Pulling the Lever of Nostalgia With Antique Slot Machines

Pulling the Lever of Nostalgia With Antique Slot Machines

Live and online slots have been in existence for more than a century. Yet, they are the most phenomenal things you will find in casinos and gaming venues across the globe. The history of slot machines will always excite a gambling fan who has come by one of those antique slot machines.

Since their invention, slots have evolved from mechanical to digital games, becoming the most famous category of casino games today. In this casino news, we will detail the first slot machines, their working operation, and how they differ from modern live and online slots real money machines.

Unlocking the Past: Antique Slot Machines and the First Slots

The late 19th century witnessed the birth of the first variations of slot machines by Charles Fey and the famous duo Sittman and Pitt. These antique slot machines were the precursors of subsequent and modern slots.

Also, the early twentieth century witnessed two additional variations of the slot machines from Herbert Mills and Bally. These were slots developed from sophisticated modifications to Charles Fey’s slots.

Antique Slot Machines and Their Evolution: From Sittman and Pitt to Liberty Bell

Slot machines were invented in the United States. Though it’s been quite controversial who the inventor of slot machines was – whether Fey or the US company, Sittman and Pitt – a little examination will clear the air of doubts.

The Sittman and Pit company created a gambling machine in 1891 in New York. This rudimentary machine set the stage for the modern slot machines we love today. It contained five spinning drums, each containing 10 card faces. That makes a total of 50 playing card faces on the gamine device.

Surprisingly, this gaming machine gained incredible adoption in the gaming landscape. You would hardly not come by one in a gaming saloon and bar, as it requires only one nickel to play the game.

By implementing poker principles, the gaming machine used a lever hand, which you pull to win a good poker hand on the reels. However, this machine didn’t have the mechanism to pay winners directly. So, establishments awarded winners with things like free drinks, cigars, or beers, depending on the type of business. Very different from modern casino slot games.

Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell

Afterward came the era of the auto-mechanical slot machine. Charles Feyman saw a need in gamblers for a more sophisticated device to automate payouts for all winnings. So, he worked towards solving this problem.

Between 1887 and 1995, Fey invented the Liberty Bell. These antique slot machines had three spinning reels, which housed five symbols, as opposed to the five drums and fifty playing cards of the earlier gaming machine.

The Liberty Bell slot machine symbol category included Liberty Bell (from which the slot machine derived its name), heart, diamond, spade, and horseshoe. If you could line up three symbols correctly on the payline of one of these antique slot machines, you would win a 50-cent jackpot.

These now casino games had simple operations. A player would put a coin in the slot to activate the Liberty Bell and then pull the handle or arm to make the wheels spin.

What makes Fey’s Liberty Bell unique is its ability to pay out coins and unlimited jackpots. Little did Fey know that the Liberty Bell would later become the foundation for other slot machines.

Herbert Mills’ Operator Bell and Bally’s Electromechanical Slot

Mills produced his Operator Bell in 1907, an improved replica of the Fey’s Liberty Bell. It is the first fruit machine produced, containing fun fruit symbols instead of the card symbols in the Liberty Bell. A modern example of this slot is the 777 Slot Game. These antique slot machines flooded saloons, bowling alleys, and shops in the 1900s, becoming more popular than its predecessors.

Following Mill’s slot was the electromechanical slot by Bally in the early 1960s. As electrical gadgets and smart devices have always been the center of people’s attention, this slot machine garnered a lot of popularity among gamers who named it “Money Honey.” Its operation is effortless as it only requires pulling the side arm to activate it.

Antique Slot Machines Vs Modern Machines

Unlike antique slot machines, which were purely mechanical, modern machines are digital with new high-tech innovations, colorful graphics, and improved sound systems and lighting. These qualities are still present in modern slot games like Inferno Slots.

Additionally, modern slot machines have started incorporating the latest technological innovations like AI, including VR and AR tech, with improved Internet facilities like 5G. These are changing slot machine psychology and how players approach the different playing strategies.

Learn to play both styles with the help of our online casino guide.

Unlocking the Slot Machine Past!

The history of the antique slot machines will continue to unfold. Many elements of the machines have stood the test of time and are appreciated by gamblers worldwide. It is reflected through games like the Anime Slot Machine we can play today, being one of the most sought-after games in multiple online casino settings.

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