Irish Story Keno Game

Irish Story Keno Game

Quick Overview of the Game

The Irish Story Keno game, developed by Inbet Games, merges the straightforward gameplay of a classic Keno online game with Irish tales and symbols. The lush green backdrops and haunting melodies instantly transport players to the land of leprechauns and pots of gold. Ready to try your luck in this Irish adventure? Join now and uncover the mysteries of the Emerald Isle!

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How to Play Irish Story Keno

Learning to play Irish Story Keno is similar to traditional Keno. Select numbers on the board, and watch as one of the best online casino games draws its own set. If your numbers match, you win! Moreover, the added Irish Story elements, like symbols and bonus rounds, amplify the excitement.

How does it work? Choose up to 10 numbers from the board of 80. Once you’ve made your selection, the game will randomly draw 20 numbers. Payouts are determined by how many of your chosen numbers match the game’s drawn numbers.


The game is set in a serene Irish countryside. The numbers shimmer on Celtic stones, and with each draw, symbols like clovers and horseshoes can appear, triggering special bonuses or multipliers. Ready to test your luck and skill? Immerse yourself in our collection of casino games and let the fun commence!

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Bet Sizes & House Edge

Betting sizes vary from a minimum of $0.50 to a maximum of $50. Online information indicates a house edge of around 3.5%, keeping it competitive with other Keno games on the market. Stay ahead in the gaming world – read our best online casino reviews for insider tips and the inside scoop on top casinos.

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Number of Matches Payout
1 3x your bet
2 6x your bet
3 12x your bet
4 24x your bet
5 50x your bet
6 75x your bet
7 100x your bet
8 500x your bet
9 2,500x your bet
10 10,000x your bet

Irish Story Keno Tips

  • Understand the Odds

The probability of matching numbers varies depending on how many you choose. It’s crucial to understand these odds. For instance, while matching 10 out of 10 numbers offers a fantastic payout, the chances of doing so are relatively slim.

  • Stay Consistent or Mix It Up

Some players swear by playing the same set of numbers, believing that they’ll eventually be drawn. Others prefer to change their numbers frequently, hoping to strike gold with a new combination. Neither strategy is inherently superior, so go with what feels right for you.

  • Use the Bonuses

The unique Irish-themed bonuses in this game can be a game-changer. Familiarize yourself with the symbols and their corresponding rewards. Landing a bonus can amplify your winnings or give you a second chance at a prize.

  • Set a Budget

While this tip applies to all forms of gambling, it’s especially pertinent here. Before diving into the game, decide on a budget for that session and stick to it. It ensures that you enjoy the game responsibly and don’t chase losses.

  • Remember, It’s About Fun

Irish Story Keno is designed to be an entertaining blend of traditional Keno and whimsical Irish tales. While winning is fantastic, remember to enjoy the game for the journey and the experience it provides.

  • Take Breaks

If you’re on a losing streak or find yourself playing for extended periods, it’s always a good idea to take a break. Sometimes, stepping away and returning later can offer a fresh perspective and renewed enjoyment.

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Irish Story Keno Game FAQs

What is the main difference between traditional Keno and Irish Story Keno?

The Irish Story Keno incorporates elements of Irish folklore, symbols, and bonus rounds that aren't present in traditional Keno.

Is the Irish Story Keno provided by Inbet Games?

Yes, the Irish Story Keno is proudly developed by Inbet Games.

Can I play Irish Story Keno on mobile?

Absolutely! The game is optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms.


The Irish Story Keno game offers a refreshing take on the classic Keno experience. Inbet Games beautifully intertwines the mysteries of the Emerald Isle with a game loved by many. Whether you’re in for the gameplay or the lore, this Keno variation promises an engaging and rewarding journey. So, why wait? Dive into the Irish Story Keno adventure today! Embark on a journey with Irish Story Keno and with the Keno Night game as your guides in the game. Play now and let the reels unveil the path to fortune!

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Irish Story Keno Reviews

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Aidan Gallagher

Lucky Irish fun! Keno's a blast, nice wins. 

 by Fiona Murphy

Charming theme, but payouts need a boost.

 by Liam O'Donnell

Keno magic! Pot of gold with every play. 

 by Maeve Flynn

Addictive gameplay. Irish luck's on my side. 

 by Cian Walsh

Graphics are lively! Payouts keep me hooked.

 by Siobhan Kelly

Unit 15E Decent fun, but bonus rounds are rare.

 by Declan Byrne

Nostalgic theme, but lacks consistent wins. 

 by Saoirse Murray

 Irish Story Keno's charming. Jackpots thrill!

 by Niall Ryan

Fun way to test Irish luck. Hits and misses.

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