Roll into the Holiday Spirit With the Best Christmas Dice Game

Roll into the Holiday Spirit With the Best Christmas Dice Game

It is that time of the year again when families, including distant ones, gather, old friends reconnect, new friends are made, gifts are exchanged, the neighborhood lights up, and the community air is filled with love. It’s Christmas! Despite the social connections Christmas brings, it can sometimes be stressful. So, if you want to have fun privately during Christmas, play dice games at the best online casino. These games can make your holiday fun and help you make some cool cash. In this casino news, we will highlight Christmas dice game activities you can enjoy during the holidays.

Choose Your Christmas Dice Game in this Season

The following casino games are available to you at your comfort. According to multiple online casino reviews, all you need to do is ensure your smartphone or computer is connected to the internet. Also, spare a little cash to serve as your wagering funds. But if you play at Vegas Aces Casino, you can get a match-up bonus to multiply your deposit. Let’s begin!

Our First Christmas Dice Game Choice: Craps

If you choose craps as your favorite Christmas dice game for this year, you are making a good choice. If you read the history of craps, you will discover that the game’s goal has been direct right from time. All that is needed is to bet on the outcome of the dice roll.

On the craps table, there are two major betting sections: The pass and don’t pass bet line. Their names explain the difference. If you, as the dice shooter, bet on the pass line, you win. But if it’s the other, the don’t pass bet line, as the shooter, you lose.

Note that pass and don’t pass are not the only betting areas in the table. There are others. And if you correctly predicted the dice’s outcome, you won the game. It’s that simple. There is no complex Craps strategy needed!

Sic Bo

Though not as popular as craps, choosing SIC BO as the Christmas dice game to have fun with is not a bad choice at all. The online table game shares some similarities with that of online roulettes, and it is played with three dice. The goal is to predict the right out of the dice roll. You win for any right number or sum of numbers you predict correctly.

Also, there are multiple bet options in this game. The small bet, big bet, single bet, combination bet, specific double bet, specific triple bet, or total bet. All these bets have their payout ratio. So be sure to check before getting started.

Rocket Dice XY

The Rocket Dice game by BGaming is another perfect Christmas dice game. It is simple to learn, and gameplay is easy. Plus, it features some great prizes.

The game’s goal is similar to the first two we mentioned: Bet on the outcome of the game’s dice roll. The game board will have a set number and two options: Over and Under. You then bet whether the roll outcome will be over the number or under. After making a choice, the next step is to click on roll. If the outcome matches your prediction, you win. If it does not, you lose.

Thai Hi-Lo

Thai Hi-Low by Funky Games is another game that can be enjoyed as a Christmas dice game. Like Sic Bo, the game uses three dice. You bet hi(gh) or lo(w) in this game. When the outcome of the three dice is summed and falls between 12-18 points, they are considered high. The low total sum is 3-10 points.

Final Thoughts

The Christmas Dice games we have listed are simple, but the rules and payout can be tricky. Therefore, ensure you know how to shoot dice, the rules, and the payout-to-bet type ratio that applies to the one you choose.

To play all the games in this news, visit Vegas Aces Casino. You can also use your welcome bonus to enjoy your casino games free session or play for real money after you practice using the demo version. Enjoy your holiday!

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