The Pontoon Game: Not a Blackjack or Poker Variation

The Pontoon Game: Not a Blackjack or Poker Variation

In a popularity contest, table games iterations such as Blackjack and Poker rank at the apex. But have you heard about the unique card game also called Pontoon? While there’s a chance you haven’t, the Pontoon game is the go-to for several gamblers at land-based and virtual casinos. Pontoon’s rising traction stems from the fact that it incorporates certain Blackjack and Poker specifics.

This news will weigh Pontoon side-by-side against Blackjack and Poker to uncover their notable differences. Armed with this knowledge of table games, you should be able to decipher the gambling alternatives that suit your preferences in every ramification.

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Notable Differences Between Pontoon Game and Blackjack

In this segment, we’ll examine the significant differences between Pontoon and Blackjack, so you decide best which one to play next time you visit Vegas Aces Casino. Notable mentions include:


One of the notable differences between Pontoon and Blackjack is their roots. While Pontoon was curated in Britain, Blackjack is said to be a game established in the United States of America. So, contrary to previous notions, these table games share a different history, irrespective of their similarities.

Gameplay Terminology

Another glaring disparity between the Pontoon and Blackjack is visible in their terminologies. In Blackjack, “hit” prompts the dealer to issue another card to you; to do the same in Pontoon, all you’ve got to do is “twist.” Moving on, a “stand” in Blackjack translates to “stick” during a Pontoon game. Additionally, if you’d like to double down (bet doubling term in Blackjack) in Pontoon, utter the word or hit the button tagged “buy.” Once you do, you’ll double your wager and receive an extra card.

Payout Ratio

When it comes to payouts, Pontoon and Blackjack wield distinct ratios. For context, in Blackjack, the set payout ratio for a winning hand is 3:2. On the flip side, Pontoon hosts a 2:1 payout ratio, making its payout structure more rewarding than the format attached to Blackjack.

The Five-Card Trick

Also tagged ‘Charlie’, the Five Card Trick is an additional winning path available in the Pontoon game and non-existent in Blackjack. Players must collect 5 cards valued at 21 or less to facilitate this round during Pontoon. Yielding the same payout as the value associated with a regular Pontoon at 2:1, the Five Card Trick can defeat any non-Pontoon 21 hand.

In Blackjack, players win only if they reach the 21 (or a figure close to it) before the dealer.

Mystery-themed Gameplay

In a game of Blackjack, bettors have the luxury of seeing the dealer’s card. As such, they can accurately gauge their subsequent decision — hit or stand. On the other hand, players playing the Pontoon game don’t have the benefit of peeking at a dealer’s card. Therefore, Pontoon has an air of mystery, making implementing strategies and techniques challenging.

Tie Rules

In Blackjack and Pontoon, the winning route stays constant, and as long as you have a hand closer to 21 than the dealer’s, you win. However, ties issue different results in Blackjack and its related card game, Pontoon.

The online dealer and virtual player have the same hand value during a Blackjack stint results in a push — where the player’s wagers are returned, and a new gaming session starts. In the Pontoon game, ties are classified as losses.

Notable Differences Between Pontoon Game and Poker

If you’re used to Pontoon gaming, you might notice similarities to your favorite Caribbean Stud Poker online game. Nonetheless, it’s critical to note that table games have more distinctions than similarities. Notable mentions are:

  • Pontoon uses one card deck across the board, while certain Poker variations utilize two or more card decks.
  • Poker requires skill to outsmart other players. On the flip side, Pontoon is a game of luck, and the cards dealt to you determine your winning chances.
  • Certain Poker variations allow players to see other bettors’ card(s). In Pontoon, all hands are shielded.
  • Players are likelier to win in Poker tournaments than in competitions themed around Pontoon.

Final Thoughts

We’ve examined the differences between the Pontoon game against Blackjack and Poker. Now, it’s up to you to uncover the alternative that suits your wagering adventure the most. Good luck as you visit Vegas Aces Casino to play these three table games.

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