The Family Part II

An Italian family running an illegal business is the main subject in this slot

The Family Part II Slot Game

The Family part II is a mafia-themed slot that comprises 243 payline options and has five reels. The Family Part II gaming slot offers unique features that gamers will find enjoyable.  This review breaks down what the game has in store for new gamers and seeks to explain its features and characteristics.

The Family Part II Slot Game Review

The Family Part II Details

The Family Part II gaming slot offers unique features that gamers will find enjoyable. An Italian family running an illegal business is the main subject in this slot. Additionally, there are gangster characters who seek to bring the empire down. The gamer takes the role of the mafia boss who protects his empire from the malicious gangsters to maintain his position. 

There are several other icons to consider in this game. They include the gangster icons, the mafia boss, a cigar, colosseum symbols, meat cleavage symbols, cash icons, and card symbols. Therefore, the game also consists of a progressive jackpot draw and is best for multiple betting. 

The minimum wager for a single payline is 0.25 cents, while the highest is 125 coins per line, and you will win considerable amounts by staking on different paylines. The game has several paylines to choose from, but you can only wager from the left to the right of the payline. The game awards you a few lucrative bonuses such as credit coin bonuses, multiplier bonuses, free spins, the gangster gamble feature, and the jackpot. These bonuses are rewarding to the gamers who know how to select symbols for a big win.

How to Play The Family Part II Game 

The game features many symbols that have different payouts. If you land five mafia boss icons on two adjacent reels, you get a 300x multiplier bonus. Card icons have the most negligible probability of appearing, but you get a reward of 200x your bet amount when they do. You will earn this reward by matching five card symbols on any reel.  

You should check the paytable first before staking so that you know where to put your money. Matching five cash symbols on the second and third reel will grant you a multiplier reward of 100x your bet amount, while the stadium and meat cleaver symbol pay you 60x your bet amount. However, adjusting your wager should be the priority when it comes to staking so that you play with your budget. Placing a high-value stake and leaving your wallet account empty is not advisable.

The game has two betting options, and you may place a single bet or a multiple bet where you bet on several icons to appear on the reels. The single best option is best suited for the symbols with the highest odds of appearing. However, you will need to stake a high amount for the single bet to win a big payout.

RTP and Variance

The RTP rating for The Family, Part II game, is 97.30%, which is high and best suited for long-term earnings. The slot game has a standard variance that allows equal chances for winning or losing.


This slot is highly volatile and would require making several spins if you happen to be losing the bets. The best choice for such a slot is to place multiple bets and wait for the outcome. 

Bonus Features

The gangster bonus is the most lucrative feature in The Family Part II gaming slot. This feature activates when you land five gangster symbols on any reel position. The feature rewards you with free spins and a massive multiplier cash reward. Free spins are generated when you land three cigar icons on any reel position. The mafia boss is the wild in this game, and it expands the reels to allow more winning possibilities.

You will earn multipliers by matching four or more money symbols on the second or third reels. The maximum multiplier for this game is a 300x multiplier, and your overall value will depend upon your stake. The game also awards players with the jackpot draw, which offers a whole new level of bonuses and cash rewards. You will activate this feature by winning more regular games, and the platform awards 150,000 coins.

Themes and Graphics

The mafia theme is brought to light by a mafia group consisting of family members. The mafia cartel should run a business empire and secure their money, and this slot makes out that storyline. You will witness a power struggle between the family members and gangsters, bringing about a power theme.  

The slot has unique attributes from the interface, displaying the mafia boss standing beside the reels holding a cigar. The images outlined in this game are in 3D, which means a clear picture of what is happening. The game allows you to adjust sounds and brightness, a feature that most players love. The music playing in the background has smooth tunes, which makes your time playing quite enjoyable.


The Family Part II gaming slot has satisfied most gamers with unique attributes such as the elegant user interface and great bonuses thanks to Nucleus Gaming. Gamers appreciate the space and recommend other players to participate. You will win substantial cash rewards when you make a spin and land-winning combos. The game is open for anyone above the legal age, and you will have to register for an account to play the game. For this and more, your participation in the slot will be a gift if you make the proper selection of symbols. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I start playing The Family Part II game?
You can start playing The Family Part II game by selecting symbols on any reel position. You may opt to choose the multiple playing options or the single bet. The multiple playing options require that you choose more than one symbol to appear on any reel, while you can only select one character for a single chance. The slot is progressive, meaning your stakes increase with the best value. This tendency is beneficial to players who stake on multiple options. After choosing your betting option, make sure to select the symbols and make a spin.
2Can I play The Family Part II for free?
The game is freely accessible online, meaning that you can play it for free too. The demo is the free play option, and you only need to click on this icon to play the free game.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum stake for The Family Part II gaming slot is $100, while the maximum goes up to 150,000 coins. The game also awards multipliers which could range between 2x to 200x the bet amount. The higher the stake on several payline options, the higher the pay.
4Can I play The Family Part II using a mobile phone?
You can play The Family Part II using your mobile phone, preferably the Android version. The other options include using your computer or tablet. The game is accessible online through your browser, or you may choose to download the app in the Android play store.

The Family Part II Slot Review

The Family Part II Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Pamela Alexis
I like how the space operates

This mafia-themed slot is a favorite for making quick wins. I like how the space operates, and it gives me the joy to match the symbols. This game offers a massive payout in the jackpot draw, suitable for experienced gamers like me.

 by Samantha Grey
This game is fantastic

I like how the operators maintain their professional standards. The slot has a sound payout system where players can access enormous features. This game is fantastic and a sure way to boost your earnings.

 by Indiana Terry
This slot has unique features

The Family Part II is yet another incredible game by Nucleus gamers. This slot has unique features like the gangster bonus. You will win big if you stick to the procedures of the game.

 by Cassidy Junior
I like how the administrators control slot affairs

This slot is excellent in delivering quality prizes to gamers. I like how the administrators control slot affairs, and fraud is nearly impossible. This aspect alone makes the game credible and recommended to gamers worldwide.

 by Larry Holmes
The idea is to double your wins

You will earn more if you stake in multiple payline options for The Family Part II gaming slot. The idea is to double your wins to allow more payouts into your account.

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