Rich Granny: A Positive Slot With A Charismatic Old Woman

Rich Granny: A Positive Slot With A Charismatic Old Woman

Over 75% of slot games remain top tiers amidst an online casino due to strong movie themes, heroic characters, and storylines that get people’s minds blown away. All these are embedded in the Rich Granny — a slot game of relaxation in its finest form. As hilarious and charismatic as the old lady character is, Gamzix made it more extreme by creating a game that evolves around it.

Who gets compensated for running errands for old folks every time? Your guess is as good as mine. That is the flip-side imbued in Gamzix’s Rich Granny’s slot game that makes it exciting. Often considered a game slot online with high volatility, the Rich Granny fan base is boundlessly waxing. Quite surprising.

In the subsequent sections of today’s casino news, we’ll examine what captivates the players’ minds and why it is perceived as one of the most relaxing games.

Rich Granny Has More Wealth than Wrinkles!

Only a few people consider a game of high volatility worth playing. But why is Rich Granny different?

Contrary to Woodlanders Slot, which may have a complicated reel structure of four 5-reel-rows, Rich Granny features 5 reels and 10 paylines, Gamzix depicted a wizardry display. And while the Dragon and Phoenix slot games may have this feature next to them or even high reels and paylines features are rare among slot games with strong themes.

Major Features of the Rich Granny Casino Game

Here are some of the best features of the game:

  • Granny’s Letters

With a random throwing of wild numbers between 1 to 5, players may get lucky by getting granny’s winning.

  • Robbery Bonus

Have you ever heard of how an immoral act pays more? We’re obviously not having a sermon preached. The robbery bonus is where excitement gets heated. With 3 Chihuahuas, players can trigger a bonus round with ease. Again, if three symbols get triggered, one gets a classic round. With 4, they receive 1 extra reel. Lastly, having 5 will get the player 2 extra reels. All of these can equally be bought by players if they decide to.

The Rich Granny free version is thrilling, irrespective of the game’s high risk. Getting one spin by three match symbols or more is just beautiful. Now imagine the online slot real money version and its rewards!

For instance, with stamps, a player can get landed on a random value that ranges between x1 and x6. Granny Shooter will reveal a random value and add it to all the symbols on the reels. With Granny Collector, a random value is revealed once all visible values are collected from the grid. With the collection of 3 Pin symbols, a player unblocks an additional row while one TNT symbol will do the same.

  • Relaxation point

Old Rich Granny won’t keep up with being extreme forever. Once a player reaches the maximum win of x40000, the round is brought to a close.

A Quick Note On How to Play

You may wonder what the processes involved in wagering on an old lady who isn’t so innocent would be. Well, it’s relatively easy.

  • Setting a bet can be done in two ways. First, by holding the ‘Spin’ button. Second, by hitting the ‘Coin Stake’ button. No pressure in either of the steps.
  • Spinning the reels.
  • The buying bonus will enable a player to have a bonus round.

A crucial point to note is that players with little budgets are interested in low volatility. This will enable them to invest and reinvest their winning over time.

Those with a high budget have the advantage of winning the most because, with their funds, it becomes easy to match the high volatility rate.

Final Thoughts

With many indicative bonuses, one might quickly perceive Rich Granny as an online table game. The bonuses are the uniqueness of the Rich Granny slot game. Any innovative slots with organized themes are the way to go if one desires to enjoy slot games.

As mentioned earlier, the slot game is highly volatile in terms of numbers. However, having an RTP of 96% and a mouth-watering cap bonus of x40000 is where the switch got flipped. Rich Granny is authentic in its form among casino games. Not buttressed on how themed it is, but also the style of playing the game. It is an enjoyable game — try it at Vegas Aces Casino!

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