A Profile of Resilience and Excellence: Maurice Hawkins

A Profile of Resilience and Excellence: Maurice Hawkins

Many professional players see poker as a way of self-expression, self-discovery, and pushing the boundaries beyond the limit. To them, poker is a way of life and thinking. However, Maurice Hawkins has a different perspective.

African American Maurice Hawkins is a professional poker player who sees every game or sport as a must-win with every possible strategy. This sometimes causes him to display unconventional behaviors that end at the poker table.

Hawkins’s most unique attribute is his confident and dramatic behavior at the poker table, which has earned him the reputation as one of the most entertaining poker players of his time. In this casino news, we will explore his career, achievements, and the controversies surrounding him.

Maurice Hawkins: From Sports Injury to Poker Prodigy

Born on February 2nd, 1980, Maurice Hawkins, a native of St. Louis, Missouri, has always had a hero in him. But his story could have started better.

Through a football scholarship, Maurice got into Alabama A&M University. Later on, he switched schools to Bethune-Cookman University in Florida, where he sustained a hamstring injury while chasing a gunman in the dormitories—an injury that ended his football career.

Maurice Hawkins was confined to crutches, which frustrated and made him difficult. To distract himself from the monotony of his current situation, he ventured into a local casino. He started playing poker—a game his father had introduced to him—starting with Omaha Sit and Go’s and practicing at Oasis Poker Online games as well.

Online casino games of poker could have saved him lots of stress at the games, but due to restrictions on online gambling in Florida. Regardless, things became rosy for Hawkins in the wake of the game’s boom. He learned poker habits and soon transitioned to playing Texas Hold ’em tournaments.

Hawkins became more interested in online casino games of poker and was getting past his old situation, soon starting to play live games too. He became so skilled that he recorded a significant win at the Big Slick tournament in Florida. For finishing third in the $1000 event, he earned a $21,000 prize.

He gained more confidence from this win and forged ahead in his career to play in the PCA-2005, held in Paradise Island. Though he finished 69th in the $7,800 + 200 WPT No Limit Hold ’em main event, that was the beginning of his poker career.

His dedication to understanding the complexities of poker, including critical concepts like “What is Two Pair in Poker?” laid the foundation for his future success.

Professional Poker Career Highlight

In 2008, Maurice Hawkins began his journey in the World Series of Poker Circuit. He won his first WSOPC ring in 2008 at Atlantic City due to his first-place finish, earning him $48,360. His second ring win came in 2009 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, where he finished before Craig Crivello to win $40,355. The same year, he won his third ring in the $1,060 No Limit Hold ’em at Southern Indiana, Elizabeth, with a $39,816 cash prize.

Hawkins won his 10th and record-breaking ring on April 7th, 2017. He finished first in the $1,675 No Limit Hold ’em main event held at Iowa Council Bluffs, earning a $97,561 prize. This win made him the player with the most WSOPC rings in the poker world until late 2023. In 2023, Hawkins won his 15th and latest WSOPC ring at Cherokee, North Carolina, in the $2,200 No Limit Hold ’em High Roller ring event. He also won $54,599.

Controversies: Rumors and Incidents Surrounding Hawkins

Some allegations have been made against Maurice Hawkins. His behavior sometimes raises questions, but not about how to play poker.

In 2018, a controversy arose between Maurice Hawkins and Sorin Lovin, an Italian player. Hawkins and Lovin were playing at the same table when some of the latter’s friends came around and pointed at Hawkins.

This got Hawkins snapping at them, but Lovin retorted, referring to Hawkins as a racial slur. The issue caused many arguments, so much so that Hawkins criticized WSOP in the media for not taking proper action. However, WSOP ultimately disqualified Lovin from the tournament.

Beyond Poker

Hawkins is a different person outside of poker competitions. He values his relationships and loves his family and friends. Maurice Hawkins is also a sportsman. He watches and plays football, basketball, and other sports that are far less strategic than free video poker games.

Final Thoughts

Maurice Hawkins’ legacy is marked by his ability to overcome adversity. He used the injury that ended his football career as a stepping stone to greatness in poker, channeling his competitive spirit to achieve unparalleled feats.

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