Refreshing iGaming Insights From BGaming CEO; Marina Ostrovtsova

Refreshing iGaming Insights From BGaming CEO; Marina Ostrovtsova

From working in a Foreign Economic Department to becoming the CEO of a fast-rising software developer, Marina Ostrovtsova has stunned the world. Her inspiring story is an excellent example of how the things we do in life prepare us for leadership roles. Let’s take a quick look at the biography of Marina Ostrovtsova, focusing on her life and times.

Marina Ostrovtsova: Enormous Obligation & Definite Power

Ostrovtsova started her career working in the Foreign Economic Department. Although it was never a dream job to her, she is still grateful for the experiences she gathered there and how that gave her the needed skills to work under pressure. This was accompanied by a lot of responsibility and few resources to carry them out. With her positive thinking, she learned that being respectful, punctual, and having problem-solving skills were essential to becoming the great career person she is today.

Transversing the Technology Crossroads

Moving on in her life, Marina Ostrovtsova worked on an airline and hotel search website as part of the IT team. She was laid off after 2.5 years because the company was near bankruptcy. Although they were doing well, she claimed the company needed to grow faster and run higher on investors’ funds. But during her stay in the company, she learned about API integration, how to do it, and how fast it can go, which is a good developmental experience for IT.

She kept her optimism and persisted in her search for work, ultimately leading her to Softswiss, the company from which BGaming emerged as a separate entity. She had first applied for the role of their account manager but didn’t get hired. Yet, due to her determination, she applied again three months later. Since they still needed an account manager, she was hired. Ostrovtsova’s introduction to Softswiss in 2014 marked the beginning of her rise to become BGaming’s CEO.

Marina Ostrovtsova Starts Off in iGaming

Due to her lack of prior experience in the gambling industry, she got off to a shaky start. She had never done anything like this—individualized, not even played in a poker women game or event. As time passed, she picked up a wealth of knowledge about operators. This includes their expectations of game developers, their methods of collaboration, and the individualized requirements of their various clientele. Marina Ostrovtsova was promoted to Senior Product Manager in 2015, shortly after getting the hang of things; her work ethic had successfully driven client relationships. Softswiss did so well as gaming became more popular, resulting in the corporation developing a new segment named “BGaming.”

The newly formed business operated independently. And she made significant contributions to the company’s development into what it is now, yet she was passed over for the CEO position. In 2018, she took on the role of executive director.

A Leader’s Quest

Ostrovtsova said BGaming needed a complete makeover to compete with other notable gaming companies. Before she hired anyone, she, as the company’s first executive director, met with every candidate in person. Today, BGaming has over a hundred employees working to make the company successful.

Ostrovtsova calls 2018–2019, the first two years of the company’s existence, the “toughest era.” With her hard work developing BGaming’s signature goods, the former Executive Director was rewarded with the position of Chief Executive Officer in July 2022. She views failure as the single most significant indicator of success; she believes failure is the key to success.


Marina Ostrovtsova has found success leading her squad from behind. She said giving the crew much freedom and all her trust has brought them this far. This is the best way the team can communicate ideas and be creative. Ostrovtsova now prioritizes setting BGming’s vision to ensure all their services, including BGaming Casino. She says, “maintaining a clear vision is also about recognizing the major drivers that can push the team forward” and providing them “the opportunity to make mistakes.

When asked about her job in an interview, she said she has the best team to work with, which has greatly helped her. However, she still hopes to see the culture they aim for at BGaming and their partners expand across the industry, allowing people to bet on the best online casino platform she can deliver.

Final Thoughts

Marina Ostrovtsova has once again proved that anything can be achieved through dedication, hard work, and consistency. Under her leadership, Bgaming has grown to become one of the top online casino game developers in the industry, developing a number of innovative games under Ostrovtsova’s leadership, including popular online slots like Aztec Magic Deluxe and Book of Cats.

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