Legend of the Nile Progressive Slot

Legend of the Nile Progressive Slot

Quick Overview of the Game

Betsoft has created some genuinely awesome progressive slots in the past. And without question, the Legend of the Nile Progressive Slot deserves such a title, too. Here, you take a trip down the famous Nile River into the heart of Ancient Egypt. However, you won’t find this trip advertised on any tourist map, for reasons this Legend of the Nile Slot Review soon reveals.

That’s because your trip takes you to a magical part of this ancient kingdom. It’s a land where outrageous jackpots, exploding wins, and terrific bonuses dominate the landscape, and it’s all available to you now.

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How to Play the Legend of the Nile Progressive Slot

Although plenty is going on in the Legend of the Nile Progressive Slot, you won’t be overwhelmed when you break down the requirements to turn the reels. In true Betsoft style, you can control the coin size and bet level before initiating a spin here – something seen with other Betsoft classics.

Of course, this combination sets up your total bet per spin, and that’s where the magic of the Legend of the Nile Progressive Slot truly begins.

Check out the full gaming mechanics via the “?” icon.

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Legend of the Nile Progressive Slot RTP and Variance

Typically, progressive slots are more turbulent than other forms in this category. This certainly shines through here, too, as this one has a high variance and an RTP of 95.62%.

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Symbols and Gameplay

Betsoft is renowned for striking visuals, and they’ve stayed true to form once again in the Legend of the Nile Progressive Slot. Set against a beautiful Egyptian oasis, you’ve got animated symbols like scarabs, pharaohs, ankhs, and other Egyptian-themed icons surging through the grid at all times.

And when bursts of light accompany winning spins while adding to the multiplier meters next to the grid, it’s impossible not to be excited!

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The minimum bet is pretty low for a progressive jackpot game at $0.30. But for those who wish to land the highest prizes here, you can increase this to $125.

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Symbol 4 on a Payline 5 on a Payline 6 on a Payline 7 on a Payline 8 on a Payline 9 on a Payline 10-19 on a Payline 20+ on a Payline
River 50 75 150 250 375 500 750 1500
Plants 75 150 250 375 500 750 1000 2250
Bird 75 150 250 375 500 750 1000 2250
Ankh 100 200 375 500 750 1000 3000 7500
Eye of Horus 100 200 375 500 750 1000 3000 7500
Scarab 200 300 500 1000 1500 2000 5000 15000
Pharaoh 200 300 500 1000 1500 2000 5000 15000
Pyramid Wild 250 350 600 1250 2000 2500 7500 30000


Legend of the Nile Progressive Slot Bonus Features

If you thought the immense jackpot was the only star of the show in the Legend of the Nile Slot Game, we have good news. Not only does this real money online casino game boast cluster pay mechanics and exploding wins, but it has multiple unlockables too. Specifically, these relate to the Anubis and Isis Trails, leading to significant multipliers and free games.

Yet, there’s also the Ra Power Bar, which fills to produce another set of free games and gives you a shot of sinking that legendary prize!

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Legend of the Nile Progressive Slot FAQs

How do the payouts work concerning the cluster pay mechanics?

All winning symbols get replaced by fresh ones through cluster pays mechanics, which continues until no additional wins drop in.

What is the most I can win in a single spin?

You can win as much as 89,816x your stake in a single spin here.

How do I win the progressive jackpot prize?

This can be won through the free games bonus while maximizing the ‘Ra Power Bar,’ which results in cumulative wins.


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