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The Sands of Egypt Slot is a game with 6x6 grid and features cluster wins

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Sands of Egypt is an open play gaming allows gamblers to engage in a game that matches their gambling style and a classic environment. The game is straightforward and simple, but it has a few surprises that make it more interesting. Get to know more about the Sands of Egypt in this review.

Sands of Egypt Slot Game Review

Ancient Egypt is considered to be one of the greatest themes for slot games. There are old and new games available under this theme, and Sands of Egypt is one of the popular additions. Sands of Egypt video slot game is developed by Vista gaming which is known for offering open gameplay.

Open play gaming allows gamblers to engage in a game that matches their gambling style and a classic environment. The game is straightforward and simple, but it has a few surprises that make it more interesting. Get to know more about the Sands of Egypt in this review.

Sands of Egypt is a bold game that should be attractive to hunters of jackpots and bonuses. The game does not have a traditional play grid and comes with a magnitude of features. The graphics are top-notch, and the theme selection is impeccable. This might be one of the best slots from Nucleus Gaming.

Themes and Soundtrack

Nucleus gaming takes their players back to ancient Egypt, and the torpid flute music sets the scene, and the huge reel set up is placed before a tranquil oasis. The slot has a cascade win structure, and all the winning symbols will detonate, and new symbols will fall in their place.

All wins will get a free re-spin that realigns your symbols. The list of gaming symbols includes golden scarabs, pharaoh masks, the eye of the horus, hieroglyphics of anks, leaves, and beards. The wild symbol is the great pyramid, and it substitutes all the other symbols but can form winning combinations when scattered.


The soundtrack is very welcoming and gives the best desert atmosphere. It appears to be repetitive, and it can be switched off if it seems to be irritating. It works best when played for a short time, and the tempo increases when the clusters are formed. This was a good selection for such a perfect themed game.

Betting Options and Game Functions

Instead of using traditional playlines, wins occur when four or more transmissible symbols are gathered together. This betting approach is spread on all the 50 bet lines. And the coin value can be adjusted from 0.02-1.00, with bet levels varying from 50-250.

These bet variables yield an average betting range per spin of 1-200 times the betting amount. The autoplay feature can handle up to 1000 spins, though players should approach this with caution because there are no wins or loss limits available. For those who would prefer faster gameplay, you can choose the turbo speed mode.

If you want to access your player options, game rules, information on playline, and more, you can expand the menu at the left corner of the game screen.

Features of The Slot

  • Ever Ra symbol that comes up on the reels progresses the Ra Power Bar
  • There are prizes to be awarded on the total number of appearing Ra symbols
  • You get 8 free spins for every 8 Ra symbols and additional free spins for up to 15 Ra symbols
  • Getting 17 Ra symbols wins you cash prizes of 400 times your total bet
  • The progressive jackpot is awarded for a total of 20 Ra symbols
  • Every winning Anubis symbol on the reels progresses the Anubis Trail
  • The bar keeps advancing between spins and will only be reset when you complete the Anubis trail, getting you Anubis Free spins
  • The Anubis symbols increase in payout value when the coin multiplier feature is activated
  • After getting a standard win, players can choose to implement the double up feature
  • Players have the option to wager half of their total win
  • Sands of Egypt RTP and Variance

The Sands of Egypt RTP is unknown at the moment so you need to approach the game with caution. Although the jackpot prize is lucrative, it can take a while before you unlock even the low bonuses. You should therefore set your stakes well. Often, Sands of Egypt awards some low to medium wins but watch out not to deplete your balance.

The best way to approach the game is by playing the demo version to see if the gameplay and payout is effective. You could even try comparing it to other ancient Egypt-themed games to see if it competes fairly in the category.

How Sands of Egypt is played

1. Look into the game settings to see if they are up to your standards. It is important to have the gameplay sound on to listen to the introduction. This will help you decide if it is pleasant enough to set the mood for playing.

2. Select your stake. You have the option to bet between 0.60 and 1500 for every spin, but you cannot alter the reel structurez

3. Decide if you want to use the autoplay feature. Set your number of spins which can be between 1 and 1000 but not other parameters.

4. You can set the fast mode by adjusting the settings on the menu. The icon is next to the volume button.

5. You have the choice of gambling all your winnings or half of it. This is done by pressing the x2 button and choosing head or tails. However, you cannot gamble the winnings from a free spin.

Bet Sizes and Wins

To generate a win, you need at least four clustered symbols. The winning symbols will then cause an explosion, and the other symbols will drop down to give space for new ones. This is where the concept of cascading wins occurs.

With a stake of 1.50, the winnings for the matching symbols are as follows.

  • White stone - 0.50
  • Anubis - 0.50
  • Isis - 0.50
  • Purple stone - 0.50
  • Green stone - 0.75
  • Eye of horus - 1.00
  • Cross - 1.00
  • Pharaoh - 2.00
  • Wild - 2.50
  • Scarab beetle - 2.00

Bonus Features in Sands of Egypt

Ra Power Bar

The Ra symbol bird lands on the main reels to fill up part of the power bar. You are required to get at least Ra symbols to unlock a bonus feature. At the end of every spin, the bar is reset to zero, and there is no hold feature. The awards are cumulative, and the feature could also trigger free spins.

Anubis Trails

Four Anubis symbols can win a cash prize and progress the Anubis trail. Once the Anubis trail is filled, 10 free spins will be awarded. For every free spins, the Anubis symbols get prize upgrades increasing their worth. When playing the Anubis free spins, you can trigger the Ra free spin but you cannot retrigger the Anubis free spins.

Isis Trail

Isis free spins are not much different from the Anubis free spins because they follow the same rules and patterns. So the same Anubis trail process can be used to trigger winnings and bonuses.


Generally, Sands of Egypt is an appealingly satisfying game that offers players something different by its unique layout and bursting cluster wins. Triggering the bonuses can take a while, so you need to be strong enough to play the game. It is recommended that the game is played on lower stakes.

The fact that this game has the ability to win players some lucrative bonuses, it is a good way to pass time as you win some money. The graphics can also add to the things that will keep players hooked for a very long time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Can Sands of Egypt be played for free?
Yes. There are at least three variations of free spin bonuses to be unlocked. They include the Anubis free spins, Ra free spins, and Isis free spins.
2Does Sands of Egypt have a variance?
The variance for this game is not known; however, there are regular payouts for low and medium wins.

Sands of Egypt Slot Game Review

Sands of Egypt Slot Game Reviews
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 by Jones Sleek
The image quality is splendid

As witnessed in the game's layout, the image quality is splendid and a source of attraction to gamers. It is a factor that expands my excitement for playing the game. I like how the game liberally pays winning champs, and the rewards are numerous.