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Video Poker | Orbital Gaming

Quick Overview of the Game

Playing the game of poker has never been simpler. With the Orbital Video Poker game, anyone with little or no experience in poker can play on a professional level. The best online casino game allows customization, which means you can tweak it to your taste. Double your winnings by choosing the right color, or quadruple them by playing the suit option. The choice is yours. Keep reading our Video Poker game review for more information.

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How to Play Orbital Video Poker

Due to the fast loading of this free online video poker, you can start playing within seconds. Once the Orbital Video Poker game starts, choose your bet amount from $0.1 to $100 and click play.


From every indication, this Video Poker game was created to allow people with no experience to understand how to play video poker. All you need to do is select a suitable bet size and then tap the play button. If there’s a need for more cards, you can use the “Deal” button to get them.

When you win, you can choose to claim your win with the “Collect” button or try your luck further by clicking the “Gamble” button to increase your win by 2x or 4x. Note that if you lose the gamble, you’ll lose what you just won previously.

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Bet Sizes & House Edge

This Orbital Video Poker provides a wide range of betting options, beginning with a low of $0.1 and capping at a maximum of $100. Also, our Video Poker game review team found the house edge to be 1%.

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In this game, you can hit a high payout if you’re lucky to land a lucrative winning combination. In this section, we shall be listing out the various winning combinations in the game and their numerical impact on your bet.

Winning Combinations Payout
Royal Flush 800x
Straight Flush 60x
Four of a Kind 22x
Full House 9x
Flush 6x
Straight 4x
Three-of-a-Kind 3x
Two Pairs 2x
Jacks or Better 1x

Orbital Video Poker Tips

In line with our commitment to always be transparent with our readers, we’d like to inform you that there’s no strategy anywhere to win any game of chance. These games are built to be unpredictable, so anyone claiming to have such a strategy isn’t being truthful.

However, there are best practices that can help you make progress in any game of chance, like in the Orbital Video Poker game. These tips will be your guide and help you avoid errors that could cost you your bankroll. With that said, let’s roll them out.

  • Start with a low bet.
  • Get familiar with the paytable and the worth of all the hands.
  • Don’t make it a habit to play the gamble feature so that you do not lose your winnings.
  • Have a daily target and exit once it is hit.

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Orbital Video Poker FAQs

What's the best hand in the Video Poker game?

The Royal Flush is the best hand you can hope to get in the game. Getting the winning combination will earn you 800x your bet.

Can I play Video Poker on my phone?

Yes, the game is suitable for mobile gaming. You can connect to the game with your Android or iOS smartphone and play from anywhere.

What's the maximum bet amount in the Video Poker game?

You can bet a maximum of $100 at once in this Video Poker game. Just make sure that your balance can sustain such a bet amount to avoid ending your gameplay abruptly due to insufficient funds.


Not having an experience is no longer a good excuse to shy away from one of the most interesting table games ever made — Video Poker. With this variant from Orbital Gaming, you can wave your lack of poker skills goodbye because the game has been broken down to the simplest level.

By playing this game consistently, you can learn more about poker and sharpen your abilities while raking in some winnings at the same time. If this sounds like a good deal to you, quickly sign up with Vegas Aces, find Orbital Gaming’s Video Poker, and start playing.

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