Russian Keno Online

Russian Keno Online

Quick Overview of the Game

Welcome to the exciting world of the Russian Keno online game, brought to you by Smartsoft Gaming. Get ready to experience the thrill of this classic lottery-style game.

With its simple yet captivating gameplay, this online Keno game offers players the chance to win with just a few lucky numbers. Featuring an easy-to-use interface, this game is perfect for both seasoned gamers and beginners alike.

So why wait? Join the best online casino and live the fun and excitement of Russian Keno today and see if Lady Luck is on your side!

How to Play Russian Keno online

Playing Russian Keno online is easy online and straightforward, even if you’re new to the game. To start, select your preferred bet size between $0.20 and $200 per round.

Next, select up to 10 numbers from the grid of 80 numbers displayed on the screen. That said, keep in mind that you have 15 seconds before the game draws the next winning numbers.

In our comprehensive Russian Keno Review, we delve into the mechanics of the game. After placing your bets and selecting your numbers, the game will proceed to draw 20 numbers at random. Any numbers you successfully match will be highlighted on the grid, adding to the excitement and anticipation. Explore our Russian Keno Review to uncover more about this captivating game and maximize your winning potential.

If you match enough numbers to win a payout, your winnings will be automatically credited to your account.


Russian Keno from SmartSoft Gaming, creators of excelling casino games, as explored in our online casino reviews, presents a timeless keno game with familiar gameplay mechanics. To begin a Russian Keno session, you select your desired bet amount and pick your preferred numbers. Each round allows you to choose between one and ten numbers, aiming to match as many as possible from the next number draw. If you’re new to the game, fret not. You can acquaint yourself with the Russian Keno demo version, enabling you to learn and gain confidence. Explore our online casino reviews for more insights into the captivating world of Russian Keno.

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Bet Sizes & House Edge

Russian Keno offers a wide range of bet sizes. The minimum bet size is $0.20, and the maximum bet size is $200.

When it comes to the house edge in Russian Keno, the thing is, it varies. However, in general, keno games tend to have a higher house edge compared to other casino games. This is due to the large number of possible outcomes in each round, which makes it difficult for players to win consistently.

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In Russian Keno, payouts are determined by the number of matches you have with your chosen numbers. The more numbers you correctly match, the higher your payout will be. Here is a table that shows how the payout is calculated:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
0 1 1 2 2
1 3 1
2 10 2 1 1
3 45 10 3 2 2
4 80 20 15 4 5 2
5 150 60 20 15 10 5
6 500 80 50 25 30
7 1000 200 125 100
8 2000 1000 300
9 5000 2000
10 10,000


Russian Keno Online Tips

Russian Keno is a game of chance. Therefore, there is no guaranteed way to win. However, by following the tips below you can increase your chances of having a positive and enjoyable gambling experience:

  • Consider choosing a mix of high and low numbers
  • Consider playing multiple rounds instead of placing a single large bet
  • Understand the payout structure
  • Avoid chasing losses

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Russian Keno online FAQs

What are the payouts for the Russian Keno game?

The payouts for Russian Keno can vary depending on how many numbers you match and the size of your bet.

Is there a strategy for playing Russian Keno?

Since Russian Keno is a game of chance, there is no guaranteed strategy for winning.


Russian Keno is a thrilling game that offers players the chance to win and have fun at the same time. With its simple yet exciting gameplay and wide range of bet sizes, this classic casino game has something to offer everyone. So if you’re looking for an entertaining way to spend your time and possibly win some money, why not give Russian Keno a try? Or try other games like Inferno Slots for an alternative in you gaming evenings!

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