Casino Baccarat Games: A History

Casino Baccarat Games: A History

Amid casino games and cards, Baccarat emerged as a thrilling table game, bringing more excitement to the realm of casinos. Before fame, Baccarat started as a card game that some wealthy nerds used to pass the time. Today, it stands as a renowned table game globally, boasting a player-favorable house edge that offers real money wins.

Aside from the game’s widespread fame, the fact that the baccarat casino has been around for over five centuries is fascinating. And over the centuries, it has evolved and now boasts other popular global variants. In today’s casino news, we will look at the rich history of Baccarat.

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Origin of The Baccarat Casino Game

The origin of iconic Baccarat casino card game dates back to the 15th century, in Italy. A man named Felix Falguiere is said to be the brain behind the ‘baccara’ name before it found its way into France and was eventually changed to the commonly used Baccarat.  The game’s name was coined from the Italian word ‘baccara,’ which meant ‘zero.’ Weird, isn’t it? Well, back then, tens and face cards held no value. Also, in Baccara, a total of four players played the game and assumed the role of the banker as well.

Historical records show that those returning soldiers from Italy introduced this card game to the folks in France. Over time, it underwent some fancy transformations and turned into two popular French versions: Baccarat en Banque, a game for three players, and Chemin de Fer, a two-player showdown. What’s fascinating is that despite its ancient origins, the first documented mention of a baccarat casino didn’t pop up until 1847, thanks to Charles Van-Tenac in the Album des Jeux, a mathematical analysis of Baccara.

The word ‘Baccarat’ debuted in an English-speaking country in January 1886 when it landed in the Daily Telegraph newspaper in the UK. But that early version of baccarat differs from the one we know today.

In the early days of the baccarat casino game, there were four dealers in the mix, players took turns being the bankers, and you could bet against other players or even the house. But fast forward to today, and it’s much more straightforward – a single dealer runs the show, and most bets are against the house, which also plays the role of the banker.

Baccarat in the World

Gambling was illegal on the arrival of baccarat in the USA around 1911. Historical evidence, including a New York Times article from 1871, suggests an earlier presence of the activity. In the mid-20th century, Francis “Tommy” Renzoni introduced “Punto Banco”, a baccarat version that casino enthusiasts welcomed with open arms.

In Asia, baccarat is seen to have been strongly influenced by the Pai Gow game of the Chinese Song Dynasty, with both sharing similar traits.

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Modern Baccarat Casino Games

Playing virtual baccarat is a breeze – it follows the same rules as the traditional baccarat casino game but with added convenience. Here is how the baccarat betting system works in the modern era.

You’ve got three choices: bet on the player, bet on the banker, or bet on a tie. The banker represents the dealer’s side. Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Tens have zero value in baccarat, while Aces are worth one point. All numbered cards except ten—i.e., 1-9 from the 52 factorial carry their actual numerals.

Each player and banker gets dealt two cards face up. The goal is to get as close to nine as possible with the cards you’ve wagered on. But here’s the twist to the game: 10 means zero, hitting 11 means One, 12 means 2, and it goes on till the score is only the last digit.

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Tale Behind the Rule of Baccarat Casino

The gameplay origins are linked to an ancient legend tale involving an Etruscan virgin, a nine-sided die, and her destiny. If she rolled an 8 or 9, she got to be a priestess; 6 or 7 meant she could live but couldn’t partake in religious rituals, and anything lower than that led to her getting banished. This eerie tale inspired the original rules of baccarat.

Final Thoughts

The baccarat online casino game is straightforward and winning depends mainly on luck, unlike some casino games that require gameplay strategies, like poker. However, it’s important to know the difference in card games’ rules if you want to learn how to beat baccarat.

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