The Legend of Horus – An Egyptian Tale

The Legend of Horus – An Egyptian Tale

Numerous games are available at land-based and online casinos worldwide. Nonetheless, one category that stands out amongst online casino gamers in most jurisdictions is online slots. These titles don’t require mastery, and participants can affect seismic wins on a lucky spin. While many tales and legends exist, this article will focus on a variation deeply rooted in Egyptian mythology — Horus. For centuries, the legend of Horus has made headlines to give players a taste of something new; Dragon Gaming curated an online slot accurately capturing the Egyptian god’s reverence!

Although traditional slot games revolve around classic themes depicting fruity symbols across the reels, software developers have stepped up the ante to curate games with certain historical specifics.

In the subsequent segments, we’ll take a look at the Legend of Horus and briefly describe its related iGaming alternative.

Sounds fun? Let’s get right to it!

The Legend of Horus: A Tale With Historical Significance

Based on connotations delivered by Egyptian mythology, Horus is the heir (son) of Osiris (god of the dead) and Isis (goddess of love). His birth saw him directly linked to the throne, and during the medieval era, his face appeared on rectangular-shaped devices tagged “serekhs.”

For context, serekhs denote the earliest Pharaohs and were an emblem carved in an aesthetically-pleasing manner at the king’s palace — usually placed at the doorpost.

To attain kingship and reverence in Ancient Egypt, Horus contended greatly with another revered and influential god — Seth (god of the deserts, storms, violence, disorder, and foreigners) — from the 1st dynasty (2925 to 2775 BCE).

Although Horus and Seth represented balance in Egypt’s Upper and Lower areas, only one could attain kingship and receive the Pharaoh title. According to a myth entrenched in the history books — The Contending of Horus and Seth — nine Egyptian gods came together after Osiris was killed by his brother Seth (due to jealousy) to appoint a new King. During this meeting, two names popped up — Horus and Seth. Although Horus was automatically in line for kingship, Seth’s name was included as the former was considered a tad inexperienced in handling the reigns of power.

The nine gods — the Ennead — concluded that both gods should duel against each other. To this end, Horus and Seth curated a series of distinct contests they felt they had the advantage of. Each god had to go through with each contest and trump the other to be crowned King.

After these contests, Horus ranked top (with his mother’s help to boot). As such, he ascended to the throne. This indicates why many Egyptian Pharaohs had names themed after Horus and Falcon-themed artwork designs and structures.

Once Horus received the mandate to rule by the nine gods (Ennead), his name was revamped to Harsomptus (AKA Horus the United). This naming depicted his role in ensuring peace and unity in the Upper and Lower segments of Ancient Egypt. Horus executed his role perfectly, fostering unity in these parts. Nonetheless, it’s pertinent to note that according to specific Egyptian mythology literary texts, Horus’s son — Panebtwy (Lord of the Two Lands) — was responsible for fostering unity and progress in the nation.

The Slot: Dragon Gaming’s Iteration of the Ancient Myth

You’ve probably encountered captivating storylines on the Viking Age Slot during your wagering stint. However, if you crave something that reiterates immersion alongside a dose of Egyptian mythology, Dragon Gaming’s Legend of Horus slot should tickle your interest in the latter.

With an exciting theme and aesthetically-pleasing symbols inherent during gameplay, players should have a swell time playing this 5-reel and 10-pay line slot game.

Interestingly, this slot hosts an “above average” RTP value of 96.5% and bonuses like free spins and a unique Gamble Feature. Dragon Gaming’s Legend of Horus slot also promises payouts reaching 5,000 times your bet after landing certain high-valued symbols across the reels.

As such, if you’re looking for a game that showcases Egyptian mythology, immersion, and rewarding stints, Legend of Horus should be your go-to alternative.

The best part? Like A Night in Paris slot, Legend of Horus is available for demo play at Vegas Aces Casino.

Final Thoughts

The Legend of Horus has become more than just a fairy Egyptian tale for iGamers as a similar iteration appears on the game lobbies of different gaming platforms. This game ranks among the best online slots with decent features and payout margins.

Discover the Legend of Horus and other fun online slots from the convenience of your smartphone or PC and get acquainted with winning values reminiscent of Egyptian treasure chests at Vegas Aces Casino!

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