Deuces Wild vs Double Bonus Poker

Deuces Wild vs Double Bonus Poker

Delving into Deuces Wild and Double Bonus Poker

Are you curious about the popular video poker games Deuces Wild and Double Bonus Poker? Dive into this comprehensive comparison to find out which game is better for you. Don’t forget to join our casino to experience the excitement and challenge of these games, including Free online video poker, for yourself!

Unraveling the Deuces Wild Experience

Deuces Wild is a well-known video poker game found in most physical and online casinos, like Wild Texas online. It’s often compared to other video poker variations such as Double Bonus and Jacks or Better. But is Deuces Wild better than Double Bonus Poker? And can you make money playing video poker with this variation?

The unique aspect of Deuces Wild is that all four twos, or deuces, function as Wild Cards. This means players can substitute any card for a deuce to create a winning hand, such as in a Three Card Rummy Game. The lowest hand on the pay chart is Three of a Kind, which receives the same payout as Four Deuces, the second-best hand after a Royal Flush.

Deuces Wild uses a standard 52-card deck, and players must decide which cards to hold, hoping for a Royal Flush. Video poker game creators have quickly adopted the Wild Card feature, making Deuces Wild stand out among other wild card casino games due to its simple rules and gameplay.

Diving into Double Bonus Poker

Double Double Bonus is the most popular video poker game worldwide (DDB) and is often featured in the Aces and Eights guide. It uses a standard deck of 52 cards, which are shuffled before each game, eliminating the need to count cards. So, is Deuces Wild better than Double Bonus Poker? And are all video poker machines the same?

This game is popular because players receive an additional bonus if they get four aces, twos, threes, or fours with a “kicker” (a specific fifth card in the same hand as the four-of-a-kind). Double Double Bonus Poker doesn’t have “Wild” cards. If you prefer playing with Wild cards, you should stick to Deuces Wild.

One of the game’s most significant advantages is its high Return to Player (RTP) rate, which can reach up to 98.98%. The payoff table for Double Double Bonus Poker and Jacks or Better is nearly identical. Players wager money, hoping to achieve a specific combination of symbols, which determines the payout for each bet. However, the odds of obtaining a particular symbol remain unknown. In poker, which is the better hand depends on the game variation being played.

Standard payouts are awarded for winning hands like jacks or better, two pairs, three of a kind, a straight, a flush, a full house, a straight flush, or a royal flush. Things get more interesting when considering the value of a four-of-a-kind hand, which is separated into four individual hands in Double Double Bonus Poker.


When comparing Deuces Wild and Double Bonus Poker, the choice depends on individual preferences. Deuces Wild offers a more straightforward gaming experience with Wild cards, making it suitable for players who enjoy the thrill of substituting cards for deuces. On the other hand, Double Bonus Poker is perfect for those who seek a higher RTP and additional bonuses with specific four-of-a-kind hands.

Ultimately, both games offer unique experiences and challenges, and the best choice is the one that aligns with your playing style and preferences. So why not try both Deuces Wild and Double Bonus Poker at our online casino to decide for yourself which game is better?

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