Counting Cards and its Legality

Counting Cards and its Legality

You must have heard about card counting if you frequently play table games that mostly use cards like online Blackjack. For those not familiar, card counting is a mathematical way of keeping track of cards in a game. It better informs players how best to place bets and hold their cards. Counting cards offers a few benefits that casinos tend to frown at, which begs the question: Is counting cards illegal? Can you do it freely without the fear of getting caught?

Join today’s casino news as we look into the intricacies of card counting and its legality.

Is Counting Cards Illegal? Keeping it Simple and Clean

Despite widespread assumptions, the straightforward answer is that counting cards isn’t illegal. However, knowing how to count cards comes with its fair share of criticisms and challenges at the Casino. Card counting is a simple gambling strategy in which players note the number of high and low cards that have been dealt.

Keeping the score of the cards in one’s head while playing card games like Mississippi Stud Online or online Blackjack is not against the law. However, casinos view this as dishonest and illegal. They believe it is a strategic maneuver that helps players outsmart the house. They sometimes ban players for it.

Is Counting Cards Illegal? Other Casino Illegalities

While counting cards can be a successful approach in casino games, it becomes a form of cheating when coupled with other dishonest practices. Below are some potential card-counting techniques that are illegal.

Using Devices

While using a Blackjack strategy chart isn’t illegal, using electronic means to capture and analyze data about the cards is illegal. This is because devices like concealed cameras, smartphones, or computer programs do better at card counting than just your brain. They give you an almost flawless card-counting advantage.

Marked Cards

It’s against the rules to secretly mark the cards with information about their value. Players often use substances like invisible ink or other markings to denote the cards’ values in this way.

Collaborative Cheating

Sharing card information with a partner or group via signaling or colluding with the dealer is illegal. Subtle gestures, secret codes, and other forms of discreet communication are also collaborative cheating and are seriously frowned upon.

Card Switching

Intentionally altering one’s hand or the dealer’s by exchanging cards during play is also illegal. Players try to do this, especially when taking side bets like a common bet known as “match the dealer Blackjack bet” to win the high-paying bet. This illegal technique is also often done through sleight of hand or by tampering with the deck.

Please be aware that any fraudulent action committed while gaming is against the law and may result in criminal penalties and exclusion from casinos. Always play within the confines of the casino’s or gaming jurisdiction’s rules and regulations.

Why do People think Card counting is illegal?

Card counting has received so much backlash from casinos that people now think it is illegal. So in what ways is counting cards illegal? Here are some arguments people use to classify card counting as unlawful.

Casino Policies

Most casinos frown upon card counting because it gives expert players an advantage over the house. Casinos realize they need to take action against card counters, so they do things like use numerous decks, shuffle the cards frequently, and even ban players they think are counting cards in their table games. Some may mistakenly believe it unlawful due to the casinos’ staunch opposition.

Confusion with Cheating

Card counting is a gaming strategy in which players attempt to increase their odds of winning. While it is true that cheating methods like marking cards or using technological devices are prohibited, some people may mistake card counting for such tactics. This ambiguity helps fuel the widespread belief that card counting itself is forbidden by the law.

Media Portrayal

Card counting is frequently portrayed as a criminal practice in movies, novels, and other forms of media. These depictions may amplify the adverse effects of card counting or paint it as cheating, contributing to the widespread assumption that it is forbidden.

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Final Thoughts

We hope the above points have answered the question– is counting cards illegal? Card counting is usually lawful if done mentally, without cheating or using banned technologies. They have several benefits and can make you win a game like the Pirate 21 Betsoft variant. Casinos can and will reject service to anyone they believe is counting cards or using other advantage play strategies.

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