Wilderness Wins

Start on the wilderness adventures with big bonuses and amazing rewards

Wilderness Wins Slot Game

The Wilderness Wins slot game has a return-to-player value of 95.87%, and it offers fifty-seven paylines and five reels to choose from at any moment. The slot will provide you with free spins and bonus rounds where the chances of winning will increase significantly. This review elaborates more on the features and payout options that the gamers will enjoy once they join the account.

Wilderness Wins Slot Game Review

Wilderness Wins Details

Wilderness Wins has incredible payouts in the regular game, and it offers numerous bonuses that help shape the game and grant you plenty of rewards. Since the slot game has fifty-seven paylines,  it is necessary to stake on all of them using the lowest betting amount, but if you can afford to risk a significantly higher amount, the better. The slot has five reels containing different symbols, including wild animals like bears, tigers, and Lions. You’ll also find a wild sheep and animal paw symbol, plus various card icons. 

The highest-paying symbol is the tiger, which earns you £150 or multiplier 5x your stake amount. The emblem that comes second in the payout is the bear who offers you €100, and the sheep icon comes third, showing your €70. The minimum amount you need for spinning the reels is € 0.5, while the maximum payment across the revolution is €50. Dragon Gaming is the provider of this float, and they made a release of the game in 2015. You'll receive plenty of bonuses such as free spins and bonus rounds when you make three or more matches of any symbols. The card icons have the lowest pay, but they may serve you well to secure wins.

How to Play Wilderness Wins Gaming Slot

You begin the game by selecting the active paylines and making sure that you stake on all of them to increase your chances of winning a bet. The game allows five active paylines during the first spins, and gambling on all five lines is crucial as one of them may have an accurate combination that will give you a win. The low-paying symbols are their card icons, and this icon tends to appear several times across the reel; It is, therefore, crucial to select them during the first spin rounds. The card icons mainly grant you extra spins, which may be beneficial to earn multipliers or cash rewards. Once you choose your symbols and adjust your paylines, you may now spin the reels and wait for the outcome.

RTP and Variance

Wilderness Wins has a 95.87% return to player value and medium variance, perfect for giving out a standard gameplay and reward system. Players can either win or lose at an almost equal rate, but they can maximize their wings using free spin bonuses.


The slot has a medium volatility rating, meaning landing a winning combination is never challenging. You only need two make several spins to ensure that you win a bet. Therefore, staying on all the lines is advisable for all gamers participating in this slot.

Bonus Features

The significant bonuses are the free spins which enable you to attract other perks such as credit rewards and multipliers. The game offers a re-spin feature that you activate by making many wins. The re-spin allows you another chance to spin the reels after your first rounds of free spins are complete. If, for example, you were awarded twenty free spins during the first round of the game, then the re-spin will give you another round of the 20 bonus spins. 

You may also receive a scatter bonus by matching three scatter icons on any actual position. The bear is the spread in this game, and its task is to displace the least paying symbols with those that pay highly.

Themes and Graphics

The basic theme of the game is wilderness adventures that we see through the symbols that appear in the background and on the reels. We see a beautiful image in the background, which amplifies this theme. The design here is that the wild animals appear on the reels alongside the card symbols. These symbols interchange from one space to another, and when you spin the reels, you accelerate these movements, and you end up making winning or losing combination. 

The images are in 3D, and the card icons have different colors such as red, blue, and green, which helps identify. The slot has music songs that play in the background, and they depict the sounds of nature, such as bird songs; this music offers energetic melodies which is motivating enough to keep you going. The theme of nature comes into focus by displaying mountains, rivers, and savanna grasslands, a suitable habitation for the various animals on the reels.


This game offers you a chance to check out the savanna grasslands with its impressive landscape where there are wild trees, massive hills, and plenty of wild animals which interact with card icons. If making the most of this slot is your desire, you need to stake on all the lines to ensure you win the game. The game developers have done an excellent job, and they should increase more features and bonus rounds as this will trigger plenty of winning chances for gamers to enjoy. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the game offer bonuses?
You receive many bonuses as you progress with the game; therefore, you need to make accurate combinations by matching symbols on a reel. The cards will award you free spins when you check three-card icons on any real. A bonus round will set in when you match five bear icons on the first reel, while multipliers are awarded by any high-paying symbols when you place a winning combination on an active payline.
2Can I play Wilderness Wins Slot for free?
You can play Wilderness Wins for free through the demo icon, right in front of the slot's interface. The demo is responsible for helping you gain experience to participate in the actual game more quickly. The accurate match requires staking for you to spin the reels, but you earn cash when you win a bet. You need to ensure that you are of legal age before you sign up for an account so that you may access the free play option.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The maximum pay for the basic game is 150 coins, while the minimum value for payout is ten coins. You must stake all the active paylines with the highest amount to attain the maximum payout. The minimum payout requires betting with the lowest possible wager across all paylines.
4Can I play Wilderness Wins using a mobile phone?
Your smartphone may come in handy if you do not have a computer, laptop or tablet. The only requirements are a sound internet system and a suitable device for logging in to your account.

Wilderness Wins Slot Review

Wilderness Wins Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Janay Brainy
The space is impressive

I like the grand design of the slot and how the images align themselves in the background. The space is impressive in offering bonus rewards, and I would recommend it to players out there.

 by Hansel Sandy
I've had a fantastic journey

I've had a fantastic journey while participating in this game, and I can only urge players to continue staking without losing focus as they may win the jackpot bonus. We expect more from this slot, and we hope that the game development sees into the player requests in rewarding more cash rewards to gamers.

 by Dario Carle
Much was said about this slot

Much was said about this slot, but we can only sit down and wait for the game to start to verify the claims. The operators have put forth these features, and the gamers who play can attest to this fact. In cr, and you can only give them credits.

 by Sunny Percy
It offers you an excellent opportunity

You can never stop playing this game once you begin staking. Nevertheless, it offers you an excellent opportunity to earn maximum cash in the jackpot bonus draw. You should check out this slot in the Play Store or browse it online and make sure that they register for an account.

 by Terry Blue
It will assist if you check

It will assist if you check on your choice of symbols; you want to make a winning combination in this slot. I am glad that the game’s volatility is medium, but any mistakes may cost you dearly.

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