Venice Carnival Jackpot

Join the participants of the annual carnival festival held in the outskirts of Venice

Venice Carnival Jackpot Slot Game

This slot has an Italian theme where participants enjoy the annual carnival festival held in the outskirts of Venice. This game features unique icons that will award multipliers, as we shall see in this review, and a jackpot feature which is the main aim for every participant of this slot.

Venice Carnival Jackpot Game Review

Venice Carnival Jackpot Details

There are plenty of accolades to be won when you play the Venice Carnival Jackpot, including multiplier bonuses, free spins, and cash prizes. The jackpot feature is the highest in rewards and grants you $3000 when you match five symbols with the highest value across the first and second reel. All regular icons give multiplier bonuses except for the card symbols. The symbols in this game include a mask, a statue with wings on both sides, a lovely building, and various artist-icons that conduct the festival.  

This game is all about the adventures of participating in a festival, and it elaborates on an Italian culture where participants celebrate the country's history. The scatter in this game is the statue icon which may also propel you towards the jackpot bonus. The minimum amount you may use to play this game is 0.01 cents, but you could stake a high amount of $50 in one pay line. The game has fifteen adjustable pay lines and five reels to spin from; therefore, you could choose to gamble on all active lines to increase your chances of winning big cash.

How to Play Venice Carnival Jackpot Slot 

For low-budget gamers, the minimum coin range is 0.01 cents to $1 and can adjust this pay system from the wager icon at the bottom of the screen. You can also access the toolbar on the right side of the screen, just above the reels, which will enable you to customize settings such as the interface brightness, game sounds, and helpline. You will see an active payline indicated by a red dot, which means that this is the payline that you should stake on if you want to make a winning combination. The game begins with five active paylines from the left to the right side of the scale. 

However, you may choose to adjust the pay lines since they have no fix, and this change may lead you to a win through your variations. To win by your variations requires that you accurately determine all the symbols that should appear on the reels. 

RTP and Variance

The slot game has a return-to-player value of 96.06%, which is lower than most online gaming slots, but it has a low variance. Winning should therefore come easy for participants who make several free spins. It is, therefore, recommendable that you aim for the free spin bonuses through the landing off card icons.


This game has high volatility, which implies that the jackpot feature may be hard to unlock, but when you do, you get instant cash rewards that are huge. 

Bonus Features

The jackpot bonus is the most lucrative for paying the Venice Carnival Jackpot game. You activate the jackpot feature by matching five mask symbols across the first and second reels. In most cases, the jackpot appears as a product of winning combinations through the fixed pay lines. It is only in rare cases that you will adjust the pay lines and still make a win in the jackpot draw.  

Any of the artists involved in the game will reward you a multiplier bonus of 30x your winning bet and may also grant you free spin bonuses that are important in boosting your cash prize winnings chances. The statues will help gamers activate scatter bonuses that replace symbols with low payouts with those offering high payments on the reel spaces. This outcome is that you may make a winning combination with the high-paying symbols, thereby winning a huge cash reward.

Themes and Graphics

The primary theme in the game is an Italian festival, just as the name suggests, where large crowds gather to see through this remarkable event. The city of Venice is the game's setting, and you will see various symbols that the event-artists use, which are the main items on the reels. We know the cultural theme because the event happens in Italy, and people celebrate the event annually. Part of the graphic design of the slot is high-quality symbols and images that occupy the reels and the slot’s interface. 

In the background, there are music sounds that spring from Italian melodies and classical tunes. Other customization features such as the toolbar icon will take you straight to setting your account, managing the layout of the interface, and other helpline facilities.


The Venice Carnival Jackpot slot is a convenient platform for gamers who seek fair rewards by staking with minimum amounts. The game is open for access to players above the legal age who can bet the minimum amount required to play. The game promises a jackpot cash price of $3000 for any participant who makes the correct combinations of five jackpot symbols. You need to create an account, fund your account, choose your active pay lines, and finally hit the spin button to join the fun. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the game offer bonuses?
The game offers bonuses, and the jackpot is the main one for rewards. The jackpot will offer great multiplier bonuses and credit rewards when you match the specific symbols that operate on the jackpot draw in the first and second reel. One of the symbols is the mask, but you can also make a winning combination with the wild icon when it lands in the central reel five times in a row. Other bonuses include scattering bonuses that help boost your wins by displacing low icons with high-paying icons on the reels. Credit rewards come in when you stake using credit coins, and they increase at a higher rate with the more wins you make. They also decrease when you use them for betting, and you lose a game.
2Can I play the Venice Carnival Jackpot for free?
You can play the Venice Carnival Jackpot for free. The reason is that the developers have placed the demo option where you can spin the reels without making a recharge on your account.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum payout for the game it’s $3 when you stake with the lowest amounts across all active pay lines. The maximum reward is $3000 when you gamble on all active pay lines to the highest cash amount in the jackpot draw. However, the regular or basic game will grant you a maximum of 300x your bet amount when you land five icons on the reels.
4Can I play Venice Carnival Jackpot using a mobile phone?
A mobile phone is effective in playing the Venice Carnival Jackpot gaming slot. You may also access the game using your laptop and computer, but you require a massive internet system to play the game conveniently.

Venice Carnival Jackpot Slot Review

Venice Carnival Jackpot Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Macmillan Patrick's
It's always an excellent time

It's always an excellent time playing this game in the demo, but soon enough, I will stake on the basic game and try my luck. However, the game has good quality graphics and fantastic music sounds.

 by Dale Antonio
The Italian theme is the most captivating

The Italian theme is the most captivating and sure way to discover the country's culture and its symbols of nationality. This game offers a patriotic match that calls for all Italian citizens to participate and enjoy watching the familiar characters appearing on the reels.

 by Simpson Carman
The humble payouts the game offers

You can never get tired while playing the Venice Carnival Jackpot game. If you desire to win the jackpot, you should stake high amounts.  The humble payouts the game offers will help you and make you profits. If you bet using a minimum amount but end up matching a winning combination across all paylines, it becomes more of a massive profit than a usual cash prize.

 by Carlo Menotti
This game is terrific

This game is terrific, especially when offering customer assistance and awarding instant payment whenever you win a bet. The developers are professional, and we give them credit for the work that they have done in developing this slot.

 by Spark Stewarts
The jackpot is the best in tips

It is necessary to go out there and catch player attention since it offers plenty of rewards and good payouts. The jackpot is the best in tips, offering a whopping payout of $3000.

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