Robbi Jade Lew: A Triumphant Return

Robbi Jade Lew: A Triumphant Return

In poker, as with many other table games, allegations may come to the fore now and again. However, the most recent revolves around a declaration by Garrett Adelstein poker player, accusing Robbi Jade Lew, another revered poker player, of cheating in a hand valued at $269,000 during a match-up hosted by Hustler Casino Live.

In the live event streamed by over 20,000 people worldwide, Lew made a special call that seemed almost impossible unless she had the context of Garrett Adelstein’s poker cards beforehand. Although she reiterated that she was shocked, Adelstein refused to let sleeping dogs lie. As such, he formally complained to Hustler Casino Live, informing them of Lew’s perceived cheating tactics.

In the subsequent segments of this casino news, we’ll examine crucial bits of the Hustler Casino Live report alongside Garrett Adelstein’s adamance towards Lew’s vindication.

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Robbi Jade Lew – The Hustler Casino Live Investigation

With a brand to protect, Hustler Casino Live speedily investigated whether Garrett Adelstein’s poker cheating accusations against Robbi Jade Lew held water. Due to the absence of rock-solid evidence, poker players have been divided as the debate on the correctness of Lew’s actions raged for weeks.

Nonetheless, on December 14th, 2022, Hustler Casino Live released a report regarding the conduct of Robbi Jade Lew during gameplay. It’s pertinent to note that this particular memo clears Lew of any wrongdoing.

After executing a detailed assessment of High Stakes Poker Productions (HSPP) and HCL systems, Bulletproof**, a GLI Capital Group company, issued these key findings:

  • The decimate shuffling machine is totally safe and can’t be compromised by an external party.
  • It’s doubtful that any card-reading device embedded into a water bottle, object, or jewelry could’ve disrupted card signals.
  • The RFID technology utilized by Hustler Live Casino is 100% safe. Devices interrupting card signals would’ve gotten a hold of different serial numbers, not an actual card.
  • The on-floor camera operator’s radio communications didn’t prompt Robbi Jade Lew’s hand.
  • The PokerGFX system was void of malware. It also didn’t feature systems or installed programs that could aid hand interception.

These findings meted out by Bulletproof cleared Robbi Jade Lew of any cheating act during the $269,000-valued hand. However, it’s pertinent to note that HSPP is stepping up the anté to ensure that poker, as all table games, is 100% secure and fair by integrating these initiatives:

  1. Revamped the production room to ensure hole cards were visible on a single monitor. Only the director can access this screen.
  2. Installation of a wall and door in the production room. This door will remain under lock and key during streaming sessions. Only HSPP has the appropriate key required to open this door.
  3. Before accessing the room, production room employees must keep their phones and other technological devices in signal-blocking bags.
  4. Players must relinquish their technological devices (phones, smart watches, etcetera) before commencing gameplay. Other personal effects will be stored in signal-blocking bags.
  5. Players must sign waivers confirming the absence of investments in other players.
  6. Security personnel must utilize a metal detector wand to screen players before entering the stage. Players who leave at any point are re-screened upon re-entry.
  7. The remote camera operator isn’t accessible via an open-air channel. The director must tap a special button to communicate directly with them.

Lew’s Elation and Adelstein’s Adamance

Elated after her vindication, Robbi Jade Lew was excited and hoped to return to the limelight after Garrett Adelstein’s Poker allegation rocked her reputation.

Here’s what she had to say about her Hustler Casino Live return:

“We’re in the process of working through things. The investigation needs to clear; I think it’s getting there, and it needs to get there. So, you’ll be seeing me.”

Although Robbi Jade Lew relinquished part of her winnings to him, Garrett Adelstein has remained fixed on his position that she cheated and has made his thoughts known to several news outlets. However, after the verdict, he reiterated his desire to return to Hustler Live Casino (HCL) via his Twitter handle (@GmanPoker).

Final Thoughts

Robbi Jade Lew came under heavy fire after being accused of cheating by Garrett Adelstein. However, after an independent investigation, she was cleared of any wrongdoing. Although she hasn’t set a date to earmark her HCL re-entry, she’s optimistic that it’ll happen soon.

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**Bulletproof is a GLI Capital Group component, which includes Gaming Laboratories International, the premier independent test lab for the gaming sector. Having decades of technology, security, and compliance expertise, Bulletproof works within many industries including top gaming organizations, lotteries, tribal organizations, and government and state agencies to mitigate risks and improve client processes, systems, and business infrastructure (Hustler Casino Live).

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