The Blackjack Card Counting Strategy

The Blackjack Card Counting Strategy

Making the most profit in online Blackjack is somewhat challenging because of the popular “the house always wins” catchword. However, winning over the house is possible with the card counting technique. A skilled card-counting blackjack player can amass a reasonable sum of money within some hours of gameplay, when applying certain strategies and having known some basic concepts like what is insurance in Blackjack, or what is a soft 17, etc.

Although most casinos rule out the concept of card counting and regard it as an illegal method, the technique still holds its grip. In this casino news, we’ll dive deep into card counting, how it works, and how you can use it in blackjack.

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Card Counting Applied in Blackjack

Card counting is a strategy to increase one’s chance of edging the house in blackjack. At first glance, it seems complex to learn. But in the long run, it becomes easy for anyone wanting to learn.

Knowing how to use card counting in blackjack correctly entails having a detailed knowledge of the following steps:

Card Counting: Understand Card Values

Detailed knowledge of card values in blackjack leaves a player with endless possibilities of winning.

In blackjack, the ideal card counting method adopted for value cards include:

  • For 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, each is valued at +1
  • 7, 8, and 9 all have a valuation of 0
  • Lastly, a 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace are pinned at -1 value

Know The Running Count

The running count is an addition or subtraction of every card seen in the shoe. The essence is to have a player account for funds and wager within reach. Where the running count faces increase, it implies the odds of winning blackjack games are in your favor. The running count lessens, and the house gets the advantage.

Understand How A “True Count” Works

No one, including an online casino, wants to be at the losing end. The introduction of multiple decks blackjack variants is to prevent card counting. However, the true count concept in detail still serves as a cheat code.

A true count is observed when a player divides running counts by the remaining deck. For example, assuming you have a running count of 10 with 5 decks left, your true count becomes 2. The true count enables players to ascertain when to change their bet.

Card Counting: Tailor Your Stakes

Being able to account for a running and true count is important as a player. They can help flip the winning odds in your favor and have the house edged out. This step is necessary to maintain your gameplay and not expose your stakes.

Therefore, to make the most of this, increasing your bets as the true count rises is advisable.

You might be wondering how to keep track of your chances of winning. Well, with a Blackjack strategy chart and bankroll management system, the risk of playing at a loss can easily be spot on, as well as mitigating it by letting you know how best to bet with your money.

Final Thoughts

There are no complexities to how to count cards in Blackjack. Constantly practicing and, of course, mastering the processes involved give any player the upper hand. Reading our American casino guide section will certainly provide you with pointers on how to improve your Blackjack game.

Card counting is a unique strategy. However, it is applicable in blackjack and may not necessarily be the same with other casino games, including Pontoon online.

To play blackjack online, read the available online casino reviews to find the best place that suits your needs, although we will always advise you to play at Vegas Aces Casino. You can also check out top software developers’ demo versions of different game variants.

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