No House Advantage: Does the House Always Win?

No House Advantage: Does the House Always Win?

One of the major catchphrases that is often said by players whenever they lose their bet is “The house always wins.” That means that casinos are designed to profit at all times. Over the years, casinos have not denied having an edge in any game provided, including popular games such as poker. They call it “House Advantage,” which varies from game to game. Also, it is mathematically determined. However, there has been a new trend of advertisements of some games stating that there is no house advantage. But is this true or even possible at all? Let’s find out. In today’s casino news, we will explain all about the house advantage.

No House Advantage: Wanting to Break Free From It

No house advantage means no cut percentages for casinos on their provided casino games. This practice, though, is rare in any legal platform because operating a casino is also business. So, if a player chooses to play the popular Ultimate Texas Hold ’em game and the casinos say the set house advantage is 2.19%, it simply means that as you expect the return of your wager, 2.19 percent of it belongs to the house. But if the casino says “no house advantage,” whatever amount of wager made, you get its corresponding payout in full. There is no separate percentage for the house.

Casino Games With No House Advantage

The truth is that there are no games without a house advantage, even if you think of online casino skill games where you are the one making the money. If you find a promotion stating such, you should be careful because it may be a scam. For example, there was a fantasy sports operator called NHA (No House Advantage). After some months of operation, the platform folded. Customers who supported them complained multiple times about being unable to withdraw their deposits or winnings. That passes a strong message.

If you are searching for ways to reduce house advantage, there are things you can do:

Lay Low
It would be best if you played online casino real money games with a low house advantage. They are Blackjack (0.5%), Craps (1%), and Baccarat (1.5%).

Develop a Gaming Strategy
We often emphasize this, but players do take it for granted. A good strategy can help you win substantial amounts at the online casino that would make you forget about your wager.

Take Advantage
You can use welcome bonuses to your advantage, especially if you play at crypto gambling sites.

Learning all you can about the game you wish to play is imperative for your dominance over the house edge. Use our online casino guide section to attain full knowledge of your favorite games.

However, if you still want to play games with no house advantage, it is best to play demo games. For example, games like Lucky Crumbling Game have free versions. You don’t have to stake to enjoy it, so there is no house advantage.

Should We Expect Casino Games With No House Advantages?

Well, the simple answer is no. If you want to play the best online casino real money games, you should always expect casinos to have a house edge. It costs a lot to build both physical and even virtual casinos. The games are not obtained for free; casinos pay huge taxes to get them and support them and also contribute to social development at large. Also, if you think you want to win real money online instantly, you must consider that payout winners have to come from somewhere.

The house edge is primarily one of the major income sources for casinos. Therefore, each casino game has specific odds, rules, and payouts that determine what their house edge will be. So, this mathematically determined advantage ensures that, over time, the casino gets more money than it pays out to players.

Final Thoughts

No House Advantage is not a thing yet, except you play at places like sweepstakes casinos. Therefore, if you have a small bankroll and want to play casino games online longer, we advise playing those with a low house edge. You can find such games at Vegas Aces Casino and also enjoy our welcome bonus of up to $5,000.

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