Witch House

Play an enchanting game that offers several winning opportunities

Witch House Slot Game

Witch House is a five-reel slot that contains many magical symbols, as you will observe them on the reels. The slot has ten payline options, which you cannot adjust, but they offer you big multiplier bonuses when you make a winning combo on an active payline. This review will highlight some of the features that the slot embodies.

Witch House Slot Game Review

Witch House Details

The Witch House is an enchanting slot game that offers several winning opportunities through the powerful combination of matching symbols. The game features the witch, the main character, alongside her assistant, the black cat. The witch conducts several experiments to create a love portion and other necessities. There are different tools to aid her in her studies, and they include; a magical book, the love spell, a broomstick, a carpet, a jar of herbs and a pack of card icons.

The game has ten fixed paylines and five reels to choose from, with a minimum stake requirement of $0.25 per line. You may choose to adjust your paylines to a maximum of $150 per line using the wager icon just below the reels. The game has many bonuses that range from free spins to credit rewards in the jackpot draw, and these are the essential requirements to winning a bet. The game has an advantage in that you may win any of these bonuses when you make a matching combo of three or more icons in any reel position.

How to Play Witch House Slot Game

You begin the game by first identifying yourself with the symbols on the reels. You can check more details concerning the characters on the paytable section below the reels. The highest paying symbol is the witch, and this symbol awards you a cash price of 100x your bet amount when you match five of a kind in a single reel. The second icon in the paytable is the magical book, which awards you 7ox your bet amount when you match five of a kind on the first reel. The other remaining symbols will grant you a 50x multiplier bonus except for the card icons with the lowest payouts.

You observe that the game centers on the witch's experiments, which should hint at what ingredients she will use to make a powerful portion. With this knowledge in mind, you should select icons to make a portion. You will do this task by keeping an eye on the symbols that appear on the reels, as this will help you determine what may follow. After selecting all the available paylines and your symbols of preference, you can now hit the spin button and watch if you made the correct determination.

RTP and Variance

The RTP value for this game is 93.45%, which is relatively low. However, the game has a medium variance, which means you may win or lose at an almost equal rate.


The slot has a high volatility rating, which implies that you may make several spins to make a winning combination. 

Bonus Features

The magical book bonus is the main feature in this game, as it awards you multiplier rewards, free spins, and credit bonuses. You activate this bonus by matching five magical book icons on the first and third reel. This feature awards you twenty free spins and a multiplier bonus of 70x your bet amount. You may also activate a free spin bonus feature by matching four or more card icons across the second reel. The maximum number of spins that this feature rewards you are thirty free rounds. 

The wild in this game is the flying broom, which can transform other icons in the reels except the witch scatter. The wild awards you a cash reward when you match three of them on the central reel. The jackpot has high-value bonuses, as it may grant you up to 100,000 credit coins in the jackpot game, and if you use the autoplay icon in this draw, you are likely to win.

Themes and Graphics

In the background, you will see a dull image of what seems to be the cottage of the witch. On the roof is a black cat, and it has glowing eyes, which are part of the graphical design to draw more appeal to the game. These images have a high-quality resolution where you can clearly define them, and the same applies to the symbols on the reels. Customization features will enable you to adjust your wagers and paylines. 

At the bottom of the screen is the spin button highlighted in yellow encryption, and this is the icon you should click when you finally decide to place a bet. If you want to change the interface's color, the game's brightness or the music volume, you can click on the settings icon at the furthest bottom of the screen. The musical tune you hear in the background is the classical tunes of violins and pianos, offering you entertainment as you progress with the game. When it comes to the themes, magic and mystery are the main emphases, and we see this through the variety of symbols that portray this art.


The Witch House gaming slot is one of the best online casinos, as it has gained a significant audience within a short period after its launch thanks to Amigo Gaming. The game portrays a magical theme, and we can see the number of esoteric symbols that pay highly appearing on many reel spaces. This layout is beneficial in boosting your winning odds, making it easy for you to land a win. You can try out this game by opening an account with the slot and checking out the fantastic payouts and bonus features that are on offer. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the game offer bonuses?
There are plenty of bonuses in the Witch House gaming slot. The wild symbol will trigger the wild multiplier bonus, which awards you multiple free spins and multiplier cash rewards. There is the magical book bonus which triggers free spins and credit rewards. The jackpot is another feature that you will activate by making several wins in the basic game. These features are only a few that we have highlighted, but you will see many more when you join the slot.
2Can I play the Witch House slot for free?
You can play the Witch House slot for free with good internet access. You will see the free play icon when you log in to your account, and you can locate it just above the reels.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
You get to earn 2x your bet amount as the least possible payout when you match three low paying symbols in a single reel. In estimation, this figure will amount to $5 if you stake with the lowest amount of cash in all active paylines. You earn a maximum payout of $5,000 when you gamble with the highest amount in all active paylines.
4Can I play Witch House using a mobile phone?
You can play this game on your android phone. The game has standard HTML5 software that operates well on your mobile phone. Therefore, you may play the game online through the internet or download it to your phone.

Witch House Slot Review

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Grisly Tomson
I like slots that give me these mixed feelings

I like how the slot depicts the witch's character. It brings out a spooky vibe that is both entertaining and scary. I like slots that give me these mixed feelings, and for that reason, I think the Witch House is the best so far.

 by Tammy Joanna
The space is open for registration

The Witch House gaming slot is the perfect example of art in entertainment. I can relate to how the symbols portray the dark arts about the storyline. The space is open for registration, and you should check it out.

 by Simpson Melvin
This slot is worth my time

As much as the slot is entertaining, it is also fascinating. I am a student of the magical arts, and I can relate to the symbols that appear on the reels and how they apply to the game. This slot is worth my time, and I can bet on it at any time.

 by Alex Troy
I must say it has benefited me

The game has an excellent depiction of magic and the art of witchcraft, which is an essential topic in modern-day studies. I play the game occasionally, and I must say it has benefited me.

 by Herman Brown
You may check the game

The Witch House is a slot full of drama and comedy, and gamers will find entertainment as they participate in the game. You may check the game on your play store or play it online.

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