Supreme 777 Blackjack

Supreme 777 Blackjack

Quick Overview of the Game

Supreme 777 Blackjack is an online game developed by Betsoft. It is an exciting, mobile-friendly game with an impressive interface and wide betting range. If you miss the traditional blackjack on the casino table and want a similar experience from the comfort of your home, you should play this game.

The Supreme 777 Jackpots online is easy to play, but first-timers still need to learn the game’s rules. In this review, you will learn how to play the best online casino game. You will also find details about the game graphics, RTP, variance, characteristics, betting range, gameplay, and gaming tips.

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How to Play Supreme 777 Blackjack

The fastest way to learn to play Supreme 777 Blackjack is to start with the demo game. Allow the game to load, and pick your betting amount per hand. You can also decide to play up to three hands at once. Click on the large button in the middle of the control panel to start the game. You hit a blackjack when the value of your first two cards is twenty-one.

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In Supreme 777 Jackpots, you are playing against the dealer, not against any other player. After you load the game and the dealer shares the cards, you aim to get a value of 21, or as close to 21 as possible. You only have a blackjack in the round when you reach 21 after the second card is revealed. If your value is above 21, you lose the game.

The dealer deals with a six-deck park. There are three possible jackpots you can hit in the game: minor, major, and grand. It all depends on the combination of cards you get after dealing. The higher the value of the cards, the higher your possible reward.

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Bet Sizes & House Edge

The minimum bet per game in Supreme 777 Jackpots is $1, and the maximum is $500. This wide betting range makes it ideal for budget players and high rollers. Since the RTP of the game is 97.86%, the house edge is %2.14, which is well above the average for online blackjack.


The amount you get when you win depends on your initial bet. Larger bets attract potentially higher rewards. The value of the cards also influences the payout.

Player’s Cards Payouts
Blackjack 3:2
Win 1:1
Any of the first two cards is 7s 1:1
First two cards are 7s 5:1
First three cards are 7s (mixed) 100:1
First three cards are 7s (same colors) 100% of minor jackpot
First three cards are 7s (suited clubs) 100% of the major


First three cards are 7s (spades) 100% of the grand jackpot
First two cards are same value pairs (red/black suit) 5:1
First two cards are the same value and color 12:1
First two cards are the same value, color, and suit 25:1

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Supreme 777 Jackpots Tips

Like most online casino games, your chances of winning in Supreme 777 Jackpots depend primarily on luck. However, some tips can make things better:

  • Master the game with the demo first
  • Go for all three hands per deal instead of just one
  • Opt for smaller bets for more frequent games
  • Learn and understand the rules of the game before playing

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Supreme 777 Blackjack FAQs

Is Supreme 777 Jackpots mobile-friendly?

Yes, this is a mobile-friendly game you can play with your smartphone or tablet. The screen will adjust to fit your mobile screen accordingly.

Can I play Supreme 777 Jackpots for free?

Yes, you can play Supreme 777 Jackpots for free if you opt for the demo game. Remember that demo games are for fun and don't pay real money.

How much do I need to play Supreme 777 Jackpots?

You can play Supreme 777 Jackpots for free. However, for real-money jackpots, you need to bet at least $1.

Play Supreme 777 Jackpots Now!

In the world of online blackjack, Supreme 777 Jackpots by Betsoft emerges as an appealing blend of traditional gameplay and modern online convenience. With an RTP that stands competitive in the market, it offers a promising draw for both cautious players and those willing to bet big. The game’s mobile-friendly design ensures that the classic blackjack experience is readily accessible, while the inclusion of the three-tier jackpot system adds an extra layer of excitement and potential reward.

For enthusiasts and newcomers alike, Supreme 777 Jackpots serves as more than just a game; it’s a virtual stage for strategy, chance, and the pursuit of that ever-elusive perfect 21. The careful balance of skill, luck, and strategic betting in Supreme 777 Jackpots makes it a standout option for anyone looking to indulge in the age-old pleasures of blackjack from anywhere at any time.

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