The Natural Progression of Pro Poker Players

The Natural Progression of Pro Poker Players

Pro Poker Players: Types of Progressions Fish, Nit, Tight

There is a particular way of playing using mathematical strategies and card counting techniques when playing poker, similar to techniques used in games like Mississippi Stud Poker. You will likely be criticized if you try using another strategy, not on the basic strategy playing techniques. When starting as a new player, your decisions when playing will heavily be criticized, just like those who are learning what is a flush in poker.  When playing poker, there are a lot of stages players go through to become pros and master the art of playing. For some pro poker players, the graph to playing poker is very linear, while others develop exponentially. As a player, you should ensure every poker game is educational while developing your playing skills. Consider games like let it ride poker multi hand to develop a wide range of skills.

Many of these pro players started from the bottom and find a way to “hack poker online” with all their knowledge throw their years of experience. Some of the best poker players of all time began this way, studying everything from a deuces wild guide to advanced poker theory.

The Growth and Evolution of Poker

Most poker players are focused on results over a day of sessions on a poker table. The data from this game is a limited sample size for you to judge your development. When playing and sticking to your strategy over a long period, you will make a profit playing, much like the famous winners of Mississippi Stud Poker.

New players have experience of playing bad hands on the tilt. The mastering of how to play such hands comes with experience. The strategy guides in the market emphasize playing a particular hand under conditions. Poker is a psychological game, and players can get punished for making certain decisions while others benefit from these decisions.

Playing with the same players understand on a table, they will come to learn your way of playing over time. The way a poker player makes their plays can be used to decide the player’s level of game development.

Types of Progressions


When starting to play poker, you will make bad plays. Playing certain hands without using basic strategy is a sign of a new player. The decisions you make as a new player are sometimes laughable, and as you develop, you get to understand your mistakes. In fact, most players start their journey in online poker free games to learn the ropes.


Not every poker player riches this stage, as some directly move to the TAG stage. A player who progresses from the fish to the nit is a sign of discipline in their playing and practice of the game. The pro poker players understand how to fold and have the discipline to fold with junk hands in the preflop. The player has the skill to play aggressively with their hands before the preflop.

Playing at this stage shows a player’s discipline of getting away from making fishy plays in preflop. Playing at this stage will not win you money playing poker, and you need to advance to the next stage to have a chance at the game.

Tight Aggressive (TAG)

Most pro poker players are in this category where they know how poker is played. It is considered a happy place for most players on this level. Most of these players will go to casinos and play poker for fun, enjoying how it is played.

Every player strives to reach this stage, and it is never easy. It requires a lot of discipline to maintain high standards of learning advanced strategies. In this strategy, the player should be playing regularly to increase their toughness when playing poker.

Playing at this level does not guarantee you are winning. The players in this category have a good understanding of preflop playing. This doesn’t mean they would be winning as the players have leaks in their post-flop strategy.

Winning at this stage is a good sign that you are advancing to the next level of your game.


As players feel comfortable playing TAG, they want to attempt playing LAG. To become such a player, you need to be very disciplined while playing. The player has played many games and can play a wide range of preflop and post-flop strategies.

You will not win many casino games unless you have mastered how to play TAG. Some pro poker players will often have movements between the TAG and LAG before moving to the next stage.


As the player plays more advanced strategies, they learn how the game functions, including the ability to read other players’ body language and understand their level of expertise. In addition, players explore various opportunities to seize advantageous positions within the game. Whether it’s in a brick-and-mortar casino or an online casino, the players see a wide range of spots to attack and capitalize on throughout the gameplay.

Often the inexperienced players in the game will lose control and lose many games. The player in this level has the experience to play poker using hybrid strategies at a comfortable level.

When playing poker as a new player, you should avoid peer pressure from opinions and competitors. The other players are your competitors, and you should ensure that you play your game without others’ opinions. When learning, you should be ready to try more things and learn from the experiences. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.

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