Winter Fest

Get in a classical game that operates on a wheel of fortune ready to give wins

Winter Fest Slot Game

The Winter Fest slot is a classical game that operates on a wheel of fortune, where gamers have to spin the wheel to land a winning bet. The game has one payline option, which is adjustable, and as we shall see in this review, there are plenty of bonuses that you will find appealing when you play the game.

Winter Fest Slot Game Review

Winter Fest Details

The Winter Fest slot game is a creation of Playtech gaming company, and the company made its release late last year in 2021. The game has a wheel of fortune feature with several icons on each space. There are different number icons such as 2, 5, 1, 7, and 10, alongside encrypted icons such as the wonderspins icon, Christmas tree, and the magic dice. These icons have different attributes, with some awarding free spin bonuses, others multipliers, while the main ones offer cash rewards.

When you land on the wonderspins icon as you spin the reels, you get to unlock eight extra spins that will propel you towards a higher price. The numbers will give you cash rewards or multipliers depending on the number of icons that land in the reels. Using the autoplay bonus feature for this game is quite beneficial as it provides numerous spins that could help you win.

How to Play Winter Fest Slot Game 

You can only play the Winter Fest game on the real earning mode since the free play is unavailable. You begin by setting your wagers to the maximum or minimum points, and then you press okay. The minimum amount you need to make a spin is one credit coin or a maximum of 125 credits. You may also opt to stake in cash, where a minimum of $0.20 or a maximum of $ 125 is the amount you need to take a spin.

The paytable is a critical aspect to consider whenever you want to make a correct prediction. The game has several icons to choose from, and each has a different rate of appearing on the reels. When you select a symbol and spin the wheel, it is essential to take note of where the wheel lands so that you estimate the following outcome more accurately. There are three betting options for this game, and you may either place a single bet, a double bet, or a multiple bet whenever you want to spin the wheel. 

The single best option will require you to choose one symbol that you speculate about appearing on the reel spaces, while in the double bet, you select the same symbol, but your bet amount doubles when you make a win. However, you will need to make a double stake in the dual bet option, while the multi-bet requires that you predict the outcome of more than one symbol in a single spin. 

RTP and Variance

This game has a medium variance and a return to the player value of 96.98%, and these attributes are great for maintaining standard payouts.


Winter Fest gaming slot has a high volatility rating, requiring several spin rounds to win. However, you may be lucky enough to win several times, especially when you unlock the autoplay bonus feature.

Bonus Features

The main bonus feature is the credit rewards you earn when you land any high-paying symbol on the wheel. You spin the wheel of fortune after making your selection of icons, and then you wait for the outcome. Some icons will only add more spins, while others grant you credit or cash rewards. You activate a free spin feature by making three consecutive landings of the snowball or card icons.

All new gamers receive a welcome bonus when they join the slot for the first time and make a deposit. The bonus reward goes for $100, and it is excellent if you use this amount to make other successive stakes. You will activate the autoplay feature by winning severally since your wins prompt the element to appear. The autoplay rewards you with 1000 free spins that generate automatically.

Credit rewards are the main bonuses alongside multipliers, and your credit scores determine the amount of cash you will get after conversion. The credit score icon sits on the right side of the spin button, and you will see it rise significantly with each number of wins. You may convert these points into cash once they reach a certain minimum. The game does not include wild or scatter bonuses, but you will earn considerably through regular multipliers, which you get by landing any single icon four times on the wheel.

Themes and Graphics

The prominent theme in this slot is celebrating a festival season that happens during winter. This event is most likely Christmas since other symbols that appear on the reels apart from the number icons include a Christmas tree, jingle bells, and a lot more. The only exception in this game is that the Santa icon is not present in the reels as much as the game has a festive theme. However, the game has its gifts in cash prizes and multipliers.

The slot operates on top-notch graphics, which allows a clear image display and the ability to make a correct judgment when choosing the reels. The symbols are in 2D, and they appear on the reels in the form of a wheel of fortune. The wheel of fortune is another theme that operates on this slot since the game dwells on spinning the wheel to make a win. You will hear classical music playing in the background, which offers smooth entertainment as you proceed with the game.


The game has a sound payout system which most gamers find amazing. You will see the game's many features and other bonus rewards when joining the slot. The Winter Fest slot seems to be a perfect game for the festive season since it ushers in the Christmas atmosphere. You will enjoy watching the symbols make turns on the reels to reveal a winning combination, and you may be one of the lucky winners. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the game offer bonuses?
The game includes several bonuses which add more taste to the game, and they have free spin bonuses, autoplay bonuses, a welcome bonus for new members, and primary credit rewards. These rewards help you improve your winning possibilities and make it possible to win severally within a single game. The autoplay feature for this game is not fixed but will appear on the screen due to the number of wins you have made. The welcome bonus for new members is another piece of reward that goes a long way to ensuring customers win during their first round of spin.
2Can I play Winter Fest for free?
Unfortunately, the Winter Fest game has not yet made a launch for the demo category of play. That statement implies that you cannot play the game for free; therefore, you will need to stake to spin the reels.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum payout for this game is a cash reward of $5 when you bet with a minimum stake. You may also receive 2x your bet amount across the active paylines. The highest possible income that a player will earn for a single spin is $10,000 in the regular game or a multiplier of 200x your bet amount.
4Can I play Winter Fest using a mobile phone?
You can play this game using your mobile device since the game has a JS software system compatible with smartphone devices. A laptop or a tablet will also come in handy when playing the game.

Winter Fest Slot Review

Winter Fest Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Andy Packer
I can talk more about this slot

The Winter Fest is the perfect game to play whenever you need quick cash from a betting game. I made a big win a few days ago, and I can boast of the returns I received after making another spin. I can talk more about this slot, but I will summarize by saying that gamers who haven't yet signed for an account to do so.

 by Dolton Brew
This slot is a great masterpiece

This slot is a great masterpiece. Playtech has done an excellent job creating a slot with a standard payout system.

 by Carman Spence
I still win in the basic game

It's a pity that you can't play the game for free; nevertheless, it's a good thing that I still win in the basic game. Gamers should not shy away from joining the slot because of the stakes since you only need $0.50 to spin the reels.

 by Vanny Dollar
I have chosen to join the slot

I have chosen to join the slot and try my luck. I have an inkling that the game will reward me well upon landing a winning bet. I hope I don't end up disappointed when I join the slot.

 by Morrison Bainly
Gamers should consider this slot

Gamers should consider this slot to earn a lot with just a tiny amount. I was surprised to hit $50, having staked with only $3. This slot is my favorite when it comes to rewarding big.

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