Dominating the Poker Table: Learn Texas Hold’em Hands Like Pro!

Dominating the Poker Table: Learn Texas Hold’em Hands Like Pro!

Texas Hold’Em remains the most popularly played poker variant worldwide. And to be a great Texas Hold’Em player demands in-depth knowledge and understanding of Texas holdem hands, rules, and strategy.

The aim of learning how to play Poker is to win, and you win only when you are the player with the best hand. In this casino news, we’ll talk in detail about the several Texas Hold’Em hands available and how they influence your chances of winning or losing.

Texas HoldEm Hands (Hold’Em): The Ranking

Although poker, one of the most popular casino games, has multiple variants, like Omaha and Mississippi Stud Online, Texas Hold’Em remains the most popularly played poker variant worldwide. Having a shallow understanding of the Texas HoldEm Hands ranking in poker will keep you limited when making hand choices.

To find the best tables to play Texas Hold’Em, make sure to read our casino game reviews.

Higher Ranking Texas HoldEm Hands

The following hands are in order of highest to lowest:

  • Royal Flush

Top on the list of hands in Texas Hold’Em goes the Royal Flush hand. It is the best and highest-paying hand in Texas Hold’Em because it combines the top five highest cards of the same suit, i.e., Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten. A Royal Flush is said to be a type of straight flush hand.

  • Straight Flush

The second highest-ranking hand is the Straight Flush, and you need five sequential cards in the same suit to create this hand. The only exception to this hand is the Ace to Ten sequence because that is the Royal Flush hand. 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 is an example of a straight flush.

  • Four-of-a-Kind

A four-of-a-kind hand combines four cards of the same rank and any other card that serves as the kicker. The first four cards of this hand determine how high-ranking it is. It is also commonly known as the “Quads” hand.

  • Full House

A Full house hand contains three cards of the same rank and two others that serve as the kicker. The first three cards of the hand always determine the rank of a full house. Only when the first three cards coincide with another player is the remaining Pair of cards used.

  • Flush

A flush hand contains five same-suit cards in no particular order.

Lower Ranking Texas HoldEm Hands

  • Straight

A straight hand contains five cards of different suits but in a consecutive ranking order.

  • Three-of-a-Kind

A three-of-a-kind hand in online poker consists of three cards with the same rank and a pair of cards with different values playing the kicker role.

  • Two Pair

From the name already, this hand contains two pairs of cards of the same rank, with another card of a different rank that acts as the kicker.

  • One Pair

A one-pair hand consists of cards with the same rank and three additional cards of different ranks.

  • High Card

A high-card hand is a five-card hand with different suits and ranks. It is also the lowest-ranking Texas Hold’Em hand.

Starting Hands

The Texas HoldEm Hands listed below are the starting hands’ combinations for preflop and card combinations that create them, whether you play at your favorite online casino, or you prefer to go to a land-based casino.

  • Pocket Pair

Any starting hand with two cards of the same rank is considered a pocket pair. For example, it is a pocket pair when your hole cards are two Aces (A-A) or two Kings (K-K). The highest pocket pair is a pocket pair. Examples of pocket pairs are Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, 10s, etc.

  • Suited Connectors

A suited connector hand contains cards of the same suit in sequential order. They have great potential to make a solid straight or flush hand, though the community cards mostly dictate it. 7-8 hearts, 5-6 spades are an example of suited connectors.

  • Ace-King

Also known as the Big Slick, this is a starting hand that contains an Ace and a King. Ace-King is one of the best Texas Hold’Em hands, especially if they are in the same suit. You can build a strong hand-off this hand.

  • Suited Ace

The suited Ace is a hand that includes an Ace with any other card of the same suit. An example of a suited ace is Ace-Jack suited.

  • Broadway Cards

Any hand with the highest-ranking suit cards is a Broadway card hand.

Final Thoughts

Improve your Texas Hold’Em game using the hands stated above, alongside other poker strategies, such as betting limits in Poker, bluffs, etc. You can also use our American Casino Guide section to learn additional poker-related concepts. The aim is to win a round, and you can with constant practice. Visit Vegas Aces Casino to play various variants, including Caribbean poker, for free or real.

Play free Poker online games to hone your skills, learn these hands ranking by heart, and beat your opponents at the poker table.

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