Samurai Way Slot

Samurai Way Slot

Quick Overview of the Game

There’s the old-fashioned way, and then there’s the Samurai Way. And based on the popularity of this game, it seems many prefer the latter. As you can imagine, the Samurai Way Slot from KA Gaming takes you into the realm of these magnificent warriors, and it does so in style.

With more than a few delights to slice through, as this Samurai Way Slot Review reveals, you’re in for a real treat once the reels start moving too. Examples include mega multipliers, multiple free casino games, and even an interactive archery bonus where you get to show off your skills.

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How to Play the Samurai Way Slot

To take a swing at those reels, you must first pump the brakes and choose from a range of bet levels. The Samurai Way Slot has 15 in total, and you can adjust the bet size using the +/- links through the ‘new bet’ button. Since the real money online casino game has 243 paylines, this is the only adjustable variable, making the game a breeze to play.

Once you’ve picked your bet size, the key to this sword-slinging land is to hit play and watch those guys battle.

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Samurai Way Slot RTP and Variance

The high maximum payout suggests the reels won’t be too friendly towards conservative players here. But putting an end to that belief, the game has an RTP of 95.98% and a medium variance, which is much better than expected.

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Symbols and Gameplay

These Japanese martial arts experts instill fear into their enemies. Fortunately, you’re on their side in the Samurai Way Slot Game. Once you start slashing away at those reels, iconic symbols like crashing waves, boats, mighty warriors, and ancient temples reveal themselves, too.

The jingles involving flutes and spine-tingling gong strikes also remind you that while you’re part of the gang, you’re in for a dangerous ride. So stay alert and stick with the Samurai as you turn those reels.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Like other KA Gaming online slots, this one has 15 bet levels. As for the limits of this range, the minimum is $0.30, while the maximum is $150.

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Symbol 2 on a Payline 3 on a Payline 4 on a Payline 5 on a Payline
Ninja Scatter X 7.50 15.00 75.00
Gold Shield X 0.25 0.50 5.00
Bronze Shield X 0.25 0.75 5.00
Helmet Warrior X 0.50 0.75 5.00
Boat X 0.50 0.75 5.00
Temple X 0.50 0.75 7.50
Wave X 0.50 1.50 7.50
Female Warrior Bonus X 0.75 1.75 10.00
Mountain X 1.00 2.50 15.00
Water Gateway X 1.50 5.00 40.00
Blue Robe Samurai X 1.75 5.00 50.00
Red Robe Samurai X 2.50 5.00 50.00


Samurai Way Slot Bonus Features

The range and depth of bonus features here are admirable. During the base game, the reels might dish out wild substituted wins across all reels, and there’s a constant chance of securing either the free games or the archery bonus. Regarding the former, you can choose between five free game styles, each offering a unique blend of free spins and multipliers.

As for the latter, this is an interactive bonus that requires you to test your aim to land immediate returns.

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Samurai Way Slot FAQs

Are the 243 paylines fixed in this game?

Yes. This is a positive thing, as it gives plenty of ways to win with every spin.

Do I have any influence over my success in the archery bonus?

Yes. You must aim the arrows using the on-screen target to hit the dark red circle in the center of the board.

Can I pick which free game feature I use?

Yes, you can choose any of the five free game options before starting the bonus.


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