Garret Adelstein and Nik Airball Poker Feud

Garret Adelstein and Nik Airball Poker Feud

Two poker stars engaged in a brief but intense social media feud, causing controversy in the poker community. It all started with one player trash-talking the other while the other player didn’t hesitate to reply. Here is what happened between Nik Airball poker player, and Garrett Adelstein, our casino news has it all covered.

How the Nik Airball Poker Feud Started

On Wednesday, Garrett Adelstein poker player hinted on Twitter at his return to live-streaming games, but no specific date or venue was announced. In a second tweet, he also aimed at Nik Airball poker player, a frequent at the Hustler Casino Live cash games.

On Twitter, he teased that the new @DougPolkVids is “hilarious,” especially the memes depicting him as though someone had shot his dogs. Undeniably, he went a little too far with the drama during the J4 incident. He also added fire had been started so that he might be back on the live broadcast shortly.

In a subsequent tweet, Adelstein criticized Nik Airball’s poker skills and attacked his personality. He said that PC Garrett had died and that Airball was a terrible person and an even worse poker player. Adelstein hasn’t played in a public poker game since accusing poker rookie Robbi Jade Lew of cheating six months ago.

Adelstein’s responses may be due to Nik Airball’s trash-talk on Twitter a day before their feud became public. This time, the roles were reversed. Now it was Adelstein firing rounds at Nik Airball, who didn’t take it lying down.

Nik Airball’s reaction

To respond to the insult, Nik tweeted something of his own, stating that he doesn’t block people from games. He doesn’t rank the recreational players he wants to play with; he battles ANYONE. And most importantly, when he gets owned, he doesn’t ask for a refund. This last statement was a side jab to Adelstein’s accusations against Robbi Jade Lew.

Nik Airball poker appearances are frequent at the Hustler Casino Live and is a significant advocate for the show. He accused Adelstein of pre-determining lineups and pledged loyalty to HCL co-owners Nick Vertucci and Ryan Feldman in a tweet.

Adelstein had a pristine reputation in poker, being associated with Kristen Bicknell, Vanessa Selbst, and a few others before J4.

Nik Airball Poker Fans React on Twitter

Live and online casino players, and those who enjoy free poker casino games, have witnessed the feud and taken sides. Adelstein faced heavy criticism from Nik’s supporters after tweeting a comment directed at Nik Airball on Tuesday.

On Twitter, Hoodie Allen commented that Adelstein needed to meditate on his statement as it is not good energy. Another handle said the new Garrett was going to be awesome.

In Nik Airball’s defense, someone twitted wondering where Adelstein got the idea that Nik was a bad person. He claimed to know Nik well and accused Adelstein of using trivial poker politics to defame Nik in the Robbi and Rip situation

A Possible Solution to The Feud

Doug Polk, co-owner of The Lodge Card Club in Austin, Texas, is willing to give Adelstein and Nik Airball a spot to duel on his live broadcast, tweeting:

“If you guys wanna duke it out, I know just the place… Pretty sure @nikiairball will pay you 500/1k deep”

Nik Airball responded to Polk’s tweet, saying that Adelstein is scared, always has, and always will be. He further commented, saying that real battlers play anyone and that he is only willing to battle people who have no chance against him.

Adelstein’s Future in Poker

Adelstein will likely make his first live-stream appearance since September on Live at the Cycle, the show he’s competed on for years, rather than flying out to Texas. In an interview with PokerNews, LATB executive producer Houston Curtis said he looks forward to welcoming Garrett Adelstein whenever he is ready to play. The show has previously hosted top poker players like Kristen Bicknell, showcasing the high level of competition on the platform.

Final Thoughts

It is still being determined whether Adelstein will show up live. However, if he does, it will be a terrific show of gaming skills. Rest assured that Vegas Aces online casino will give you the details of this feud and further developments, as Nik Airball poker players famous path of a rising star continues.

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