World Cup

Watch as the teams battle for the big win and hear the fans living the game

World Cup Slot Game

With as many as thirty-two teams competing with each other, you can win yourself plenty of cash: the game awards your multiplier bonuses and other bonus rewards, which add value to your betting experience. More details about the slot shall be the highlight of this review.

World Cup Slot Game Review

World Cup Details

The game has seven reels, each containing symbols, and the layout is in five rows. You have a hundred payline options to choose from, and the more the number of paylines you stake on, the higher your chances of winning a bet. Aside from the many teams, you may choose for gambling, there are several playing formations you can choose, which also have different pay values. The slot game offers a football simulation game which you can see just above the reels, and this game shows you how the match is ongoing as you await the outcome. 

To watch this game, you need to pay a fee of 20 coins for every single spin. However, you may choose not to include this feature and opt for the ordinary play where the slot excludes this price. The minimum stake that the slot requires to make a spin is 0.01 credits, which you may upgrade in the minimum range of 0.20 to 1 credit. The maximum coin value you need to make a spin is 20 credits, and this amount may bring you a huge reward when you stake on all active paylines.

How to Play World Cup Slot Game

The game begins as soon as you adjust your minimum or maximum value wagers. The game has adjustable paylines, and you can therefore make your winning combos or use the ones the slot provides. You may earn quite a lot in each match since all the symbols award you a multiplier bonus. Some of the characters with the highest payouts include; cup, kit, hat, stadium, and referee cards.  

The maximum multiplier factor is 500x your stake amount in the regular game, and you may earn this payout when you match seven gold cups. Card symbols such as A, Q, K, and ten are the least-paying icons. The cards give you a cash price of between 2x to 50x your winning bets, but they mainly grant you free spins. The special icon in this game is the wild ball, which transforms the symbols in the reels into wilds, thereby giving you multipliers. 

This wild symbol also maintains its central position in the reels, and when a soccer player appears on the reels during a spin, a re-spin feature activates. You may choose to make a multiple bet by choosing several categories of symbols to appear on the reels or a single wager for only one variety. For example, you can place a bet on the players, formations, teams or regular symbols to appear on either reel as a multiple bet. You only pick one category of characters for the single chance to make a gamble. 

RTP and Variance

The World Cup slot has an RTP value of 95.44% and has a medium variance. With this RTP value and variance, you can make a winning bet with only a few spins if you are lucky. 


The slot has high volatility, making enormous wins, especially in the jackpot game. The downside of a highly volatile game is that it is difficult to match some symbols on the reels. 

Bonus Features

The regular game's significant bonuses are the re-spins, the wild bonus features, and multipliers. The jackpot game has the highest rewards, which awards you a maximum multiplier of 50,000x your bet amount. You activate the jackpot bonus by matching five golden cup symbols on two consecutive reels. However, you will need to make a winning combination of seven golden cup icons for you to win the ultimate jackpot draw. 

You earn multiplier bonuses for every win that comes during the game. When you match three icons on a single reel, you gain from 2x to 500x your bet amount. The wild bonus is one of the highest paying features, as you may earn up to 200x your bet amount when you match five wild ball symbols on a single reel. The fantastic feature will also trigger a re-spin bonus when you land any player icon on the reels while the wild is still in its central position. 

Themes and Graphics

The theme of football is the main highlight in this game, and we see this right from the slot's name. The reels' football teams, formations, and symbols are significant indications of this theme. The reels have a design that depicts a football field, and you will see a stadium fully packed with spectators behind the reels. The images have a high-quality color annotation that makes it easy for gamers to identify them.

In the background, you will hear spectators cheering as you proceed with the game. There are commentators too, and you can adjust their voices and other sounds in the slot. You may watch as the teams battle it out in the grand scheme of things, and this is part of the design to make the game livelier. Other features that come into play are the customization icons, which will allow you to navigate the slot more easily. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.


The World Cup gaming slot is one of the best slots with a football theme, as it showcases all the properties that pertain to a football match. You will see several symbols with a 3D layout occupying the reels, making the game more appealing thanks to Mobilots. The game's features, such as the simulation of football matches, are entertaining and add more points to this game amongst many other slots.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the game offer bonuses?
The game awards you plenty of bonuses that will increase your chances of winning a bet. These bonuses are free spins, re-spins, multipliers, wild, and jackpot rewards. When you make several wins, you may earn a significant number of extra credits. You only need to make a winning combination of three or more symbols for you to trigger a bonus.
2Can I play the World Cup slot for free?
You can play the World Cup slot for free by accessing it on the demo. The demo, also known as the demonstration option, allows you to play a play freely as a way to sharpen your betting skills.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum amount payable to a gamer who makes a winning combination is a 2x multiplier for both the regular game and the jackpot draw. The highest payment value in the regular game is a multiplier factor of 500x your winning bet value. The jackpot will give you a high reward of 50,000x your stake amount, and this value is progressive for the next jackpot wins.
4Can I play the World Cup gaming slot using a mobile phone?
You can play the World Cup gaming slot using your mobile device, but your laptop or tablet may be better. The reason is that the slot has an above-average software system that is of a slightly higher capacity and will function well when your device has a good space.

World Cup Slot Review

World Cup Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Mikel Simons
Play this game with strategy

You can only see much profit if you play this game with strategy, which means having background football knowledge. I am glad that the developers made a football-themed slot that offers premium payments like the World Cup slot.

 by Tucker Berry
This slot has a reliable operating system

This slot has a reliable operating system, and we see this by playing the game on a mobile device without internet buffering.

 by Yvonne Gina
I like how the images are colorful

The best thing about playing this game is that you may win severely. I like how the images are colorful, just like those we see on the TV during a football match.

 by Hannington Patrick
The game depicts what it takes to win

The game depicts what it takes to win a football match. It would be best if you had good formation and strategy to win any football match, and these are some of the highlights of the game.

 by Frank Ceaser
You hear fans cheering

Any symbol may give you a good bonus reward, and it is fantastic to make a winning combination in the World Cup game. You hear fans cheering and commentators expressing their views relentlessly, and these are the fine ingredients for providing a cinematic feeling while playing this game.

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