Play With the Best Blackjack Hand

Play With the Best Blackjack Hand

Blackjack is one of the best online table games; easy to learn, with a good payout. However, a bit of skill is needed during gameplay since its gameplay is fast. Players who can tell the difference between their holdings and strengths will have a better time with the game. And learning to tell if you have the best hand in blackjack is a step toward having a great gaming experience.

In today’s casino news, we will explain the best hand in blackjack, but before then, let’s recall some of the game’s basics.

Best Hand in Blackjack: Blackjack’s Hand Flow

Blackjack’s gameplay online starts with the dealer giving each player two cards face up. The dealer himself takes two cards. However, he only reveals one card. Each player is then allowed to take action. Players can hit, stand, split, double down, or fold based on the cards in their hands. Regardless of any action taken, the goal is to get a hand total of 21 or close enough to be higher than the dealer, without exceeding 21. The closer the hand total, the better the chances of winning.

Once all players stand, the dealer reveals his card. He can then decide to take more cards or stand. A winner emerges after taking all actions possible, and wagers are awarded. This is obtainable in most blackjack variations, including Blackjack Deluxe, American Blackjack, and many more.

In blackjack, the value of the cards you are given determines your odds of winning. The better your hand, the higher your chances. Let’s look at the best blackjack hand you can get.

The Best Hand in Blackjack

21 (Blackjack)

A natural 21 is the best hand in blackjack. If a player gets a natural 21 while playing, the house will pay him 3:2, or 1.5 times his bet. A player needs an ace with a value of 11 and a high card. These high cards are either King, Queen, Jack, or 10, which are 10-value cards. It is an unbeatable hand that can only draw or win. However, the odds of winning blackjack with this hand are only 4.75%.

Soft 20

The soft 20 is the next best hand in blackjack. It is the combination of an Ace and a 9-value card. It’s a soft 20 because you can decide to count the ace card as a one and ask for more cards in an attempt to get a blackjack. However, most players leave it at that. This is because a soft 20 on two cards gives the player 0.7918 of their original wager back. In other words, you can win $79.18 for every $100 bet over the long run.

Hard 20

The next best hand in blackjack is a combination of two 10-value cards called hard 20. It is said to be “hard 20” because there is nothing much you can do to get closer to 21. Asking for more cards would mean you’re sure you’ll get a one or burst. However, you can split in a bid to get 21. A hard 20, however, is worth 0.7918 times the player’s initial wager. You’ll make $79.18 for every $100 bet in the long run.

Since we’ve seen the best hands, it’s good to at least know the worst hand you can have as a player on the table.

Worst Blackjack Hand Which You Should Avoid

The 16 VS 10

A player’s worst possible opening hand is 16 against the dealer’s up card of 10. This card has a negative expectation of -0.5398%, which means you will lose $53.98 for every $100 bet over the long run. Arguably, the worst feeling you can get on a blackjack table comes with having this hand. However, studying a blackjack strategy chart can go a long way in teaching you how to handle bad hands like this.

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Final Thoughts

Blackjack offers the most incredible odds at the casino, typically with a house edge of 0.5%. If you want to improve your odds, you must master the fundamentals. Knowing the best blackjack hand will help you play more strategically. It will also help if you study a blackjack guide to memorize other blackjack hands with hand charts.

Learn more about blackjack and other interesting topics like the 52 factorial, next time you visit our casino games and guides.

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