Position Matters in Poker: Every Seat Holds a Secret Strength

Position Matters in Poker: Every Seat Holds a Secret Strength

One of poker’s peculiarities is the positional arrangement of players. Your bets and how you play each round depend on where you sit. These poker positions have names and functions that they play in each game. They give you different advantages and insights into each game and require different strategies. Today’s casino news article looks at poker position names, how they work, and why they are the way that they are.

Poker Position Names: One Seat to Rule Them All!

Three positions are constant on a table in casino games of poker: the button, the small blind, and the big blind. All other positions are built around these three. The following are recognized poker position names.

Poker Position Names: First is the Button

The button is often referred to as the dealer. The dealer is responsible for sharing the cards with all the players. Each player always has a chance to be the dealer. Hence, the responsibility moves from one player to the other. However, a typical casino has a designated person called the dealer who handles all the cards. Also, in online casino games of poker, one virtual dealer is assigned for all games, so this position is never rotated.

The designated dealer cannot move around the table, so the button moves around the table while the dealer shares the cards based on that. Any player with the dealer button receives the card last and plays last, making this position attractive. The player in this position can influence the pot size of the game. Practice with free video poker games at Vegas Aces Casino to understand this position better.

Small Blind

Since a game of poker requires players to place bets and try to win all bets, someone must place a bet first. This is the responsibility of the person in the small blind position. The player is next to the button and must place a specific amount. The bet is mandatory and the amount varies depending on the rules of the poker game. Knowing how this position works is essential, just like learning how to play three card poker if you want to vary your poker knowledge and dominate all variants.

Poker Position Names: Big Blind is a Strategic One

Just like seconding a motion, the next player to the small blind must also place a bet in the pot—the big blind. The player at this poker position is required to place double what the small blind placed. If, for example, the small blind placed a $10 bet, he has to put double, which is $20. This is so that there is something worth contending for in the pot.

Playing this position requires a solid strategy, as you are forced to make a bet and, therefore, probably feel obligated to win the hand.

Under the Gun

The outcome of a betting round begins with the Under The Gun(UTG) player. This player kicks off the actions in the game. The button only shared the cards, so the small blind had no choice but to place the first bet, and the big blind had to double the bet. With the UTG, the player can call the bet in the pot to continue a basic game, raise it to increase the emotion or fold it if the hand holds no strength.

UTG is considered one of the worst possible table positions, as you must act first without knowing what other players will play. Therefore, it’s often best to play it safe since someone will likely act after you and have a strong hand. Depending on how many players are at a poker table, there can be more than one UTG player. In this case, they are termed UTG 1, UTG 2, and rarely UTG 3.

Learn more about this position by reading more content from our casino guide.

Middle Player (MP)

This is the player seated in the middle position in the round. Players are termed (MP) depending on the number of players in the round. However, positions like this are more technical than action-based, as they take the same actions as the UTG player. Although it is not a dangerous place to be at a table, it’s best if you play it safe unless you dominate your poker face and bluffing techniques if your hand is weak. There can be MP 1 and MP 2 players sometimes in tournaments.


The Lojack (LJ) poker position is towards the tail end of the game. It’s often referred to as a very complex position to play. With this position, you can’t afford to overextend your range as you approach the button. If you do, you risk losing control of the blinds to the five players waiting behind you. Players here should play between sixteen and twenty percent of their hands from these places. However, ensure you know the answers to hand rankings questions, like — what is a full house in poker? Knowing the hand ranking is essential to betting appropriately in this position.


At the hijack (HJ) poker position, players open up their ranges more. It straddles the line between the late position and the middle position. So, you can open up your range to take the blinds if the other players are on the right side. You can still open between 20–24% of your hands from the hijack, even without opponent information. But you should still be wary of players in earlier situations who raise.

Practice with online poker free games to learn more about this position.


The cutoff poker position is another fun place to be in. You’ll be able to open a lot more hands than before. Only three players remain to act before the flip, and you will undoubtedly be able to play after the flop. A lot of hands become more lucrative when these two criteria are combined.

The average player will open 26–30% of their hands before the cutoff, but if the button and blind players are tight, you can raise even more. Playing the Poker Teen Patti Game is a great way to understand these positions better.

Command the Table From Blind to Button

The small blind, big blind, and UTG are often referred to as early positions, with the middle positions, Lojack and Hijack, called middle positions. The Cutoff and Button are called the late poker positions. These all combine to give different advantages and require different game strategies. However, remember to master the poker hand rankings so you make informed decisions.

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