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Online Casino Dealer Jobs at Vegas Aces

Dealers at casinos supervise the games by distributing cards or other playing items, offering slot machine players tips, and distributing wins after each round.

Casino dealers are an integral part of the casino’s security network and significantly impact the casino’s profitability and customer service.

If you enjoy playing card games and conversing with others, a job as a casino dealer may be ideal for you. This article will discuss online casino dealer jobs, what a casino dealer does, how to enter the business, how much they earn, and their career prospects.


Even though the casino industry has been a part of this country’s GDP for a long time, it did not become one of Malta’s most important economic drivers until the beginning of the 21st century. In 2001, the government of Malta established the Malta Gaming Authority as a result.

Malta is renowned for its excellent laws and regulations that fulfill the requirements of gambling firms. Due to the favorable business climate, numerous multinational corporations have relocated their operations to Malta, including online casino dealer jobs. 

Betsson, Casumo, NetEnt, Bet-at-home, Expekt, Unibet, Mr. Green, and Videoslots are a few companies that conduct business from Malta. Of course, Malta also offers a handful of renowned land-based casinos.

United Kingdom

In London, beginning croupiers typically earn roughly £17,000 annually, but they may earn £20,000 in two years. It is not uncommon for competent dealers to make between £500 and £1,000 per month in gratuities, which are permitted in UK casinos. 

In London, dealers can receive tips that increase their pay by 30 percent.

Casino employees outside of London can earn between £12,000 and £15,000 per year, based on their experience level. Again, tips are not expected, but they will not be as generous as those received by their London coworkers.

It is conceivable for a skilled London croupier to advance to the position of Inspector in five years. If so, they might earn almost $28,000 plus tips. This will be approximately 30% cheaper outside of London, and living expenses will also be lower.


Gibraltar is not an independent nation. This southern Iberian Peninsula region is a British Overseas Territory. This is essentially a village measuring only 6,7 square kilometers. 

Gibraltar was historically incredibly significant to the British Empire due to its strategic location. Today, Gibraltar is more than merely a strategically considerable piece of land.

Gibraltar is one of the locations where gaming has existed for centuries. The soldiers who had been stationed there for an extended period enjoyed gambling as a hobby. 

Due to this, Gibraltar was likely one of the first jurisdictions to regulate online gambling in the 1990s, including online casino dealer jobs. In 2005, they established the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, which issues gambling licenses.

How Do I Become a Casino Dealer?

To work at online casino dealer jobs, one must exert effort. You must receive extensive training, either through a program operated by the casino or through a school that offers many courses on the various aspects of casino life.

Gaming programs are readily available in areas with several online casinos and typically run for six weeks. A student dealer will be instructed in all aspects of the business, including how to conduct games and play them. 

They will also learn about their location’s national and local legislation. Remember that these vary by location and state, so you may require a refresher course at some point.

After completing your dealer training, you will apply for a position at a neighboring casino. Here, not only will your technical talents be evaluated, but your personality may also play a role in obtaining employment. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.

FAQs Online Casino Dealer Jobs

Do casino dealers keep their tips?

In most casinos, only poker dealers get to retain the money you hand them. The majority of casinos require dealers to split their tips with their coworkers. Tips are the only compensation for floor employees, bartenders, servers, and the casino.

Are online casino dealer jobs good jobs to have?

Working at a casino is an excellent opportunity to earn money and gain valuable hospitality industry experience. A casino has numerous job types, indicating that multiple employment types are accessible.

Is being a casino dealer a stressful job?

Regular dealer shifts consist of one hour on the floor and twenty minutes off. However, the work performed while standing at the table can be psychologically and physically taxing. Not often are the other players pleasant.