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Deuces Wild Guide

Everything You Need To Know in this Deuces Wild Guide

Deuces Wild is a video poker game that is popular in casinos all over the world, and with video poker free games, you can try it out with no risk. Its popularity is comparable to games such as Jacks or Better and Double Bonus. In many cases, you will find these games side by side at any casino, whether land-based or online casino. Utilizing resources like the Deuces Wild Guide can help improve your gameplay.

The main distinction between the Deuces Wild and other video poker games is that Deuces (2s) are the wilds, replacing all other cards to create a winning hand. These factors contribute to the game being easy to win, but the paytable is somehow tougher than the other video poker games such as Jacks or Better and Aces and Eights.

Deuces Wilds uses a 52-card deck, and you will have to select the cards you want to hold. All you need to do is hope the Royal Flush appears while enjoying the convenience of video poker free games like Deuces Wild and following tips from the Deuces Wild Guide.


Below is a list of hands that have higher chances of giving a payout. They are lined from the one with the highest payout to the others that have lower payouts.

  • Royal Flush

Royal Flush happens when the five cards you are holding have the same suit, from Ace to 10. It could be any suit among the card variations, and this will give you the highest payout than the other hands in Deuces Wild.

The Royal Flush happens in two ways, and each of them has its payout determined differently. If any of your cards making up the Royal Flush is a wild card, the payout will be lower than the natural Royal Flush.

  • Four Deuces

This hand bears all four deuces from all four suits and one unrelated card. Since deuces have a significant value than the other cards in the deck, a hand with four deuces has more value than four cards of the same suit.

The ranking of the dissimilar hands falling under this type of hand relies on the rank of the unrelated card since all four deuces hands bear four similar cards and a different card.

  • Five Of A Kind

It is nearly impossible to get five cards of the same kind in a standard deck, but it is possible in Deuces Wild because there is a wild card, the Deuce. The Deuce can substitute all other cards, and when used with four of a kind, it can make a five of a kind. Five of a kind is ranked higher than the Straight Flush.

  • Straight Flush

A Straight Flush is landed when you get five cards with the same suit, and they appear in a sequence. This will be ranked different than a Royal Flush. The straight rank is still lower than the royal flash but higher than all other hands.

  • Four Of A Kind

This hand appears when you have four cards ranking the same from all different suits, with one unrelated card. The ranking of the four of a kind hands is selected based on the card that comes about four times and the unrelated card. A four of a kind is rated higher than all other four of a kind.

  • House

This occurs when you land three cards ranking the same and two extra cards of another rank. This is also referred to as a boat, hand, just boat. In a house, ranks are determined by the cards that appear three times and the card that follows twice.

  • Flush

Flush occurs when all the five cards are of one suit but not appearing in sequential order. It ranks higher than a straight and lower than a house. house, flushes, quads, and Straight Flushes that do not have the same suits are ranked equally.

  • Straight

This hand is landed when all the five cards are ranked sequentially and not having the same suit. In a straight or Straight Flush, the hand is King-high straight if the strongest card in the sequence is a king.

  • Three Of A Kind

Three of a kind appears when a player has three cards from different suits but with the same faces and two unrelated cards. This hand is ranked below the straight but above the two-pair.

Other Terms To Be Familiar With As You Play

Outside (open-ended) straight- this is a group of cards that can be turned straight with an additional card. For example, 8, 6, 9, 7, forms an outside straight because a 10 on the highest end or a 5 on the lowest end will make it a straight.

Inside straight- this is almost straight but with a middle hole. For example, 8, 3, 9, 7, 5 make an inside straight since only a 6 can turn it straight. Knowing the distinction between the two straights is crucial when playing with an optimal strategy and the possible outcomes.

Game Rules

The Deuces Wild game cards are dealt from a standard 52-cards deck. It, therefore, eliminates the chances of getting multiple cards with the same suit. It additionally gives you a fair winning chance. After you finish a hand, the deck will be reshuffled automatically. At this point, you cannot count cards.

The wild card is the deuces, and they are counted towards the hand with the most benefit. For instance, if you have three queens in hand having a deuce, the “wild” will turn your winning hand to a “four of a kind” by ranking in the direction of the extra queen.

Each Deuces Wild game has two rounds. For the two rounds, you get to choose what cards to hold, and from there, other cards are dealt for the ones you did not hold. The extra round is called a “showdown,” and after this, no cards can be dealt. Once your hand’s strength is determined, you will receive your respective winnings.

Learn How To Play Deuces Wild Guide

To play the game, you need to load the credits and choose the credit amount you want to bet for the hand you are playing. Press the “deal” button, and you will be dealt your first five cards. You can then hold as many cards as you wish. Press the “deal” button again, and you will enter the second round. Your “held” cards from the first round will stay on the screen. Continue reading to learn how to play Deuces Wild and everything about it.

It is advisable to hold a deuce or pair, so those cards should not be changed. Once you have the cards you want to hold, press “deal” again, and you will get other cards you never held. Once the second round is dealt with, the game is concluded.

You will now proceed to decide whether your hand is likely to win a prize since prizes are awarded according to your hand’s strength. Deuces Wild is fun to play and is very exciting. You are likely to see a lot of winning.

Using wild cards gives the game a much-needed variation, but some players would want to play regular poker since the wild cards may not go well with their skill element. Wild cards replace all other cards on the deck, and the game is all about substituting them.

You can also make use of the gamble feature, which will let you double the wins by playing an extra game with five cards. One card is dealt facing up, and the remaining four are dealt facing down. The player will pick any card from the extra four which need to be higher than the card facing up for a successful gamble.


Deuces Wild bets are placed using one to five coins. This guideline is a general outline, so you will need to confirm the necessary information from your provider before you proceed.

  1. Three of a Kind Pays 1:1
  2. Straight Pays :1
  3. Flush Pays :1
  4. House Pays 4:1
  5. Four of a Kind Pays 5:1
  6. Straight Flush Pays 8:1
  7. Five of a Kind Pays 12:1
  8. Deuces Royal Flush Pays 0:1
  9. Four Deuces Pays 100:1
  10. Royal Flush Pays 500:1


The 2s, which are the wilds in this game, give it a unique entertainment aspect; besides that, the Deuces Wild is very popular for its RTP, which is at 100.76%, which ranks higher than all other video poker variants. The NSUD (Not So Ugly Deuces) offers an RTP of 99.73%, and even though it does not award huge profits, it is still a preferred variation with a better payout and other games. Therefore find the highest paying table for -pay and NSUD variations.

Deuces Wild Guide Strategies

Deuces Wild strategies can be understood better when illustrated using charts. There are five charts available which you can use to confirm if they correspond with the cards you are holding. Additionally, there are two rules to consider.

Four Deuces

If you have four deuces, keep them since they can give you a payout of almost 1000 coins.

Three Deuces

If you get a Royal Flush from your hands, keep them and discard the two cards that are not deuces.

Two Deuces

  1. If your hand is a four of a kind or a better, then keep it
  2. If your hand has four cards needed for a Royal Flush, keep the cards and do away with the others
  3. If your hand has four cards that make a Straight Flush and two linked cards valued at 6-7 or higher, hold the four cards and get rid of the other
  4. If you have all other card combinations, maintain your deuces and get rid of the others

One Deuce

  1. If your hand has a four of a kind or better, then keep it
  2. If your hand has four cards that can make a Royal Flush, keep the four cards and do away with the extra
  3. Always maintain a house
  4. If you have four cards that can make a Straight Flush, with three simultaneously appearing cards of 5-7 and above, keep the cards and get rid of the others.
  5. Maintain three a kind and get rid of the two other cards. You need to keep flushes and straights as well.
  6. If your hand has four cards that can make a Straight Flush, hold the four and do away with the extra
  7. If you are holding three cards that can make a Royal Flush, hold the three and get rid of the other two
  8. If your hand has three cared required for a Straight Flush with two linked cards, keep the three cards and do away with the extra two.
  9. Always hold the Deuce and take out the other four cards

No Deuces

  1. Hold a Royal Flush if you have the four cards required to make a Royal Flush, then remove the extra card.
  2. Reserve any hand from three of a kind to Straight Flush. If you exactly have the three of a kind, then remove the two other cards.
  3. If you own the four cards making a Straight Flush, remove the extra card.
  4. If you are holding the three cards that make a Royal Flush, take out the extra two cards.
  5. If you are holding a pair, remove the other three cards.
  6. If you are holding the four cards that make a flush, remove the fifth extra card.
  7. If you are holding the four cards that make an open-ended straight, exclude the other card.
  8. If you holding the three cards that make a Straight Flush, remove the extra card.
  9. If you are holding four cards that make an inside straight, remove the fifth card unless you are missing a two.
  10. If you own the two-card making a Royal Flush, remove the other three cards.
  11. Do away will all your five cards.

How The Chart Is Used

The chart outlined above may seem hard to understand, but it is very easy to use. When a hand is dealt to you, count the number of deuces you have, then look at the chart. You can look at the number your hand falls at and do as it instructs.

In most cases, one hand may fit into multiple scenarios on the chart. When such happens, take the one with the highest rank. For example, if you have diamonds ranked, King diamond, four diamonds, three diamonds, five clubs, six diamonds. The hand has no deuces, so you head over to the “No Deuces” chart.

The hand can be used in different situations on the chart. Firstly, you hold three cards that make a Straight Flush (3, 4, and 6 diamonds). This is ranked eighth on the chart. Secondly, you are holding four cards needed for an open-ended straight (3, 4, 5, and 6). It is ranked seventh on the chart. Lastly, you hold four cards needed for a flush (king, 4, 3, and 6) which ranks sixth on the chart.

It implies you have to follow the guidelines at number six since it is the highest rank, remove the fifth card and keep the rest. Do not be bothered by how confusing this explanation sounds. With time you will be able to understand it.

You can choose to play the game in free or demo mode, and when you feel that you have a better understanding, you can proceed to play for money.

Deuces Wild Guide Tips On How To Become Better At Playing

Now that you have seen the Deuces Wild strategy in mathematical terms and basic rules, it does not mean that you can now tackle the game efficiently. Since Deuces Wild is still a poker game, there are a few general tips that would help you make the best out of this game;

Practice With Free Games

Deuces Wild is a game that you can easily practice without any risks, especially with the help of resources like the Deuces Wild Guide. Many online casinos offer free-to-play games of all kinds, and Deuces Wild is not any different. You can therefore visit any online casino, register, and start playing. Ensure that you stick to the Demo mode before anything else.

The more you play free hands in poker, like video poker free games, you will feel more confident when you finally get to play on a real machine or for money. When you cannot get a pay game, practice the standard strategy with the idea of a pay game, keeping the Deuces Wild Guide in mind.

Think About Your Risks

After playing Deuces Wild and getting real money with the optimal strategy, make sure you have a sustainable bankroll. Deuces Wild allows you 5000 betting units before you go bust. Even with such a betting unit, you are likely to lose 4% of your poker bankroll.

If you are not willing to take this risk, you could increase your bankroll to 10,000 units to decrease your risk even more to a significant 1% or even 0%. If you want to bet smaller wagers using the optimal strategy, you have a real risk of ruin. Try to have a good run as early as to be good at the strategy.

Do Not Veer Off The Strategy

If you are moving around taking unnecessary risks, you can try and play slot machines which tend to be entertaining. But if you want to make money at a casino, try to play the optimal Deuces Wild strategy at all times and not deviate from it. Any slight difference in the strategy could have a huge impact on your winnings. Making a lot of mistakes will decrease the amount of money you make every hour.

Utilize Promotions

The player edge in deuces and wild is usually less than 1%, increasing over time, though it is not your specific edge. If you can manage to beat a casino for any amount of money, it means that you are eligible for some bonuses and loyalty points as you win.

You could trade such points for other rewards, and they are usually for free. If you can play many hands and win some money, you can collect bonuses that still make you a winner.

Always Focus On The Chart

Sometimes you might think you are smarter, but in reality, mastering all the details of the Deuces Wild strategy is difficult, and it may take you some time to do so. This is why it is advised that you print the whole strategy and carry it with you when playing.

Do this until you are sure you cannot make mistakes. Each mistake can take more than 0.5% of your win rate, and it is not a good thing to decrease your winning odds when the chart can always be depended on.

Always Consider Your Time

When playing any casino game, including Deuces Wild, time is always of the essence; if you can play many hands within an hour, you are in to make a lot of money. If you master playing the optimal strategy without any mistakes, then focus on your playing speed and increase it as time goes by.

With any extra hands you play of Deuces Wild, you will make extra money. Therefore, make sure you are playing faster without making any serious mistakes.

No Gambling

It is probably the biggest downfall of professional gamblers who have mastered the Deuces Wild strategy because they play many casino games simultaneously. When playing a machine you are familiar with, and you will be spending so much time around many gambling games, which may turn out to be less profitable or less smart.

Hence, you must not engage in gambling unless you want to play poker for fun. Your Deuces Wild winning can be taken back by the casino quickly if you play other slot machines with RTPs lower than 90%.

Two Pairs Are Not Worth It

The fact that two pairs are worthless in Deuces Wild is something that still baffles many people. Deuces Wild is a different game, and it does not care whether two pairs is a winning hand in other poker games. In this game, you should hold onto one pair and discard the other cards. This is one of the reasons why the Deuces Wild strategy is considered counterintuitive.

Beginners will have a hard time getting around the concept of discarding the higher ranking hand and keeping a hand with lower pay. But it is just how it should be. Remember that a two pair is a losing hand in Deuces Wild, so the closest you are to winning is a draw to a house.

Bet All The Five Coins

This is equally important in playing the Deuces Wild strategy. Some video poker games let you wager between one and five coins for each hand.

Always bet the whole five coins for Deuces Wild. Even though the paytable above shows payouts for one coin, it is different on the machines.

The machines will multiply the figures by how many coins you play so you can see the size of winnings for each hand. If you play fewer coins per hand, the payout will be 200 for 1, but playing five coins, you get a Royal Flush payout of 800 for 1.

A Royal Flush will appear once in 40,000 hands, but the 600 coins will account for % and above of the over payback percentage of the machine. In simple terms, if you play the optimal strategy with less than five coins, a game with a 100% payback percent will turn into a 98% win percentage.

Consider The Importance Of Your Decisions

You might think that your decisions in poker do not make any difference since there are no unique decisions to be made on a machine. Since video poker machines look like slot machines, you would leave everything handled by the machine. However, resources like the Deuces Wild Guide can help you understand how your decisions impact the game.

But consider a scenario where you are handed a Royal Flush, but you choose to do away with other cards and leave the ace. Even if you are a person who would hold onto the pair instead of a four to royal rush, you can easily calculate how such a move would decrease your payback percentage.

By holding a pair, you are anticipating landing a three-of-a-kind or better. This is for an even money payout. By holding a Royal Flush, your chances of getting a winning hand are significantly lowered, but if you do, you win a payout of 800 for 1.

It is now clearer how making different decisions, as outlined in the Deuces Wild Guide, could get you a lower payback percentage.

Common Mistakes People Make When Playing Deuces Wild

  • Not Using The Best Strategy

Some poker players mess themselves up by thinking that their play does not matter and that the game is easy to play independently. But, there is a strategy that can play every hand, and it is not considered. It can cost the player a significant amount of money. Deuces Wilds has a lower house edge, and it is easy to land a winning hand.

Deuces Wild has a strategy available, and they are accessible online or in print. Once you have a strategy card in the game, you need to read it before playing any hand. This way, you will avoid missing out on any chance to win.

  • Not Playing The Best Paytables

There is no proven way of beating a casino when playing Deuces Wild, whether online or land-based. Every casino is designed to gain more than the player. But it is always important to stay alert and not give the casino any extra edge. To keep the house edge the lowest, try getting a paytable that is favorable.

Playing five coins in Deuces Wild has a higher chance of giving you more returns, so do not mistake playing any amount below five. You will be giving the house more edge hence lowering your payout percentage.

  • Ignoring Any Kind Of Awards

One big mistake most players do is that they do not sign up for special features at their preferred casinos. These features, such as player’s club, will track your gameplay and reward you with comps that you can play.

The rewards in Deuces Wild may be smaller, but they still help to minimize your losses. Try to find a casino that offers rewards of any kind.

  • Overestimating The Ability To Hit A Royal Flush

The possibility of hitting a Royal Flush in Deuces Wild is one out of 40,000 hands. You are not guaranteed that after every 40,000 hands, you will get a Royal Flush, but this is just an average figure. By playing 400 hands every hour, you have to play 100 hours to get a Royal Flush. If you play 200 hands, you need gameplay of 200 hours on average.

Therefore, do not try to cover for your losses by hoping to win the Royal Flush. Try having intervals between days before you hit one.

  • Playing Beyond The Bankroll

Deuces Wild with a good paytable usually has a lower house edge. But the casino will always have its advantage. You are therefore likely to lose your money, and even though you might win in the first attempt, you can lose more than you win in the long run.

Always ensure that you have a bankroll that is big enough to handle as many games. If you run out of luck in a poker game, your bankroll will be depleted within a few attempts. If you play for fun with a little money, then there is no harm in that. But if you are interested in playing for money, you need to have a huge bankroll to cover your needs.


Video poker is simple to play at any level. You have to follow the advice given in the Deuces Wild guide and follow the strategies. This way, you will be able to increase your chances of getting a winning hand. You can also look into the commonly made mistakes and how they can affect your payout.

The main aim of playing any casino game is to win. As a player, try and do your best to manage your finances to get the bigger payouts. Even if you are playing for entertainment, there are very impressive features that will help you pass the time.

For some people winning this game is pure luck, and they win some massive payouts. But that is not all it takes to succeed in Deuces Wild. The charts and cards provided by resources like the Deuces Wild Guide have always come in handy for people who want to boost their knowledge in playing the game.

You can therefore look around for Deuces Wild in any casino near you and get into action. The most significant thing to focus on is the paytable because that is what determines your payouts. You will find some with higher percentages than the others, but it will not be any huge difference.

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Deuces Wild Guide FAQs

Why Is It called Deuces Wild?

The game is called Deuces Wild because all the deuces in the game are considered wild cards. This is the biggest difference between this game and other types of video poker variations. You can therefore keep your Deuce despite all situations as it can replace other cards on the deck. If you have ever played the other poker game variations, you will see the slight differences that bring out the uniqueness of Deuces Wild.

Is It Possible To Beat The Deuces Wild Machine?

Yes! Deuces Wild that offers pay, is among the few online casino games that will offer an RTP of above 100%. This, therefore, implies that you have a higher winning hand against the house with each bet you make as long as you use the appropriate wild poker strategy.
After all, this is the essence of betting, trying to beat the house to get a win. Even though the casino is set to win in most circumstances, you can easily beat the system.

What Is The Best Wild Deuces Strategy To Use?

Always try and use the optimal strategy stated in this guide. This is the best way to approach playing Deuces Wild, and you have no reason to try to find a complicated strategy. You can easily become a winner and beat the house edge in the long run.
You can print the strategy chart and always have it with you anytime you want to play. After some time, you will have mastered the strategy, and it can save you a lot of time as you play.

Can I Change My Deuces Wild Strategy?

No, you cannot! It is advisable not to make any changes to the available Deuces Wild strategy. Despite the situation at hand when you start playing, make the plays that are widely accepted. The reason for this is that it has the best odds of making more money. Anytime you deviate from the strategy, you are likely to lose.
And if you need to make even the slightest change in the strategy, ensure that it is stated in the charts or cards. Anything outside the optimal poker strategy is likely to mess you up.

Is There A Jackpot In Deuces Wild?

There is no jackpot in Deuces Wild, but a few providers have made a few changes to include it in their systems. The highest payout on Deuces Wild is when you make a Royal Flush, simply 800 coins when you bet one coin, and 4000 when you bet five coins. However, a progressive jackpot would be worth thousands of dollars.