The Family

Join an Italian family that runs a cartel business that operates in a small town

The Family Slot Game

The Family is a five-reel slot that features an Italian family that runs a cartel business. The slot has thirty paylines to choose from, and it awards enormous payouts to the winners. There are a few bonuses in this game, which work in the player's favor. This review summarizes the details concerning The Family gaming slot. 

The Family Slot Game Review

The Family Details

The storyline depicts an Italian family that runs a cartel business that operates in a town's outskirts. The characters involved in this game include the big boss, Mr. Frankie, the underboss, the sneaky gangsters, and some card symbols. 

The game ventured into the limelight after Nucleus game developers made a release in 2018. There are a few bonuses in this game, which work in the player's favor. 

The game has to scatter icons that occupy the reel with new ones, and the big boss icon represents this symbol. An expanding wild is present, acting as a multiplying factor in the reels. 

You will also experience the adventure of matching similar icons to create an explosive combination—the gun symbols award you free spins, which are beneficial in boosting your wins. 

The game has a minimum wager of 0.01 cents, which is an advantage for low-budget players, or a maximum of 150 coins per line. Using the wager icon, you can adjust your wagers to the minimum or maximum range. 

You can locate this icon at the bottom page, indicated by the + and – signs. Apart from these features, there is an additional level where extra symbols appear, and these symbols include; pizza, mafia icon, gray, Italy symbol, and a gangster icon.

How to Play The Family Slot 

You begin the game after funding your account and selecting your preferred number of paylines. The best symbol, to begin with, is the big boss, who awards you a vast cash prize when he appears three times in a single reel. This icon has high volatility but tends to appear in the first spin.

You may also earn a bonus spin if you get this reward, which is highly likely to reward you with extra cash. For the second spin, you may choose to repeat the cycle and select the prominent boss symbol again. You unlock the expanding, big boss wild if it appears the second time. 

This feature allows you to expand the reels to increase your earning potential. The game is favorable for multiple bets, where you can place a bet on several icons. However, this strategy requires that you stake a standard amount. 

You may also opt to place a single bet with a considerable amount or gamble on two symbols. The idea here is that you aim for a profit, but you should always stake according to your budget. 

RTP and Variance

The RTP value for The Family slot is 96.06%, and the game has a standard variance. This RTP value is favorable for long-term winners since their winning bonuses increase to a value equivalent to the above RTP in the long run.


The Family slot game has a medium volatility rating suited for high rollers. You will gain an advantage if you stake on all paylines because the payouts will significantly multiply.

Bonus Features

Bonus features are numerous in The Family gaming slot. You will earn ten free spins when you match four-gun symbols on the second reel. You may also earn bonus spins and an added cash prize bonus when you land three underboss symbols on the first reel. 

The game also has a wild feature that transforms symbols into wilds and awards you a cash prize in the process. The scatters in this game include the big boss and Frankie, the character. 

These symbols will reward you with multipliers that range from 3x to 5x the bet amount. The big boss icon also acts as an expanding wild where it stretches the reels to allow more icons to appear. 

This measure allows chances for more winning combinations, giving you more cash. The jackpot feature is available, and it awards you a relatively high payout of 30,000 coins by landing five significant boss symbols. 

However, the feature will grant you a maximum of 150,000 coins when you land a combination of five big boss icons, and three scatters. The jackpot is progressive, which implies the rewards increase with high stakes.

Themes and Graphics

The classical Italian theme is shown by an Italian family that runs a business. The Family, in this case, is a larger one, as it comprises siblings together with their father and one or two uncles. 

In the background, you will see the big boss holding two guns as if to say, 'bring it on,' and this imagery is in 3D. The game has a stimulating effect upon the user, which makes you play more actively.

A theme of Family is seen in this slot, and it is evident even from the slot's name. When you start playing, you will hear musical sounds that depict Italian culture. The sounds are enchanting, and they give you the feeling of adventure. 

You will also notice various colored images in the background, such as a house with lampshades. The game's good graphics are responsible for all these features and much more. 

Gamers may adjust brightness and sound on the settings icon below the reels and get to enjoy quality gameplay.


The Family gaming slot is a beautiful treat for players seeking an easy game to play. You will find enjoyment and adventure in this storyline where the family business needs to be run. 

The Family comes with a unique set of rewards where gamers may win significant amounts by landing a few winning combinations. This game by Nucleus Gaming has a bright future since gamers praise it in every way possible. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I start playing The Family gaming slot?
You can start playing The Family slot by placing a stake on any payline beginning from left to right. You cannot skip a payline and go for the next, but you can only do this after you complete staking on all of them. After selecting your payline options and symbols, go ahead and spin the reels.
2Can I play The Family slot for free?
You can play The Family slot for free by hitting the ‘play demo' icon at the slot's interface. This option only requires selecting your symbols and going straight into spinning the reel.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum payout is a 5x multiplier bonus in the regular game, while the highest payout for a multiplier is a 700x multiplier bonus. The game will reward you with 150,000 coins in the maximum for a jackpot draw, the highest overall payout.
4Can I play The Family using a mobile phone?
You can enjoy playing in this slot on your Android, Mac, iOS, or Mac mobile devices. The game is accessible online, and you may choose to download the game on your mobile's play store or stream it online.

The Family Slot Review

The Family Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Garret Bailey
Italian Family runs a business

The game has a cinematic atmosphere surrounding it, and we can see how the Italian Family runs a business. This slot has a way of keeping gamers hooked by providing quality gameplay and extraordinary rewards.

 by Daisy Gwyneth
Offers bits of education

The Family is an entertaining game and also offers bits of education. Observing certain vital principles, you can learn how the Italian brothers maintain their family wealth.

 by Maggie Hilda
I have won plenty of times in this slot

I have won plenty of times in this slot, which motivates me to stake even more. I appreciate this game by Nucleus gaming since it has inspired me to gain more experience in staking.

 by Andy Jones
The slot offers fantastic rewards

The Family slot game is the best choice whenever you feel bored and need to make cash. The slot offers fantastic rewards, and you may win in all angles provided you make the correct predictions.

 by Kelvin Spikes
An easy experience

This slot is best for players who want to have an easy experience while betting on casinos. The advantage here is that the slot has medium volatility, which means you will not stay long before you win a bet.

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