The Oldest Casino in Vegas: A Journey Through Time

The Oldest Casino in Vegas: A Journey Through Time

Who would have thought that the oasis of Nevada would be Las Vegas? Huge applause to the 1869 Nevada Legislators who overrode the veto by Governor Blasdel to pass laws legalizing gambling in the state. Gambling in the city then moved from being an activity in the mining areas to becoming a culture that defines Las Vegas. Today, there are over 150 casinos in the city, some of which are the oldest worldwide, making her the deserving “entertainment capital of the world.” In today’s casino news, we will point out the oldest casino in Vegas and highlight a few others with a far-back history.

Step Into History to Explore the Oldest Casino in Las Vegas

After the legalization of gambling in Las Vegas, various bars, entertainment centers, etc., were converted into casinos. Continuous improvements were made and standards for a casino were set. However, in 1910, gambling was outlawed in the city, so the use of casino terminology became scarce. This lasted for about 21 years.

Many casinos and gaming centers were demolished, which later served as spaces for modern ones. However, one casino stood firm and became the oldest casino in Vegas, which was a later inspiration to many online casino real money websites and providers of casino games.

Oldest Casino in Vegas: Golden Gate Casino

The Golden Gate, originally established as Hotel Nevada, is the oldest casino in Vegas. The hotel was founded by J.F Miller in 1906, and back then, a room cost $1 a day. Visitors were often drawn to the hotel by the glamor of its casino games and gambling activities. Later on, the hotel was rebranded in 1955 to Golden Gate Casino.

In 2021, the casino celebrated 115 years of operation under the current owner, Derek Stevens. He remarked, “The Golden Gate’s address is 1 Fremont Street. It’s the oldest building in Las Vegas. I think that’s cool and I feel fortunate that I get to be a part of it a little bit.”

To date, the Golden Gate Casino still attracts patrons and tourists with its vintage red and yellow light. Everyone wants to tour the casino to know its storied past. Last year, standing outside the casino, Derek said, “If these walls could talk, I know the stories would be pretty spectacular.”

El Cortez Casino, One of the Oldest Casinos in Las Vegas

Fremont Street has yet another casino, the second oldest casino in Vegas. It was established in 1941 and has preserved its legacy since then. This casino was established by John Kell, J C Grayson, and Marion Hicks. By 1945, the casino was very popular. It was later bought by some businessmen named Busy Siegle, Gue Greenbaum, and Meyer Lansky, who were also connected to mobsters, at $600,000, which was a lot of money back then. Since then, the casino has undergone various renovations, but its exterior remains the same.

The Golden Nugget Casino

The Golden Nugget Casino is also among the oldest casinos in Las Vegas. It was established in 1946 and has expanded even more over the years. A man named McAfee was said to be the original owner of the casino. However, in 2000, MGM Grand Inc. became the recognized owner of the casino. The business corporation was also later acquired by Poster Financial Group in 2003. As of today, the casino is believed to be owned by Laundry.

The Golden Nugget is known for its appealing aesthetics, which resulted from the $100 million invested in it during its renovation, which took about 14 months. The casino remains popular for tourists seeking luxurious American roulette games and exciting new chances of hitting slot jackpot prizes.

Other Worthy Mentions

While the above are the three oldest casinos in Las Vegas, according to many online casino reviews, there were some older establishments where casino activities took place and punters could withdraw money. They are:

Arizona Club

This club was established in 1905, close to Hotel Nevada’s conception. But it’s not clear to the public if casino activities are allowed. However, it is believed that after the removal of the law that banned gambling activities in 1931, the club began casino gaming operations.

The Northern Club

Established in 1920, the Northern Club was known for its gambling activities. However, its gaming operations were not unofficial until 1931.

Boulder Club

Upon seeing the success of Hotel Nevada, five men teamed up to build their casino and named Boulders Club. It became popular in the 1940s but was shut down in the 60s after one of the owners died.

Final Thoughts

The oldest casino in Las Vegas, the Golden Gate Casino, is still in operation, competing with even more modern casinos. Many tourists want to play there to check their bucket list. While that is cool, online slots like the Cowboy game, online card games, or free casino table games cannot be found there,

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