Quick Play Mahjong Slot Game

Quick Play Mahjong Slot Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Unless you’ve spent time in Asia, it’s unlikely you’ve encountered the game of Mahjong. However, this immensely popular online casino real money game brings out the competitive side of all who play. And the Quick Play Mahjong Slot from KA Gaming will do the same to you – in a good way, of course!

Each reel spin could lead to hidden multipliers and free games, plus the other great features this one has in store.

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How to Play the Quick Play Mahjong Slot

The rules of the Quick Play Mahjong will be rather complex for those who’ve never heard of the game. But luckily, that’s merely the game’s theme, and the theme has no impact on the mechanics of this terrific slot.

When you break it down, you’re in control of the wager size per spin, and it’s just a case of selecting ‘spin’ as and when you’re ready to explore this one.

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Quick Play Mahjong Slot RTP and Variance

We’d love to share the exact variance for the Quick Play Mahjong with you. However, KA Gaming hasn’t assigned one to this game. As displayed in many of our online slots, we’ve seen the absence of this metric with other fantastic slots by this provider. That said, the RTP is a known variable that sits at an average of 94%.

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Symbols and Gameplay

You can just imagine the intense Mahjong casino games taking place around this casino setting, which is only heightened when calming but engaging music kicks in as the reels turn.

This one even has unique animations as Mahjong symbols spring from the background to align beneath the grid should you land a significant connection. Of course, this is what brings the Quick Play Mahjong Slot Machine to life, and it only bolsters the quality of this title.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Like in many online slots, unless turning the reels of the Quick Play Mahjong Slot Demo, you must wager at least $0.50 per spin for a piece of this game. This is the minimum bet, whereas the maximum bet is $250.

Symbol 2 on a Payline 3 on a Payline 4 on a Payline 5 on a Payline
Two Circle Tile X 0.25 0.75 5.00
Temple Symbol Tile X 0.25 0.75 5.00
Two Row Tile X 0.25 1.00 10.00
Chinese Symbol Tile X 0.25 1.00 10.00
Green & Red Circle Tile X 0.50 1.25 12.50
Asian Symbol Tile X 0.50 1.25 12.50
Black Circle Tile X 1.00 2.50 25.00
Three Row Tile X 1.00 2.50 25.00
Green Symbol X 2.50 10.00 50.00
Yellow Symbol 0.25 2.50 12.50 125.00
Red Symbol 0.25 5.00 25.00 250.00

Quick Play Mahjong Slot Bonus Features

This game has three main bonus features. Starting with the one you’ll encounter the most, this relates to the wild symbol, which churns through all five reels to help you grab big returns. Beyond that, the top bonus is the free games feature, earned by finding between 3x and 5x scatters in one spin.

This triggers between 8 and 28 free games at a time and opens the doors to the final bonus – the Mahjong dice roll. Thanks to this feature, as the dice determine your fate, you can rack up points and build your multipliers as high as 168x.

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Quick Play Mahjong Slot Game FAQs

What is the minimum number of symbols I must combine for a payout?

You will get a payout for the two highest-paying symbols by combining just two of them.

Is there an option to buy the free spins bonus?

No - the ‘bonus buy’ feature is unavailable in the Quick Play Mahjong Slot.

What happens if I land 3x scatters during free spins?

This results in an 8x multiplier, added to your existing winnings.


With its sensational bonus features and engaging theme, the Quick Play Mahjong Slot is one you should shortlist. In fact, why not sign up here to dive right in?

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