Themes and Graphics

The themes present in this game are the theme of sorcery and the music of power. The slot demonstrates the sorcery theme through various symbols, such as the sorcerer, the magical book, the talisman, and the amulets. We see the theme of power is portrayed by searching the talisman by the sorcerer. The game has excellent graphics with a creative design, and this design is responsible for the superb arrangement of icons on reels.

The coloration of images in this slot embodies the magical colors of sorcery. There is a dark atmosphere, with the symbols giving out a powerful dark glare back at the viewer. This effect makes the game enticing since you will want to find out what lies behind the elegance of these symbols. You can hear soft tunes in the background, and these sounds go in line with the game's atmosphere, which is that of mystery and power.


Talisman Sorcery is an excellent slot with numerous bonus features combined to create a great game full of rewards thanks to Nomad Games. This slot is an Asian-themed slot with a storyline depicting the Chinese art of using talismans and amulets for conducting sorcery. This game promises fun and adventure to the players that join the game. It is one of the most accessible games to play online and on your phone. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I start playing Talisman Sorcery Slot?
You can begin playing Talisman Sorcery by registering for an account. The next step is depositing the bill and choosing your reels and symbols. Since it is an online casino game, the place to find the game is through the internet. You may also obtain it on your mobile application store.
2Can I play Talisman Sorcery for free?
Yes, you can. The game is freely accessible online, but you can only play the game when you are 18 years of age and above. The free play option is also known as the demo, and you can access it when you hit the demo icon.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum payout for the Talisman Sorcery slot game is ten credit coins, while the maximum payout is 2,000 coins. However, these figures are for the regular games. The jackpot gives you a top cash bonus of £20,000.
4Can I play Talisman Sorcery using a mobile phone?
Yes, you can play the game on your mobile phones if they can access the internet. The game has a compatible software system that allows gamers to download the slot's application into their mobile phones. Fortunately, the game is playable online through the web browser if your phone's storage is insufficient.

Talisman Sorcery Slot Review

Talisman Sorcery Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Sandra Porter
I have gained experience playing this game

Though I have never funded my account ever since joining the slot, I have gained experience playing this game in the free play option. I will deposit and make my first stake as soon as I get my money. I'm looking forward to receiving the welcome bonus; wish me luck!

 by Hillary Dickson
The sorcerer symbol is my favorite

This game is the home to mystical adventures only found in movies. The sorcerer symbol is my favorite, and spinning this symbol gives me the hope that I will win the jackpot soon enough.

 by Greg Annam
The game has a natural vibe

I think Talisman Sorcery is one of the best magical-themed slots. The game has a natural vibe that makes me play more often to win a bet. The slot creator should modify the existing features to include more bonuses to build an excellent betting environment.

 by Morris Truce
I prefer playing the game in my mobile app

I prefer playing the game in my mobile app, and the slot is effective in its workability as it does not experience internet lagging. The advantage here is that you get entertainment from matching the symbols, and you get to win instant cash in the process. You are only required to select carefully, and you are good to go.

 by Bulmer Sue
The game is fun to play

The game is fun to play, we cannot lie, and you should credit developers. This slot has a welcome bonus which the player gets after making your first deposit, which is very attractive. The helpline is active, and you will receive assistance as soon as you make contact.

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