Sean Perry: A Poker Player and Sports Betting Enthusiast

Sean Perry: A Poker Player and Sports Betting Enthusiast

Sean Perry is among the most successful poker players, with millions of dollars in tournament winnings. He transitioned from being a young poker player in high school to a world poker icon with an indelible mark. His bankroll attests to his skill as he crushes in real-time with the big boys. In today’s casino news, we will take a quick tour through the career of this highly controversial pro poker player.

Sean Perry: From Poker Family Royalty to WSOP Champion

Sean Perry was born into a poker-loving family on December 5th, 1996, and has always been a “golden child,” according to his mother, Merri Perry. He started winning high school poker tournaments from a tender age, around 11.

Sean’s father, Ralph Perry, is a professional and one of the best poker players, holding 1 WSOP bracelet and 3 WSOP rings. The mother, an amateur poker player, is also the daughter of a female professional poker player. This reveals the kind of blood that courses through Sean Perry’s veins.

He often watched his parents play poker and learned from them often. From there, he started playing online, learning various online poker techniques and developing a unique confidence in these casino games.

Sean Perry began his professional poker career in 2017 after he competed at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown in Hollywood, where he got the 49th position in the $ 150 No Limit Hold ’em. However, he didn’t stop there. In March 2017, Sean competed in another $570 No Limit Hold ’em Turbo at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown, Hollywood, where he won a $74,797 prize.

Sean Perry’s Notable Poker Tournaments and Wins

Sean Perry has played in several notable tournaments, including the WSOP and WPT. He made his most significant win on February 9th, 2022, at the PokerGO Tour – 2022 PGT PokerGO Cup, Las Vegas, where he won a first place $640,000 prize.

On November 21st, 2021, Sean came 4th at the 52nd World Series of Poker – WSOP 2021, Las Vegas, winning a $590,344 prize in the $ 100,000 No Limit Hold ’em – High Roller (Event #87).

Sean won a $504,090 prize for 4th place on December 5th, 2017, at the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic, Las Vegas, in a $ 10,000 + 400 No Limit Hold ’em main event.

He has had many tournament prizes but has yet to stay long enough in the game as the other big guys in the industry.

Sean Perry and His Career Earnings and Losses, Net Worth, and Investment

According to his Hendon Mob career analysis, Sean Perry has made $6,847,297 in total live tournament earnings.

Apart from poker, Sean Perry is among the best professional sports bettors. He has wagered and won several millions of dollars from sports betting and now owns a sports betting training site and community. He’s taken the betting career and stepped away from poker games like Jacks or Better. We might see him again playing tournament poker, as it will always be a part of him.

Sean has had his fair share of downsides with his games of poker chips, partly due to his excessive willingness to take risks.

He has lost more than a million dollars in wagering alone. He lost about 1.1 million dollars in February 2024 when he wagered on the Super Bowl in the Kansas City Chiefs versus San Francisco 49ers match. This has caused people to doubt his ability to manage his bankroll.

Though he won several millions on sports betting the month before his loss, he believes losing is part of the journey and looks forward to a massive comeback.

Another loss was in December 2023, when he refused to split a 9 million dollar prize with other players in the Circa Survivor, losing everything.


In May 2021, Daniel Colman accused Sean of being involved in a sports betting scam worth seven figures. That’s only speculation, though.

Sean was also implicated in Mike Postle’s scandal of 2019. Mike was accused of cheating opponents in live streams. Sean was friends with him. People were suspicious he could be aware of Mike’s allegedly dubious acts.

Also, there were questions concerning whether Sean’s stake deals were fair and transparent.

Poker’s Golden Boy

Sean Perry is a relatively young, up-and-coming poker player compared to other notable poker players. However, he has already achieved great success and overcome some controversy and continues to show a strong work ethic and potential to become great. In the poker world, some people love him, and others not so much. However, he dedicates himself to improving his game and making a name for himself in different poker game variants, including the Pai Gow Poker game.

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