Twin Dragons

See the ancient dragons of China fly across the sky to add amazing bonuses

Twin Dragons Slot Game

Twin Dragons has an eastern theme where the ancient dragons of China fly across the sky to add amazing bonuses. The slot has ten paylines and five reels, and you can access it online through your web browser. The developer of this slot is Dragon Gaming, and they made a release in 2018. This review discusses the game’s features and intriguing payouts.

Twin Dragons Slot Game Review

Twin Dragons Details

The developer of this slot is Dragon Gaming, and they made a release in 2018; since then, the game has been getting maximum player attention. The slot game has five reels to spin from, and it is easy to see the icons on all spaces. To activate the winning combination, you need to match symbols on an active payline, and the highest pay is 3000 times your bet amount in the jackpot draw. However, to achieve this, you need to stake with the highest possible amount, which is $90, and on the other hand, the minimum stake is 0.01 cents per line. The symbols available on the reels are two dragon icons, card symbols, a vase, cymbals, a golden fountain, and a scroll.

The two dragons are the highest paying symbols, and they award you up to 500 spins or a cash prize bonus of 1000 times your bet amount. This payout happens on the regular game. The game also contains wilds, which come in handy in offering rewards, and the wild in this game is a yellow icon, which helps to substitute other icons on the reels with new ones. This state of affairs helps in boosting your winning chances. 

The game only accepts the dollar, euro, and yen currency and is only accessible in a few countries. There is a welcome bonus for the first sign-ups, but you need to fund your account to earn the bonus. The fantastic feature of the game is that you will receive an auto-play feature that awards you 1000 free spins, which run automatically.

How to Play Twin Dragons Slot 

Setting up your bet value is crucial when beginning the game. The coin value ranges from 0.01 cents, which is the figure section. You may access the paytable by clicking on the icon above the reels on the right side of the screen. Here, you will see the payouts as they vary from one hero to another. 

You match three gold fountain symbols on an active payline to award you five times your bet amount. The more the symbols appear on the reels and active paylines, the more the payouts. When you land golden symbols or golden scroll icons, you earn yourself 200 and 50 coins, respectively, for each three of a kind. The heart symbol is the lowest paying icon since it only offers $10, equivalent to 3 times your bet amount when you stake with the lowest bet amount.

Payouts for this game are generally multipliers, but they convert into cash immediately after winning your bet. The unique wild icons have the highest payout, which could go as far as 40 times your bet amount when you match five or the three of them on any active payline. Since the game has high volatility, setting up the auto-play to receive multiple spins is essential. These spins help in boosting or creating your winning chances.

RTP and Variance

The return-to-player value of Twin Dragons is 96.12%, and the game has a high variance. This variance implies that matching the symbols will not always come easy, but you will win your reward after a few tries.


The game has high volatility, which is essential to allow big winnings. This policy applies as long as the symbols don't appear on the reels quickly while forming a matching combination.

Bonus Features

Bonus features are the main ingredients that make this game lively. They may not be numerous, but they offer good rewards, which will propel you to attaining your figure of desire. The auto-play feature is accessible when you click on the auto-play icon at the bottom left of your reels. 

The auto-play awards you 1000 free spins, and if you land a winning combination with either of these free spins, you receive an additional cash price bonus. A bonus icon is available and has the encryption 'bonus.' This icon offers you free spins and multiplier factors that increase the value of your winning bet. 

The yellow and blue yin yang symbols represent the bonus icons. The wilds in this game will activate a wild bonus feature when you match them three or five times on any reel. However, it would also depend on the position of the matching icons on the reels. The wilds appearing on the central reel earn you a reward of five times your multiple bet, while those appearing on the first or second reel will get you two free spins, plus a multiplying factor of three times your bet amount. 

Matching five wild icons in the fantastic bonus feature will Grant you 40 times your total bet amount. You'll activate the dragon feature by checking Twin Dragons on the first and third reels. The jackpot is the most lucrative feature you get by matching five dragon symbols on three consecutive reels.

Themes and Graphics

The game has an eastern theme seen by the availability of dragons, just as portrayed in the east culture of China. These dragons have a creative design where their eyes have gemstones and a golden body. You can see this image from the slots interface as the images appear in the background behind the reels. The dragons appear to criss-cross each other, and they have a fiery appearance.

The sounds of music that you will hear in the background also depict the ancient tunes of China, hence bringing out a stunning effect thanks to the quality graphical design. We can see how the symbols shift from one to another across the reels. 

A theme of mysticism explains that dragons existed and could fly through the air while cohabiting with human beings. We do not know how humans managed the dragons, but one thing, though, is that they interacted with human beings and formed a helpful combination.


Twin Dragons gaming slots are a creative play that will attract all gamers who enjoy eastern themed slots. The only unfortunate factor is that the game is only accessible in specific countries, and you can only stake using three currency methods. We shall see whether the game developers will make the game accessible worldwide so that other gamers find a share of the game has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the slot offer bonuses?
There are plenty of bonuses to be seen as on the slot, and they range from multipliers, wild bonuses to the jackpot bonus. You may also find an auto-play feature that awards you several spins and a unique bonus game that grants you cash prizes and multipliers.
2Can I play Twin Dragons Slot for free?
Yes, you can play the Twin Dragon slot for free, you only need to click on the demo, and you're good to go.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The maximum payout is 3000 times your bet amount, and you get this in the jackpot draw. The minimum payout is 100 dollars or euros in the regular game.
4Can I play the Twin Dragons slot using a mobile phone?
You can play this game using a mobile phone by visiting your app store and downloading the game. You may also choose to play it online through your browser.

Twin Dragons Slot Review

Twin Dragons Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Romney Glam
I gladly recommend this game

I gladly recommend this game to players as I am confident that they will find it easy and rewarding to the core.

 by Arnold Frock
You should sign up for an account

You can access this game even on your mobile phone across all countries in Europe, and this is just a great start for players within my vicinity. Therefore, you should sign up for an account and prepare yourself for a big win.

 by Frank Lucian
You only need to activate the jackpot

This game is rewarding enough to enable you to upgrade your lifestyle. You only need to activate the jackpot and ensure you win it, therefore earning your cash rewards.

 by Chuck Stefano
Excellent service

The payouts should increase since the game is excellent service delivery and has an awesome eastern theme.

 by Benson Hayes
I like the professional way

I like the professional way and the ability it rewards handsomely through multipliers. The jackpot is the main draw and the best to seek since you may win a lot when you stick with the high bet amount.

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