Totem Tumble

Have fun with a game based on an Aztec civilization where gamers win big

Totem Tumble Slot Game

Totem Tumble is a slot Nucleus gaming production that embodies five reels and thirty payline options. They give a welcome bonus when you fund your account for the first time. The game is set in ancient Aztec civilization, and this review describes the game in detail to give you a glimpse of what it's all about.

Totem Tumble Slot Game Review

Totem Tumble Details

The minimum stake required to play the Totem Tumble game is 0.02 coins per line, and the maximum stake goes for 150 coins for each pay-line. Since the game has thirty lines to choose from, it is unnecessary to stake on all of them. The game requires a good internet connection because it has a high-capacity operating system, and you will need a laptop or a high-storage mobile device. They based the game on the traditional Aztec civilization, which existed thousands of years ago. For this reason, the symbols operating on the slot include; a stone mask, a temple, the Aztec chief character, the priest, priestess, and a golden totem. 

They give a welcome bonus when you fund your account for the first time. The bonus depends on your deposit; the higher the amount, the higher the premium. The game has wild and scattered symbols alongside the regular symbols, and each symbol has its reward. The Aztec chief is the most expensive symbol in this game, followed by the wild and scatters. The game also features low-paying card symbols, but Ace has the highest payout.

A Nucleus Gaming company created this game, and it released it in 2019. The slot game has a professional layout, and its design attracts gamers. The slot is educational since you can learn more about the Aztec civilization from mere observation. Gamers win big when they stake on ten paylines, five from the right and five from the left.

How to Play Totem Tumble Online

The Aztec chief is the best symbol since it is the central symbol in the game. You will earn a large sum and several free spins when you match three of the same on any single reel. The card symbols in this slot also appear severally because of their low volatility. It is, therefore, best to consider choosing them after every few spins. Card royals award free spins when you match three of the same on any reel.

The other symbols to look out for are the royal priests, which may grant you free spins or a multiplier bonus, depending on which reel they appear. The symbols that occur less frequently are the temple, priest, and golden totem. You may select the multiple spin option as it broadens landing more wins. By following these procedures, you increase your chances of landing winning combinations.

RTP and Variance

Totem Tumble has an RTP rate of 93% and a medium variance. Staking for the paylines may begin from either side of the scale.


The game has standard volatility, which implies that winning a bet is not hard. You may land two wins for every three losses or vice versa. The advantage is that these wins may be higher than your losses; hence you may end up making a profit. 

Bonus Features

The game has to scatter bonuses and wild bonus features, replacing and transforming other symbols on the reels. The stone mask acts as the spread, and it awards you a cash prize and five bonus spins when you match three of the same on any reel. An additional advantage for the scatter is that it replaces other symbols on the reels to open a chance for more wins. Unfortunately, the slot does not offer a jackpot bonus; neither do we find a bonus game, but they award you credit points for every win you make.

The wild in this game is the golden totem, which transforms other symbols in the reels and awards you with extra spins. Multipliers come when you make a combination of three scatters and two wilds, and you will earn a 5x multiplier when you make this combination. They reward bonus spins for every three landings of any regular symbols; the free spins start from as little as three to a maximum of ten free spins. You unlock the autoplay bonus feature when you make many wins, granting you 100 automatic spins. 

A welcome bonus is the most lucrative feature for new gamers. A newbie earns cash for simply funding their account, which motivates them to make the first bet. They directed the fund into your wallet instantly, and it is sufficient to use it for staking and saving your deposited cash. The minimum welcome bonus is a prize of $100. Since the minimum stake is $0.02, this bonus comes in handy, and you may stake in all the paylines with this amount.

Themes and Graphics

The slot offers a unique graphic design that displays the icons in 3D. The reels are occupied with colorful Aztec symbols and high definition quality. The reels have an Aztec-temple design, suggesting that the developers did a great deal of creativity. The bright brightness of the reels can be minimized or increased, thanks to the interface design.

You can see the theme of ancient civilizations, and the Aztec world is an excellent depiction. Lifestyle is also a theme in this game since the game's storyline features Aztec artifacts, a royal priesthood, and ritual symbols. The game has traditional Aztec music sounds, which amplifies the theme of culture and increases the excitement of playing this game.


Totem Tumble is amongst the best online slots, and it has gained respect in the gaming market, and for this reason, has enjoyed a considerable amount of attention in the online world of gaming. We shall see whether the slot will advance its features and increase payouts in the coming years. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I start playing The Totem Tumble Slot?
You can start playing Totem Tumble as soon as you create an account and fund your wallet. You perform this task by depositing money into your bank account and using the direct transfer method. Another means of payment is by direct deposit on any physical casino that offers this game. As soon as you recharge your wallet, you can start the game.
2Can I play Totem Tumble for free?
You can play Totem Tumble for free by hitting the free play icon. You can find this icon at the top of the screen when you log in. You will also see it at the interface before you begin the game at the center of the screen.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum payout for this game is $150 in cash prize or a 3x multiplier. The maximum payout is a 200x multiplier or a cash prize of $3,500.
4Can I play Totem Tumble using a mobile phone?
Indeed. You may use your phone to play the game provided it can access the internet. Android phones are the best choice for this type of game since they have software similar to the one used in this slot.

Totem Tumble Slot Review

Totem Tumble Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Patty McGowan
I like that they based the storyline

This slot is comparable to many other epic-themed slots. I like that they based the storyline on actual historical facts, which is a plus.

 by Bailey Wright
I appreciate everything the game offers

The game has a grave atmosphere surrounding it, and the traditional sounds amplify this feeling. I appreciate everything the game offers, but I only like the payouts.

 by Nana Idi
This slot is a lovely creation

This slot is a lovely creation by the game developers. Totem Tumble has a simple user interface, and the game is easy to win.

 by Guerrero Martinez
This image alone is enticing

I am not surprised that this slot does have an enormous fan base. Aztec symbols well decorate the interface, and you can also see the Aztec chief standing beside the reels. This image alone is enticing.

 by Richardson Palmer
I like how the rewards are genuine

The game appears calm on the outside but filled with intensity on the inside. I like how the rewards are genuine, making it a dedicated slot. Gamers will increase their winning amounts by staking on multiple paylines.

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