Crazy Money Slot Machine: Your Ticket to Thrilling Wins!

Crazy Money Slot Machine: Your Ticket to Thrilling Wins!

A couple of games from Incredible Technologies have reached far and wide in the gaming world. However, the one themed after the US dollar was outstanding: the Crazy Money slot Machine.

While we are unsure what inspired the company to theme this game after the United States’s currency, we know that it made the game and the company rise to stardom. In this casino news, we will discuss the crazy money slot machine.

Crazy Money Slot Machine: Ready for a Crazy Ride of Wins?

Incredible Technologies, a Chicago area company, started its operations in 1975. Its singular focus was arcade games until 2006 when the founders shifted their attention to online casino products. They introduced their first game in 2011, which was an original— The Crazy Money slot machine.

The 3D machine is a class III video game like the Angel & Devil Slot. This means its results are random and independent because it uses a random number generator (RNG). State regulators often audit class III games to certify their fairness.

The symbols on this game reel are cash bills of varying amounts, and the rule for getting a payout is simple: Bill values are multiplied by the line bet. As cool as that is, it wasn’t the primary feature that attracted players.

Crazy Money slot machine has a unique interactive bonus session called “Money Catch.” When the game is in this bonus money mode, players rush to catch flying dollar bills using the machine’s touch screen. Many visit casinos mainly because of this bonus and the credits the bank notes provide, which are the game’s slot machine symbol.

Launch of Crazy Money Slot Machine Sequel

In the gambling industry, it is common to see games, including online slots, have sequels, especially those whose originals pulled many players. Incredible Technologies did this as well by releasing Crazy Money Slot Machine II. The game was launched in style using a unique cabinet called Infinity U23.

Crazy Money Slot Machine II has a design and gameplay similar to the original. Like the Inferno Slots, it features a 5-reel, but money slots have 15 pay lines. Betting options—Good, Better, Best—remained the same. The best part? The money catch bonus was also retained.

However, it has a new bonus innovation that triggers a free spin with only the highest cash symbols. During these free spins, a new progressive jackpot is initiated, and its top prize resets at $5,000.

Another Version?

In 2016, Incredible Technologies released another version of the Crazy Money slot, Crazy Money Deluxe. The game is similar to the original and the second version. However, it had one feature that made its experience different: the sky wheel. This wheel works with another spinnable wheel located on another screen at the top of the machine.

When you land three sky wheels, one of the game’s symbols, you spin the wheel on the larger screen with different rewards. If you spin and it stops in the bonus section, you can enjoy IT’s signature on the game, the “Money Catch bonus.” The wheel also features four progressive jackpots( mini, minor, major, and grand).

Slot Hopper, a content creator who enjoys slots for fun, played this game two years ago, and she said it was her first time. She won $2,000. If she had placed a max bet, her winnings could have been more than $10000.

The Crazy Money Slot Machine Deluxe further increased the fame of Incredible Technologies. In 2016, the company’s Marketing manager commented on the game: “Crazy Money Deluxe uses the things we learned with the original Crazy Money and Crazy Money II and adds overhead signage with a digital wheel.”

These casino games seem to never leave us, allowing many the chance of crazy money prizes.

The Move to Online Domain

Incredible technologies have done an excellent job maintaining the Integrity of the Crazy Money slot machine in every variant they released, including the online version released a few years back. You can check it out to catch some money!

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