Dice Sliding: The Forbidden Winning Trick

Dice Sliding: The Forbidden Winning Trick

Casino operators are always on the lookout for various tricks players may be developing to cheat the house. However, some tricks slip through the cracks. The dice sliding trick is one such. With the use of this method, certain players were able to rig dice-based games to their advantage.

In this casino news, we will explore the art of dice sliding, mention a few people who used this trick, and discuss the consequences they faced.

Dice Sliding: Rolling the Dice, Sliding to Win

Dice sliding is a method of cheating in games where dice determine the outcome. E.g., the Craps game. The trick is carried out by sliding the dice along the table in a certain way so they land in a particular position. The technique, however, is used by people who know already know how to play Craps or other dice games.

To perform this trick, the shooter starts by placing the dice in a specific position on the table. Then, using a combination of momentum and finger pressure, they slide the dice across the table without rotating them. It is impressive to watch, but it is considered cheating and is not allowed in casinos.

Shake, Rattle, and Slide: The Dice Sliding Effect

When done correctly, dice sliding can give a player a significant advantage over others in multiple casino games. It increases the odds of winning from one in six to one in two. This advantage can result in large financial gains for the cheater while causing significant losses for the other players. In extreme cases, it can cause financial ruin for the scam victims. This is why is taken very seriously by casino authorities.

From a legal standpoint, the technique is considered fraud and is punishable by law. Several people have been arrested and convicted of using this technique to cheat casinos. On the social level, the exposure of dice sliding cheating has increased scrutiny and security measures at casinos.

It is relevant to point out that this technique is impossible to use in the online casino setting.

The Game-Changing Technique Some Players Used

Leo Fernandez and Veronica Dabul, professional gamblers from Argentina, were accused of using the dice sliding technique to win $700,000 while placing the Best Craps Bets at the Wynn casino in Las Vegas in 2011. They managed to evade detection for a while, but eventually, the casino’s security team noticed some strange behavior at the craps table.

In 2015, three men were prosecuted for cheating at Cleveland’s JACK Casino using a dice sliding technique. The men, identified as Lonnie Bridges, Kenneth Young, and a third unidentified person, allegedly used the technique to win over $40,000. Bridges and Young were convicted of cheating and sentenced to six months in prison. Rosano was acquitted on all charges. This case was one of the first major cheating scandals involving dice sliding, leading to increased scrutiny of the technique.

Another case occurred in 2021. Four people were arrested for a scam that stole over $225,000 from Las Vegas Strip casinos. The group would work together to place large bets on specific numbers and then slide the dice in a way that would increase their chances of winning. They were eventually caught by casino security, and all four people were charged with fraud and theft.

Gambling Changed in Casino Gaming Since Dice Sliding

Casino security has become much more sophisticated since the dice sliding scandal. Many casinos now use high-tech surveillance systems to monitor the craps tables. These systems can detect unusual movements or patterns and track the dice movements.

There are also virtual dice games, like the Virtual SicBo game, where such manipulation is impossible. In addition, casinos have implemented new rules and regulations to prevent dice sliding and other forms of cheating.

Stay Vigilant, and Roll With Precision

Several important lessons can be learned from the dice-sliding cheating scandals. It is important to be aware of the risks of casino gambling and to play responsibly. Also, it is crucial to be aware of cheaters’ techniques so that you can spot them and report them to casino security. Lastly, remember that cheating is illegal and can lead to serious consequences. So gather your Craps strategy if you want to enjoy dice gaming.

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