Thrilling Pay Tables With Four Times the Fun!

Thrilling Pay Tables With Four Times the Fun!

Over the years, various poker game categories with unique twists have hit the card rooms. Examples are Three Card Poker and Four Card Poker. Typically, you needed to form your best three-card hand in the former to beat the dealer- very simple! But now, with an extra flair and additional card, there is more to poker gaming.

Four Card Poker is a poker variant with a snappy gameplay. The goal is to build the best possible four-card hand out of the traditional five cards dealt to you and outsmart the dealer. It’s a twist on the classic Pai Gow Poker thrill, simplified for quick rounds of excitement while adding a card. Today’s casino news will cover all there is to know about this poker game.

Four Card Poker: A Twist on a Traditional Game

Four Card Poker has become a delight for many gamblers because of its gameplay. You’re dealt five standard poker cards, but the twist is that the dealer plays along, and there is an extra card, making it six cards for the dealer. The dealer and player must make out their four best cards and try to beat the other.

Although this game brings a fresh twist to traditional poker, it still shares a striking semblance regarding rules. Like Oasis Poker, four-card poker uses a standard poker card ranking to determine the winner. A player with a straight has a better hand over the dealer with two pairs and could win the ante wager. The full house poker hand is rare here, as a full house is made of 5 cards, and the game is all about 4 cards.

A Remarkable Story of Poker Innovation

Four Card Poker has a relatively brief yet enthralling history in casino games. Roger Snow designed the game in the mid-2000s. He wanted to create a poker game that was quick and exciting for both poker professionals and casual players, so he came up with Four Card Poker. Casinos worldwide welcomed it and, according to some online casino reviews, players loved the straightforward yet strategic gameplay — outsmarting the dealer with just four cards.

Today, the game has become a hit, showing how a simple twist on a classic game can bring a whole new level of fun to the casino floor in just a short time. Shufflemaster popularized and marketed the game, which can now also be found in online casino settings.

In Four Card Poker, players start with two bets – Ante and Aces Up. They get five cards, and the dealer has six. Players decide whether to fold or raise their Ante. They must raise at least the Ante but no more than three times if they raise. After discarding one card, the best four are kept. Hands are ranked from high card to four of a kind. The dealer reveals their best four cards. If the player’s hand is higher, they win. A bonus is paid for three of a kind or better.

Unique Features of Four Card Poker

There are a few features in this game that stand out when compared to other casino games of poker. They are;

Ante Bet

The Ante bet is each player’s initial wager before receiving their cards. Players must place a mandatory bet at the beginning of the hand to participate in the game.

Play Bet

If you already know what is straddling poker, then you know that the play bet action would be pretty easy to grasp. Here, the “Play” bet is what you add if you want to keep playing your hand. After your first bet (Ante), you can fold or put in the Play bet to go against the dealer.

Aces Up Bet

The Ace Up Bet is a side bet in which players wager on whether their hand will include a pair of Aces or better.

Different Pay Tables

As your hand gains strength, the excitement builds with bigger bonuses, maxing out at a thrilling 50-1 if you hit those spicy fours of a kind. Rewarding lineups like hitting a pair of Aces for a straightforward 1-1 payout make the game even more enticing!

Final Thoughts

Four-card poker is like a lively poker remix. It’s easy to understand its rules, so you may not necessarily need the poker cheat sheet. Simply practice and play free poker online games to hone your skills, at Vegas Aces Casino, for the best gaming experience.

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