The Tipsy Tourist

Take Gary on a ride to view the city and let him enjoy the view from all points

The Tipsy Tourist Slot Game

The Tipsy Tourist offers scatter bonuses and the famous gamble feature. The game has multiple features that allow players to stack their wins. The game has several other symbols that elaborate more on this topic. This review goes a long way to discuss some of these fantastic bonuses and the ongoing incredible payouts.

The Tipsy Tourist Slot Game Review

The Tipsy Tourist Details

The Tipsy Tourist is set in a colorful city that houses a beach with palm trees, beach cafes, and random tourists who witness the city's beauty. The leading character is Gary, a hardworking young fellow that visits the city for the first time. Gary needs a tour guide, and it is your job as a player to take Gary on a ride to view the city and let him enjoy the view from all points. You take the role of the Tipsy Tourist, also known as Gary, around the tropical environment of Miami on a hot sunny day.

The game has several other symbols that elaborate more on this topic. They include; a beach ball, hot bikini babes, cup containing alcohol, starfish, plane tickets for flying to Miami, and card symbols. Unique bonus icons are available, and the game features wilds and scatters, and the wild in this game is a beach party icon. The beach ball represents the scatter, and it awards plenty of bonus spins alongside other rewards.

This game's sticking is applicable on all payline options since they are twenty in number. The game has five reels too, and each reel contains a few symbols because the game is created with a five-row surface. Plenty of rewards is kept in store for gamers who make winning combinations since the slot thrives on multiple staking. A jackpot feature is present, but it is non-progressive, therefore requires careful choosing of payline options if you want to win.

How to Play The Tipsy Tourist Game

You can play The Tipsy Tourist slot in the free play option or the actual earning gameplay. Both categories follow the same reward system, but the only difference applies in staking and payouts. It is general knowledge that the free play, also known as the demo, does not award cash. You only get virtual rewards that help boost your motivation, but the advantage of this option is that you gain experience as you continue staking. 

The first step in making progressive gameplay is first familiarizing yourself with the icons available on the reels. The second step is checking on their payouts at the paytable. Thirdly, you check the odds of a symbol appearing on any reel. All the checkouts can be found on the paytable. They will aid you in knowing how to place and what to place. If you have a budgeted amount of cash in your account, consider adjusting your wagers to the minimum.

The slot game accepts re-charge from either cash or credits. The minimum cash for staking on any available payline is $0.02, but the stake goes with levels. There are five levels, and the more you advance, the more the minimum stake rises. The fifth level will only allow a minimum stake of $1, applicable across all paylines beginning from left to right. 

RTP and Variance

The RTP value for The Tipsy Tourist slot is 96.5%, and the game has a medium variance which is applicable for standard wins.


The game is highly volatile; thus, winning a single bet is quite challenging in the first trials. However, you may also make several wins if you are lucky enough to win combos.

Bonus Features

Impressive bonuses run the slot, and the most prominent feature is the bonus game. You mainly actualize the scatter bonus by matching scatter symbols on the third and fifth reels. The bonus game comes with eight free spins and a credit bonus reward. The good thing about the bonus game is that you can re-trigger free spins when they diminish, and you do this by clicking on the re-trigger icon as it pops up on the screen. However, this option has a timer, and if you delay in pressing the icon, it passes you over. 

The drinking bonus comes into effect when you match five red cup icons on the first, second, and third reel. This feature will earn you credit coin rewards and three spin rounds. You cannot ignore the jackpot bonus, and you activate it by landing five Gary symbols on two consecutive reels. The jackpot will grant you a big cash bonus plus credit coin rewards which go hand in hand with a few spin rounds. The other icons that do not feature in this list, such as the bikini girl, will give you free spins and other minimal rewards. 

Themes and Graphics

In this slot, tourism is a theme well highlighted by Gary, who comes to enjoy the Miami sunset on a tourism spree. Gary has a great time venturing the beach and observing the hot bikini babes, bringing out the second theme of luxury and enjoyment. Gary is a drunk tourist who loves alcohol since the drink is his favorite piece of entertainment. He also enjoys interacting with the bikini babes, right from the slot's background image.

In the background, you can see Gary carrying the girl in his arms, which is a creative storyline display. This innovative design further illustrates the character's passion for adventure and fun, and it makes the slot seem ideal for gamers to try out. The game has pop music playing in the background, thus creating a lively atmosphere that makes it exciting.


The Tipsy Tourist slot will offer you standard cash rewards by simply matching three or more symbols on any reel, which is a good start for anyone who appreciates standard cash rewards, which means a not-so-high amount. The reward is also not minimal but rather average thanks to Betsoft. A good practice is ensuring your account is never empty, as you have a lucky day at any moment. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does The Tipsy Tourist offer bonuses?
Indeed. The Tipsy Tourist will grant you multiplier bonus rounds, the gamble feature, the drinking bonus, and the bonus game round. These features will earn you free spins, credit rewards, and multiplier bonuses, which will boost your returns. The jackpot has its awesome bonus rewards, and gamers will enjoy the super draw when they receive this bonus.
2Can I play The Tipsy Tourist for free?
Yes, you can, since the game has a free play option at the start of the game on the reel interface.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The highest pay is from the jackpot draw, which grants you $3,500 when you match five Gary symbols across two consecutive reels. The regular game will award you a minimum of $100 when you stake with a minimum of $1 on all paylines. The maximum payout for this game is $1750, which comes through when you match five Gary icons on a single reel.
4Can I play The Tipsy Tourist using a mobile phone?
You can play The Tipsy Tourist on mobile, but the best way to enjoy the game is through your computer or tablet. The reason is that the slot has huge software that may not serve well with low-capacity phones.

The Tipsy Tourist Slot Review

The Tipsy Tourist Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Thompson Tello
This game is amusing to the core

I can't imagine how the world of online casino gaming would be without Essence of The Tipsy Tourist gaming slot. This game is amusing to the core; therefore, a great adventure when you play.

 by Green Woods
I won the jackpot just recently

I won the jackpot just recently, and as much as the reward was not high enough to my preference, I still enjoyed the cash. After making several purchases I am now back, ready to win again.

 by Jeff Benson
It's enjoyable having a good time

It's enjoyable having a good time playing The Tourist gaming slot. Much of the fun comes from the symbols present on the reels and partly from the storyline itself. You land more wins by determining what Gary wants at a particular place in time.

 by Chris Bam
I never thought a slot like this could exist

I never thought a slot like this could exist. I am much of a tourist in my way, and playing this game activates my longing to travel to Miami. I understand that the payouts are standard, but your winning capabilities are maximum.

 by Hover Dylan
This slot has excellent operating software

This slot has excellent operating software that gives you an easy time playing online through your web browser. Before hitting the jackpot, it may take me some time, but I enjoy gaming in the regular draw.

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