The Bank Heist

Take the young man's place in the city square and break in the bank's vaults

The Bank Heist Slot Game

The Bank Heist is a slot full of adventure, where bank robbers set out to steal some cash and run away free. This five-reel slot offers numerous rewards to gamers who match the symbols to create winning combinations. This review sheds light on The Bank Heist Slot and describes its features.

The Bank Heist Slot Game Review

The Bank Heist Details

The Bank Heist Slot has a basic storyline that depicts robbery within the city square. The perpetrators of this task are a young, elegant-looking man and a woman who is an escaped criminal. The two get in touch and strike a deal to steal from the bank, and whenever you are about to take a spin, the woman follows you. In this game, you will take the young man's place, and your role is breaking the bank's vaults. There are multiple prizes to be worn in The Bank Heist Slot; therefore, you should check out the game's paytable and know what is in store.

The game comprises special regular symbols and card royals. The wilds pay highly, and the shiny golden medallion represents the wild. The three-dollar sign represents the scatter, displacing other reel icons except for the golden medallion. Card royals are five in total and are the lowest paying symbols offering 150 coins when you land three of them on a reel.

There are gang member symbols present in the reels, and these icons give out 750 coins when you match four of them on any reel position. You receive a bonus game when you match five girl symbols on a single reel, and the man symbol offers a slightly higher reward of 600 coins when you reach five of the same on a spin. The game has a minimum stake amount of $0.10 per payline, while the highest stake is $5. 

How to Play The Bank Heist

You begin the game by selecting your reels, symbols, and preferred payline options. You may stake on all paylines from left to right or vice versa since the slot has a medium variance. The characters available include the man and the elegant girl, as they possess double win characteristics. When you arrange four or more of them on any reel position, you get a chance to win a bonus game in addition to a 500 coins cash prize. 

When it comes to the jackpot draw, these symbols come in handy too. However, since the slot game has a non-progressive jackpot, it is recommended that you stick to the wilds. Landing three wilds on the third, fourth or fifth reel will trigger ten free spins in addition to transforming other symbols. Make sure you keep the card royals close since they have a great capacity to award you the double-up bonus. 

RTP and Variance

The Bank Heist Slot has a high volatility rating of 96.05% and a medium variance. This combination maintains a non-progressive jackpot draw.


This slot has high volatility, which is best suited for high rollers. 

Bonus Features

Free spins are the significant bonuses in this game, and you trigger them by landing three or more dollar symbols on any reel positions. Matching three-dollar bill symbols will grant you eight free spins, while matching four or five will award you ten and twelve, respectively. Free spins could also trigger multipliers by matching silver, gold, and bronze on your reels. The card royals will also award you a multiplier bonus, with the highest card, A, paying you 150x the bet amount.

The wild bonus feature is another incredible offer that increases your chances of winning. You get a multiplier reward for 1000x your bet amount when you land five wild symbols on any reel. This payout is the highest in the paytable, and you must gamble on the fantastic feature at all times. The double-up feature comes into play when you land four-card royals, and here you get a chance to stake with full or half of your winning amount. 

Themes and Graphics

The Bank Heist has a classical theme of bank robbery. The game specializes in entertainment, where gamers imagine the slot outlays on the reels. You will also see an aspect of partnerships, where the reels contain the three gang members who work together for the same course. The association is also evident when the elegant man meets up with the female bandit to carry out the mission of the bank heist.

The game is packed with splendid graphics and has a unique design that shows glimmers of light on the top and bottom of the interface. There are smooth, heavy rock n roll tunes heard in the background, and you can adjust them to your preferred settings. The game has colorful images on display that are attractive to the eye, and these images are stunning to watch.


Overall, The Bank Heist is a favorable slot to most gamers; hence, it has many participants thanks to Dragon Gaming. The space awards you instantly when you win, and in case of a dispute, you may channel the complaint to the game's administration, who will, in turn, check out the problem. Staking is open for low-budget individuals, and with this opportunity, they may win big and change the cycle. This game has a promising future, and we shall see how it maneuvers in the game market. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I start playing The Bank Heist Gaming Slot?
You begin playing The Bank Heist when you make your selection of paylines, and then you spin the reels. The game is highly volatile. Therefore it is worth choosing multiple bet options to increase your winning possibilities. However, the game has three playing options; to begin with, you may choose to spin the reels after selecting regular symbols or start by selecting the standard icons or the card royals. The card royals are responsible for activating the double-up game where you pick one side of a coin to determine the game's flow. By winning this task, you get the choice of spinning the reels using half of your earnings. You will win big if you land a winning combination in this feature, which could be the stepping stone for the long-awaited jackpot.
2Can I play The Bank Heist for free?
The game is freely accessible via the internet, and the only requirements are the registration of an account by persons above the age of 18 years. This mandate follows a strict code of policy that bans teenagers and young children from gambling, making The Bank Heist only permissible to young adults and fully grown men and women. You will find the game in your mobile browser or application store, and once you join in, you can select the demo. A demo is a free-play option that allows you to enjoy the game without funding your account.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum amount given to a player after landing a winning combination is 125 coins. The card royals offer a little cash price reward; hence you will receive this amount when you match three or more card symbols on any reels. The highest payout in the regular game is 500 coins, which is given by checking four wilds on any spin. You will make considerable money using multipliers, where the jackpot grants you 1000x the bet amount.
4Can I play The Bank Heist using a mobile phone?
Yes. The game has a sufficient software capacity that is mobile-friendly, and gamers will have an easy time when playing the game through the web browser. You need good internet access to play the game since it is an online casino; therefore, setting up an account with the slot should be your first step to enjoying it on your mobile phone.

The Bank Heist Slot Review

The Bank Heist Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Percy Jackson
You may win a few times at the start

This slot is enjoyable, especially when you begin the game. You may win a few times at the start, but things become more challenging as you proceed. However, you get rewarded instant cash when you win, and this is an excellent opportunity to make some extra cash.

 by Andrew Young
The demo offers you a learning opportunity

It is essential to participate in the demo before going for your first primary game. The demo offers you a learning opportunity to cultivate your skills and know-how to play to avoid losing your money on the first try.

 by Frank Turner
This game is fantastic

This game is fantastic, and gamers have a good chance of winning when they correctly select symbols. The only requirement is understanding the game's sequence and playing as you should after that.

 by Mohammad Kassim
I have won a few times

I play The Bank Heist at any time of the day when I am bored. I have won a few times ever since I opened an account last month, and I am confident that I will win many more times when I continue playing.

 by Howie Grant
You only need to be observant and careful

You do not need a massive set of skills to participate in this game. You only need to be observant and careful with details. Checking the paytable should be your first task once you join in to know which price you are fighting for and the ultimate reward.

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