The Hive

Meet the bee kingdom and his queen in this magnificent creation 

The Hive Slot Game

You will find fantastic bee features that come in handy when you land five or more queen bee symbols on any reel. The game is a five-reel slot with five rows and thirty payline options. This thirty payline slot is excellent for ambitious gamers, and this review highlights more of the same.

The Hive Slot Game Review

The Hive Details

The Hive is a magnificent creation by BetSoft, and it released a game in 2020 following a sign-up with the New Jersey online slot site. The game is a five-reel slot with five rows and thirty payline options. The minimum stake for a single line is $0.01, while the highest stake is $90—There is payment through cash deposits, online banking, credit transfer, and wire transfer.

The Hive is a bee kingdom. There are three categories of bees, each having a different pay system and characteristics. The queen bee is the swarm leader, followed by the drone and the worker bees. The queen has the highest payout, and she acts as a foreseer of the kingdom's affairs.  

Other symbols present include; the honey pot, a ladybug, three flowers of varying colors, and card symbols. The ladybug supplements the game by awarding free spins and a bonus game without a cash reward. There are scatters and wilds in this slot game, where gamers will earn more if they match three of them on any reel position. 

How to Play The Hive Online

You can begin the game by first funding your account and confirming that your balance is well-due. The next step is choosing your paylines, but you should consider that staking in the paylines begins from left to right. The symbols to keep an eye on are the three bee categories. Since the queen bee has the highest payout, you will have to ensure you pick it at least once after every three spins. 

The drone bee will fill your honey pot with honey which later translates into cash when the bank is full. You can make the drone bee perform this gesture by landing three of the same on any reel. The more the landing, the more the pot fills. There is no ignorance in Card symbols, as they award free spins, with the most prominent piece being the Ace. 

When you match three queen bee icons two or more times, you get to convert the symbol into a wild. Consider choosing the same wild for the next spin when you see this outcome. There is a huge possibility that the wild will appear and trigger a fantastic expanding bonus. They should not put these steps to playing The Hive aside as they are the most probable outcomes.

RTP and Variance

The RTP value for The Hive is 96.97%, and it has a medium variance. These attributes imply that the game is standard, and you can always win when you make wise picks. You may also lose the bets quite several times when you're not careful.


The Hives has a medium volatility rating best suited for typical gamers. However, the jackpot draw has high volatility and is non-progressive. 

The Hive Bonus Features

You will find sticky and expanding wilds, which help rearrange icons to allow a chance for high-paying symbols to appear. The honeycomb is the sticky wild, and when you match three of these on a reel, eight free spins is the reward. The sticky wild will attract symbols on the reels to allow them to get into contact by acting as a magnet. In this way, these other symbols are changed into wilds and will grant you a cash prize when three of them align.

The worker bee earns you multiplier bonuses. You only need to match five worker bee symbols and receive your reward—the minimum multiplier bonus for landing five worker bee icons 100x your bet value. The award is open for other characters, too, including the queen bee. However, the queen bee has the highest multiplier factor in the game and is most active in the jackpot.

The jackpot draw is non-progressive, which means winning a bet does not require a long chain of winning combinations. You only need to match five queen bee symbols on two consecutive reels, and then you get the rewards. The game offers a $100 welcome bonus, but this bonus is only applicable to gamers residing in the US.

Themes and Graphics

The Hives has an animal theme highlighted by bees of varying categories. The queen bee is the most prominent figure in the reels and has a unique design to show its authority. Order and power are other themes in The Hives, which come into place through a worker bee and a drone bee alongside the queen herself. The queen controls the bee kingdom and maintains order through command and power.

The symbols attached to the game have a high definition quality, which is excellent for identifying which characters they are choosing. The background image shows a colorful depiction of flowers and what seems to be a garden. The kind of music playing in the background is soft and vibrant. The interface design allows customization and icons to suit gamers' needs.


The Hives has sweet gameplay, bonus spins, and extra dollars accompany that to level up your pockets. You may earn through all symbols except the card royals, but the cards are beneficial in awarding additional rounds. This game by BetSoft promises a quality service delivery, and gamers have a high chance to win several times. The rewards are worthy of your time. Therefore creating an account with the slot should be a significant priority. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does The Hive offer bonuses?
Yes. The game has plenty of bonuses that come in handy when you match three or more symbols on any reel position: free spins, multiplier bonuses, credit rewards, and a jackpot bonus feature. Unfortunately, the game only offers a welcome bonus to players residing in the US.
2Can I play The Hive for free?
You can play The Hive for free, which happens when you click on the demo icon.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The Hive offers payouts in two ways, through cash prizes and multipliers. The highest multiplier is 378x the stake amount, while the lowest is 3x. The highest cash prize in the regular game is $7,500, while the jackpot grants you $30,240.
4Can I play The Hive using a mobile phone?
You can play The Hives using your phone. Laptops, computers, and tablets are also applicable. The requirement for accessing the game is good internet for all these devices.

The Hive Slot Review

The Hive Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Ted Rima
I have a stroke of good luck

The Hive is just perfect on a chilly Sunday morning. I have a stroke of good luck with the game since I win every other day I decide to stake. The game is simple, therefore don't worry about joining the slot.

 by Miley Fishers
This slot is splendid for newbies

The bees are buzzing with ecstasy as they prepare to reward you with crazy bonuses. I like how the game goes, and this is one of my best games this year. This slot is splendid for newbies as they get a bonus when they fund their accounts.

 by Diana Reeves
You will receive maximum pay

I have won several times in this game, which has motivated me to stake even more. You will receive maximum pay when you combine symbols, a strategy that most gamers overlook.

 by Mandy Simons
The creativity behind this game is priceless

The creativity behind this game is priceless. I prefer playing The Hives during the weekends when I am out of work. This game has been a source of pleasure, as I can relate to how the game operates.

 by Jamil Hunter
The slot offers excellent payouts

The fun of interacting with bee symbols cannot be underrated. The slot offers excellent payouts too, and you could win a high amount if you make correct landings. I have made a steady amount of cash in the past few weeks, and for this, I am grateful.

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