Poker Solver: Deciphering the Poker Code

Poker Solver: Deciphering the Poker Code

The technicalities in poker casino games make the game more fun and demanding at the same time. By demanding, we mean the need for constant practice and familiarity with new gaming tools/software. Poker software has become more rampant in the past few years. Some have been useful, like the poker calculator, while some have yet to live up to their hype. But the most mentioned lately is called “Poker Solver.” In this casino news, we will explain what this poker gaming tool is about and if you should try it.

Poker Solver: Your Secret Weapon at the Poker Tables

A Poker Solver is a digital tool that can detect and inform a player on the best move to make based on its evaluation of a gaming position or situation. It mathematically provides strategies that follow the Game Theory Optimal Concept (GTO). So, this tool works like a digital assistant in your online poker real money games. It does not automatically help you win but instead, it presents a usable strategy to help a player get the best possible gaming outcome.

How a Poker Solver Works

A poker solver does not automatically present a course of action to a player. It provides a well-crafted strategy based on some information, which varies depending on the type of software, such as:

  • Players at the game’s table preflop ranges
  • Wager size choices
  • Raise range
  • Size of Effective Stack
  • Current Pot Size
  • Possibility of donking/leading

After providing the demanded information, the poker solver uses an algorithm that has tested each potential play following the Game Theory Optimal and presents a strategy or strategies that can be used to win. The GTO concept is a poker strategy that aims to make a player unexploitable. It balances every situation possible by pointing out the perfect betting, raising, calling, and folding frequencies.

Limitations to a Poker Solver

Despite the amazing features a solver possesses and the useful lessons it can provide, it still has a few limitations. Hey include

Multiple Pots

The progression of a poker game differs from one table to another. The total number of players playing is a huge factor. Players have different gaming styles; therefore, using a solver will be difficult in such scenarios. Even if it will provide a strategy, there will be a continual need to edit the information given to it.

Selective Usage

You have to be good at poker before you can utilize this tool. Also, it might not be useful if you intend to use it as an amateur or against new poker players. Why? Pro poker players often use near-perfect strategies, and a poker solver is designed to work in gameplay against such players.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Poker Solver

A solver can provide more insight into the gameplay of poker. As it presents various actions that can be taken in tough poker situations, with a good retentive memory, a player can master them and use them in physical matches. Also, the GTO we mention is quite diverse. A poker solver can assist in learning some of its core concepts.

Before opting for a solver, consider the following.


Although a solver presenting a very solid strategy does equate to practicability, sometimes, a player can need more clarification.


According to many online casino reviews, getting a poker solver is not cheap. Depending on what you view as cheap, a solver is often priced at a minimum of $250. Some others are above $1000. Also, some solvers can subscribe, which can be monthly or yearly.

Supported Gadgets

A fast computer is needed to maximize what a solution has to offer. The faster the computer, the faster the processing time of its strategies.


A poker solver is banned in many online casino settings due to the advantageous position it puts the user over others. Also, it reduces the house advantage drastically.

Should You Use a Poker Solver?

The answer is Yes and No. Yes, if you aim to learn more about the poker hands order or other gaming strategies, and No, if you aim to cheat the house or other players.

Final Thoughts

Poker is undeniably a complex game. Now and then, players search for a perfect way to always win the game. And with the invention of AI, many feel the solution is near. But the truth is that there won’t be a perfect way. A poker solver may be good, but it is not the perfect gaming tool, and reduces the excitement of playing against your opponents in a battle of wits and strategy You should play casino games free versions of poker, or any other of your favorites, to hone your skills and master the game until you are fully furnished for all kinds of challenges the game can present. This way, any game, including variants like Pai Gow Poker, won’t pose a threat.  Visit Vegas Aces Casino to play online poker free money games.

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