Trey Poker Game

Trey Poker Game

Quick Overview of Trey Poker Table Game

Trey Poker is a simple video poker variant played with three cards each round. The name ‘Trey’ is a poker term for three. Created by BGaming, Trey Poker online offers a classic layout with a realistic touch. The sound effects also mimic real-life poker tables.

The poker variant has been optimized for mobile, so you can play it whenever you want. However, you may be required to turn your phone’s landscape mode on to enjoy it even better.

Want to learn about the bet sizes, house edge, and payouts? After reading this Trey Poker game review in the casino online, you will be ready to pair up and ante!

How to Play Trey Poker Online

Since this game is a new kind of poker variation, you may need to learn how to play before staking real money. To start playing, place your bet using the chips and then move the chips to the ante circle. You will play against the dealer, and both parties are dealt three cards each.

To win, you need to have a better hand. You have the option to fold or play. Trey Poker online table game demo is also available if you want to practice first before playing for real money.

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Bet Sizes & House Edge

The bet size is large enough for all types of players. The lowest bet range on the poker game is $1, while the highest you can bet is $100.

The house edge of Trey Poker is between 2,01%-3,37% or an equivalent RTP of 97.99%. This means that you can secure steady gains. However, it is important to note that the house edge changes based on your strategy.


The payouts on Trey Poker are often determined by the paytable. The strongest hand in this poker is the Royal Flush, which offers a 100:1 payout, while the weakest hand is the Pair.

The table below lists the potential payouts for different hands.

Hand  Payout 
Royal Flush 100:1
Straight Flush 50:1
3 of a Kind 40:1
Straight 5:1
Flush 3:1
Pair 1:1


Trey Poker Tips

Trey Poker can be simple if you choose a good strategy. The first tip is to know when to fold while playing. If you do not have good hands, it’s better to fold. If you have an Ace or even a King, then play that hand. However, if it is lower than Jack’s, you’ll probably need to fold to help reduce your losses significantly.

Another tip is to maintain a relative bet size. If your bankroll is limited, it is best to reduce your bet sizes per hand. Also, consider the loss and win limits, meaning that you should take your winnings out and never lose more than what you can afford.

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Trey Poker FAQs

Can I play Trey Poker on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can enjoy Trey Poker on your mobile phone running on Android and iOS. Simply change the orientation of your phone to landscape and play.

What is the house edge of Trey Poker?

The house edge of Trey Poker is between 2,01%-3,37% or an equivalent RTP of 97.99%.

Think Fast and Win Big!

The game is a simple table game for fast thinkers. The provider did a great job on the graphics and background of the game. It has a natural setting along with realistic sound effects to take you to Vegas. If you prefer to play the game on your mobile phone or tablet, you can do so with ease because it is optimized for both. The poker variant also has a low house edge, which benefits players. Even though it doesn’t offer any bonus features, you can still secure several wins to increase your bankroll.

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Trey Poker Reviews

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Emily Turner

Fantastic poker game! Trey Poker on Vegas Aces combines strategy and excitement for an unforgettable experience.

 by William Anderson

Strategic and rewarding! Trey Poker offers seamless gaming with its tactical decision-making. Love it on Vegas Aces!

 by Sophia Thompson

Exciting gameplay and generous rewards! Trey Poker on Vegas Aces is a fantastic card game that delivers thrilling wins.

 by Noah Campbell

Engaging and visually impressive! Trey Poker offers an authentic poker atmosphere and smooth gameplay. Love it on Vegas Aces!

 by Mia Sullivan

Endless fun and excitement! Trey Poker on Vegas Aces provides an immersive card game experience with great rewards. Highly recommended!

 by Ava Roberts

Mentally stimulating and captivating! Trey Poker keeps me entertained with its strategic gameplay and the potential for big wins.

 by Ethan Turner

Unforgettable gaming excitement! Trey Poker on Vegas Aces delivers strategic gameplay and a thrilling atmosphere. A must-play game!

 by Olivia Harris

Thrilling and rewarding! Trey Poker offers an immersive gameplay experience and the chance to win big. Love it on Vegas Aces!

 by Benjamin Reynolds

Addictive and strategic! Trey Poker on Vegas Aces is an engaging card game with great potential. Highly recommended!

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