Jacks or Better Video Poker | Rival

Jacks or Better Video Poker | Rival

Quick Overview of the Game

This Jacks or Better video poker review will highlight the features of this fun online game. Created by Rival, Jacks or Better video poker online has rich graphics and features 3D animation.

Looking for the best online casino to play poker? This game has a familiar poker design but offers a simplistic touch. It is also mobile-compatible and you can try it out for free on the demo version. Give it a shot and see why it’s one of the top choices at the best online casinos.

Want to land a Royal Flush and win huge prizes? Read on to find out more.

How to Play Jacks or Better Video Poker

If you want to learn how to play Jacks or Better free online video poker, this section will interest you. The player is dealt 5 cards face up to start, and they can choose which ones to keep and return the rest. When you’re satisfied with the cards, you can click the ‘deal’ button. You need the highest combination of cards to win the round. If your cards are higher than the dealer’s, you’ll get a payout based on your bet.


Like most casino games, Jacks or Better video poker online has a deck of 52 cards. You cannot raise or bluff in this game since you’re not playing with another player but against the dealer. You only need to make a bet at the start of the game and have a winning hand with a pair of jacks or better.

If you do not have this combination, the house will win. Start the game by choosing your wager. It has five hands, so you can pick from 1 to 5. The Random Number Generator deals five cards to the player, and you can pick which to keep and discard. Also, players can choose new cards before dealing.

Next, the computer will deal you replacement cards, and what you have will determine if you lose or win. A stronger hand means a more significant win, so it is better to understand the rankings.

Betting Sizes & House Edge

Jacks or Better (Multi-Hand) has an average betting range. The minimum bet in this game is $0.25, and the highest bet you can place is $125.

On the other hand, the house edge of Jacks or Better (Multi-Hand) is 0.46%. This percentage is great because the player has a better advantage.


Jacks or Better (Multi-Hand) pays out up to 5x your bet. You can get up to 4,000 coins if you land a Royal Flush. The lowest payout on the paytable is 1 coin. Refer to the paytable below to see the potential winnings.

Suit  X1  x2 x3 x4 x5
Royal Flush 250 500 750 1000 4000
Straight Flush 50 100 150 200 250
Four of a Kind 25 50 75 100 125
Full House 9 18 27 36 45
Flush 6 12 18 24 30
Straight 4 8 12 16 20
Three of a Kind 3 6 9 12 15
Two Pair 2 4 6 8 10
Jacks or Better 1 2 3 4 5

Jacks or Better Video Poker (Multi-Hand) Tips

Jacks or Better is a game of chance. However, a few strategies can make your game better. Below are some helpful strategies to follow.

  • Speed up the game using the game menu.
  • Memorize your paytable because no two hands pay the same.
  • Max bet is ideal because it increases your chances of getting a Royal Flush.
  • Low pairs are better than a single high card.

Jacks or Better Video Poker (Multi-Hand) FAQs

What is the RTP of Jacks or Better poker online?

Jacks or Better has a high RTP of 99.54%. It also has low volatility, meaning the payouts may be smaller but more frequent.

Is there a Jacks or Better video poker demo?

Yes, you can find Jacks or Better video poker demo online, as every reputable online casino should offer the free version alongside the paid one.

Is Jacks or Better (Multi-Hand) worth it?

Jacks or Better (Multi-Hand) is worth it because it has a high RTP. Also, it has low volatility and offers frequent prizes to players, even if they may be small.


From this Jacks or Better video poker review, you can see that the game has a high RTP, making it a great option for users with small bankrolls. Also, its low volatility can work in your favor, and you’ll win often. Find the best online casino reviews, only at Vegas Aces Casino!

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